"Your quality will be known among your enemies before you ever meet them, Akain Karna."
Ashin Varanin
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Early LifeEdit

"What's a normal childhood? I think I had one."
— Akain Karna

Akain Karna was born on Nagi in 2 BBY to a pair of spacer mercenaries, who had been former Imperial SpecOps. His father had been a Colonel in the Iwertwmperial SpecOps, something that was amazing, considering the Empire's stance against aliens. His mother had ben a combat medic. Between the two of them they had conducted more than a few missions in their time and were battle hardened and tested soldiers of war, as well as part of Clan Karna. They had traveled from system to system, but they wanted their child born on their homeworld. They decided to set up residence on the planet. He was born amongst his people and was treated as a normal Nagai. He grew up amongst other Nagai and was raised in what would seem like a normal upbringing for a child. His parents taught him from a young age how the galaxy worked and that in order to survive he would need to work to make himself the best in whatever profession he chose.

When he was six, his parents decided that it was time that they went back to their old profession of being mercenaries. However, they were faced with the problem of what to do with the young Akain. He was too young to really come with them, but they had no relatives left on Nagi that would be able to look after him, so they were forced to bring him along. Knowing what they'd taught him of how the galaxy was, Akain felt at that young age that his parents were doing the right thing for him. It would enable him to learn much. They'd already begun to teach him how to defend himself with his fists and feet. Now he would be able to learn more and would be able to protect himself. In addition to this, he would be able to make himself useful and ensure that he had employment.

His parents schooled him at "home" which for them was their ship. When Akain got problems wrong in school, he was forced to drop and do push ups, sit ups and various other physical exercises. Either that, or his parents would put his endurance to the test, forcing him to take full on punches and hits. If he was actually injured, his mother, a trained medic, would heal him and then use the incident to teach him about the body and that of different species. Everything was designed to keep him alive for longer. This meant that she taught him the physiology of different species as well as pressure points of the major species of the galaxy, such as humans, Rodians, Twi'leks, and the like.

They went on different missions, and Akain kept his eyes and ears open, learning much along the way. He learned how to shoot and how the insides of ships worked. From this he found that he had great skills with machines. He picked up different languages and would soon be able to speak some of them fluently. He never realized how he was able to learn things so quickly. He never thought about it until later, just thinking that some things came naturally to him.

Only years later would the thought occur that perhaps he was Force-sensitive and that it was the Force aiding him in his learning. This also helped him learn marksmanship. His parents trained him from the age of five to be able to shoot. As all of his parents' friends were mercenaries or soldiers, he soon learned that they gave respect only if he was able to fight and take care of himself on the battlefield. It was already known to him that he was going to eventually join his parents' profession.

Since the age of five, his parents trained him, forcing him to harden his body to become a physical tool of war. He was a fighter, a survivor. They had had him shooting DL-44s at the age of six, despite the kickback. His mother had fixed a number of broken bones in his body. His parents would take him to places such as Hoth and leave him there, forcing him to work on survival training, like they did with various other systems around the galaxy so that he would be able to live under harsh conditions.

They took him to different doctors around the galaxy, exposing him to strains of diseases, and monitoring his condition so that his immune system would develop properly to fight these potentially lethal diseases. While he did what his aprents wanted him to do no matter what, he never understood what was the reason behind it. he understood and believed in their philosophy for life, but he sometimes felt as though they were taking things overboard. He never knew a normal childhood, as all of the people around him were soldiers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and the like.

On one of the missions, Akain would be separated from his parents in the middle of a city on a backwater planet and force to fend for himself. With only a blaster and a single powerpack, the seven year old Nagai took out a platoon of trained soldiers thanks to the marksmanship lessons that his father had taught him and a proper knowledge of cover and concealment. In the end of that episode, he fought and killed a grown man with only his bare hands after the blaster pistol was taken from him. When his parents eventually found him, they attempted to get him some medical attention, though he refused it, knowing that it would only slow them down. The galaxy had had its first taste of Akain's stubbornness, and he eventually got his first taste of bacta. He had to recuperate for some time thanks to the injuries he sustained.

When he was nine, a mission that his parents took on would have a great impact on the young Nagai's life, changing it and altering it forever. It would completely destroy and shatter Akain's life, giving him the personality and characteristics that he has today.


