Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
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B variantSabre-class Starfighter Angle1.png

Production Information

Kadian Shipwrights


ASF-05 A&B


Small Craft

Technical Specifications

15 meters

Maximum Acceleration

17 MGLT/s

  • A variant
    • 110
  • B variant
    • 115
Atmospheric Speed

1,100 kph

Engine Units
  • 2 Main Engines
  • 4 Heavy Multi-Vector Thrusters
  • 5 Light Multi-Vector Thrusters
Hyperdrive Rating

Class 3

  • A variant
    • 30 SBD
  • B variant
    • 20 SBD

20 RU

  • A variant
    • 1 Particle Beam Cannon
    • 1 30mm Auto Cannon Turret
    • 2 60mm Auto Cannons
    • 2 Missile Pods (5 missiles Each)
  • B variant
    • 1 Particle Beam Cannon
    • 2 Double Beam Guns
    • 2 Missile Pods (6 missiles Each)
  • A variant
    • 1 Pilot
    • 1 Gunner
  • B variant
    • 1 Pilot
Minimum Crew
  • A variant
    • 1 Pilot

space superiority


Systems Alliance

Exodus Information

Red Dragon

The ASF-05 Specter, the Systems Alliance's primary starfighter, is found on just about all Systems Alliance vessels. The fighter is best suited to a space superiority role, but it's weapon systems also allow it to take on small capital ships. The Specter was mostly developed by Kadian Yards from previous fighter craft and lessons learned from the CSI invasion. The Anari helped with some of the on board systems making it up to date with the rest of the galaxy. The finished product out matched everything before it to such a degree that the Systems Alliance produced it en-mass and replaced/decommissioned all the previous fighter classes.

Around 18 ABY the fighter received minor updates and a new variant was developed. The B variant is lighter, is slightly faster and more maneuverable then the A variant. Its structure was streamlined for ease of construction and repairs. It had its auto cannons replaced for a set of beam guns, radically upgrading its fire power, but at the cost of shield strength. The cockpit was redesigned with a simpler layout for ease of use, allowing for the craft only needing a pilot for operation.

The B variant isn't intended to replace the A, but to supplement it as the A variant is still a highly effective ship.


Particle Beam Cannon[]

This weapon has the fire power of three heavy laser cannons and can fire every ten to fifteen seconds. Targeting systems will tone for the gunner when its the best time to fire it for a one shot kill on a enemy fighter. Across the entire fleet of fighters, the weapon has a 80% hit rate thanks to that system.

30mm Auto Cannon Turret[]

This weapon is mostly used to help ward enemy fighters from getting in behind the craft, though its fire power can be added to the forward guns to cause more damage.

60mm Auto Cannons[]

With only two thousand rounds the weapon can easily run out of ammo quickly. Ammo pods can be added to double the ammo for an extended battle. Due to the fact that many fighters in the galaxy only have ray shields, just like the Specter, these weapons ignore the shields and strike the hull directly.

Double Beam Guns[]

rapid fire beam weapons who fire power matches a Heavy Laser Cannon, but has the fire rate of blaster cannons. These weapons were at first only seen on capital ships and heavy shuttles, but advances in the technology has shrunk the weapons to where they can be equipped on starfighters.

Missile Pods[]

They mostly fire anti fighter missiles, but a good gunner could use them to fair effect against a light capital ship.