Acclamator-class Assault Ship Mark I
Production Information

Rothana Heavy Engineering

Product Line

Acclamator Series


Acclamator Mark I


Capital Ship


29,000,000 Credits

Technical Specifications

752 meters


460 meters





Hyperdrive Rating

Class 0.6


1,600 SBD


1,130 RU

  • 12 Quad Turbolaser Cannons
  • 24 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
  • 4 Proton Torpedo Tubes

Galactic Republic




16,000 (troops)

Cargo Capacity

200,000 m³

  • Cruiser
  • Frigate
  • Transport
Year Introduced

22 BBY

"Master Sifo-Dyas requested the most powerful army in the galaxy. We have worked with only the best shipbuilders to fulfill that request."
— Lama Su

The Acclamator-class Assault Ship Mark I, also known as the Republic Assault Ship, Acclamator-class Star Destroyer, or Acclamator-class Medium Frigate, is a starship that was created for the Galactic Republic by Rothana Heavy Engineering. The Acclamator Mark I is often credited as the predecessor to the fearsome Star Destroyer Line.


The 752-meter-long Acclamator-class is armed with 4 heavy torpedo launch tubes; 24 point-defense laser cannons, rated at 6 megatons per shot; and 12 quad turbolaser turrets, each rated as high as 200 gigatons per shot. Groups of these ships can perform a "Base Delta Zero", an orbital bombardment that would exterminate all life on the planet.

The ships can carry thousands of troops into battle, something that would carryover into the later Acclamator Mark II despite being designed more for space combat. In addition to ground landings, Acclamator-class ships are capable of water landings.

The Acclamator Mark I carries support equipment and vehicles, such as AT-TE and SPHA walkers, used to provide troopers with heavy battlefield support. Eighty LAAT gunships are carried to insert personnel, vehicles, and cargo to battle zones in addition to providing close air support. Each Acclamator Mark I traditionally holds 320 speeder bikes for fast battlefield reconnaissance and patrol duties.

The Acclamator Mark I favors a wedge, or dagger shaped design, like the Republic warships during the Mandalorian Wars, due to its effectiveness—it allowes concentration of firepower while minimizing target profile. This basic design would be used in a number of larger craft predating it and would define Imperial ships for decades to come.


In their first engagement at the Battle of Geonosis, the Acclamator Mark I proved pivotal in the Republic victory, delivering legions of clone troopers to the battlefield while a large Republic fleet engaged the Separatist fleet in orbit. Just after the Battle of Geonosis, the Republic ordered 1,000 more of them. At least as of 21 BBY, all Acclamators were completely crewed by clones.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, a more updated version, the Acclamator Mark II, was put into production. The two subclasses saw many battles in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Other Kuati designs complemented and supplanted the Acclamator-class, but the design was popular enough to continue in service for many decades afterwards.

In addition to being a warship and a military transport, some Imperial Acclamators were used as slave ships, transporting large quantities of enslaved people to various Imperial penal colonies during the Galactic Civil War. Although they were initially not considered "Star Destroyers", the Acclamator-class would sometimes be referred to as such by the Empire.

To this day this ship remains rather popular and finds use in navies across the galaxy, though most are heavily modified, such as the ones used by Sienar Fleet Systems.


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