Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia

The Assess, React, Contain Armor was designed by Paul Matthews, Emma Stevens, and Carly Stevens for the use of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it's agents. The armor was the brainchild of Nick Fury's desire to make sure that his specialized agents had the protection that they needed in the field. He knew of all the existing S.H.I.E.L.D. technology, but he wanted something special and unique, something that enemies hadn't seen before and wouldn't be able to counter. While eventually they'd be able to, sufficient work would be done on following models by then. He reached out to Paul Matthews and asked him to work on something that would be able to fulfill this role. As such, Matthews got his team together and this was the design that they submitted for Fury's approval. It was Emma and Carly's input that enabled the design to be more usable than what Paul Matthews had originally envisioned.

Note: The suit is intended for those who do not have any powers, or who's powers are not considered to be sufficient to properly defend themselves, such as a low level telepath.


  • Enhanced Strength: The suit amplifies the natural strength of the person wearing it, enabling the person to lift twice whatever they were able to lift before. As such, it has the potential to give someone superhuman strength, supposing they were able to lift 800 lbs. previously.
  • Flight: The suit has thrusters built into it, giving the user flight. They cannot exceed speeds of Mach 1.
  • Enhanced Speed: The ARC armor greatly enhances the natural running ability of the user. Again, if the person utilizing the armor was already at Peak running ability for a human being, the suit would give them Superhuman speed, to a degree.
  • Personal Shield: The ARC armor has, built within it, a series of sophisticated generators that provide the user with a personal shield. This personal shield, while durable, can be stopped. It would be able to protect the user from a blast from an M1 Abrams tank.
  • Repulsors: Concussive force bolts that are fired from the palms of his gauntlets.
  • Machine Guns: There are two machine guns built into the shoulders of the suit. They are chambered for 9mm and the suit houses ninety rounds per machine gun.
  • Power Cells: The armor is powered by a combination of solar converters, electrical batteries and an on-board generator that uses beta particle absorption as a fuel source.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The suit is also able to convert nearby energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy into electricity, or even drain electrical energy directly into the batteries for recharge.

Hand-held Weaponry[]

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