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The Acta Sanctorum is a group of quasi-religious assassins who believe their work is the will of fate. They kill their targets without remorse not because they are being paid to do it nor because they are evil. The Sanctorum believes the deaths they've committed were somehow necessary to preserve order and stability in the galaxy. The names of the people they kill are deciphered from the crazed ramblings of three insane men the Sanctorum refers to as the "Fates", though they are individually named "Past", "Present" and "Future". These men are selected from amongst the Breeders and tortured mercilessly for days before they are chained to the wall in the Inner Sanctum and only the Sanctorum's spiritual leader Crystala is allowed to see them. How the Fates are created, however, is a secret known only to Crystala. To the rest of the Sanctorum the candidates simply disappear.


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The Acta Sanctorum is a strict matriarchal society were all of the important positions given to females only. With the exception of the Fates, men are used for breeding purposes and nothing more. Even at this, only the Sanctorum's spiritual leader knows the true nature behind the Fates; to the rest of the organization, they are only known by the names of Past, Present, and Future (with no gender identification to the other members).


No one joins the Acta Sanctorum. The only way to become a member is to be born into the society.

There are roughly forty members total at any one time within the Sanctorum, but this number can vary with the death of members or the birth of new ones. Of these forty, over seventy percent of the population are assassins or assassins in training. The remaining members are breeding males.


The female-only approach of the Sanctorum is taken to its greatest extremes when it comes to having children. It is one of the organization's strictest laws that all first-born children conceived by Sanctorum members must be girls. The Sanctorum uses various means to try and ensure a female first-born, but are not always successful. All first-born males are put to death. Any member who willingly disobeys this law, or tries to save their offspring, is also put to death.

After the first-born, members are free to have male children without consequences, but the males are never allowed to leave the compound. They are considered to be consorts for the female members and must be subservient to them at all times.


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