A combination of the older New Republic Ruling Council and the New Republic High Council, the Advisory Council was part of the New Republic. Composed of the Chief of State of the New Republic, the Minister of State of the New Republic, and the Chairbeings of the six Councils of the New Republic Senate, it was technically a Senate Council, but at the same time it was not. If a Vote of No Confidence was brought against the Chief of State, the Ruling Council would review its legitimacy, then vote on whether or not the motion should be brought before the Senate. The Chief could bypass a vote by declaring a leave of absence and nominating one of the council to become caretaker Chief, generally the Minister of State.

It is considered the Chief of State's Cabinet, and the members advised the Chief of State on what to do when it came to decisions that the New Republic needed to make.


Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State
Roman Kato, Minister of State
Alyesa Praxon, Chief of the Ministry Council
Nuro Pakrie, Chief of the Defense Council
Beritess, Chief of the Justice Council
N/A, Chief of the Technology Council
Jarus Farlander, Chief of the Economic Council
Griza Remeners,Chief of the Commerce Council

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