"Does it make us even? Absolutely not. I have killed, by my own count, three hundred and forty seven people. All were related in some way to the group of mercenaries who killed my parents, hired by rebels to fight against my parents who were the emperor and empress of the Vey’dev Union. They did nothing to deserve their deaths. Akain is the last survivor of the Black Cranye Mercenaries. There are no others alive in the galaxy. I will not rest and I will not stop until he joins their ranks."
Lyli Var'nio to Kalja Leidias

The system of Vey'dev in the Outer Rim territories was home to a planetary government called the Vey'dev Union. The system was one of the many places around the galaxy where life was cheap, and it seemed in the Vey'dev Union that there was always a sale going on. Grafted together from various criminal organizations and pirate groups, the government was extremely corrupt and was constantly fighting the rebelling populace. Those that they fought were almost always put down, but would eventually rise up, new soldiers for the cause created when they lost loved ones in the previous rebellion. However, the government had higher quality tools of war and though it was little to begin with, their soldiers had some training in the art of war.

The rebels knew that they were fighting an impossible battle. They needed help, no matter the cost, they were willing to pay for it. In the end, the leaders decided that only outsiders would be able to help the way they needed it. So they made a call to different mercenary groups to see if any would be able to give assistance.

Akain's parent's group was the one that answered the call. They arrived on the planet and quickly began to help the resistance, training them and fighting alongside them. Akain participated in a few of the minor skirmishes, his parents always careful to make sure he was out of harm's way as much as possible, especially after the incident when he was younger. Though they knew that they were teaching him well and he was learning everything that he needed to know, his parents were still apprehensive about him being on a battle field at such a young age. Regardless, Akain was able to fight in some of the major battles in the rebellion. Slowly but surely, the tide turned against the government, and victory, an ever elusive goal for years, appeared to be within the rebel's grasp, as long as the final push was successful.

During one of the final battles against the Vey'dev Union that coincided with his birthday, both of his parents were killed when a Vey'dev hovertank demolished the building that his parents were holed up in. That was the story that he was originally told, until it was decided that he was given the truth. Some of the other mercenaries hadn't wanted to expose him to the real horror of what had happened, but they were outvoted by those who felt that Akain had a right to know how his parents had died. His parents had been involved in the assault on the Emperor and Empress' palace. The assault had succeeded and his parents had been the ones to kill the Emperor and the Empress. They had been killed in turn by the Emperor's daughter who had lost control over herself and had used the Dark Side, after she saw her slain parents' bodies.

For Akain, the rebel's victory two months later against holdouts and loyalists was hollow. He was orphaned at the age of ten.

Little did he know, but his parents' actions with the mercenary group on Vey'dev would have disastrous consequences for him in the future, when he was forced to fight with a dangerous Sith Witch.


"I used to be a mechanic and a pilot before I came to the Jedi Temple. I did quite a bit of work in the Unknown Regions on different ships. I've been on a Baudo before. I never flew one or worked on one, but a deal went down in one once and my Captain at the time requested that I come along with him. I think he figured my Force sensitivity would help him in the negotiation process."
— Akain Karna to Kalja Leidias and Caitlyn DeVries

The people were ecstatic to have thrown off the yoke of oppression. Celebrations took place. The young Nagai had nowhere to go, and few friends amongst the battle hardened mercenaries. Akain was forgotten in the victory celebrations. Yes, the rebels and the mercenaries mourned the losses that they'd taken, but the rebels were too busy with reorganizing the government, and the mercenaries too busy with making sure they were paid to worry about Akain. One of the mercenaries felt the tug of his conscience, however, and made the time, insisting that Akain get his parents' share of the money.

The rest of the group knew that it was the right thing to do, despite how much money it was to be giving to someone Akain's age. It was enough to start a decent life. With this money, Akain was able to leave the planet, onboard his parents' ship. His skills before had leaned towards fixing ships and modifying them. He didn't know much about flying since his mother had always flown the ship. Now, he had to learn in order to survive and after a few faulty starts, he quickly learned a testament to his intelligence and to his connection with the Force.

He moved from system to system, doing odd jobs here and there. Slowly, his pool of money dwindled, despite how spartanly he lived. He eventually had to sell the family ship, since he was still so young there was little he could do for work. Eventually, when he was twelve, he joined a mercenary group, much like the one his parents had been involved in. They had decided that his age wasn't as much of a matter as others did. As long as he could shoot and obeyed orders, they didn't mind him joining up at all. So he joined and witnessed once more the profession that had killed his parents.

Akain was a pilot for the mercenary outfit and occasionally worked the ground detail as a guard for prisoners or equipment, when he wasn't doing more specific missions. In the course of his work with the different mercenary outfits, Akain went on black ops missions, including kidnappings, assassinations and other various descriptions. In the Unknown Regions, he gained a level of notoriety as one of the youngest mercenaries who always got the job done, no matter what it was. Most people couldn't believe that someone at his age would be able to do the things that he was able to do. He was listed as a support personnel under their rosters in order to confuse those who paid attention to those things when fighting the mercenary corps.


The aftermath of one of the battles that Akain participated in

But when presented with the facts, all understood how he was amazing at what he did. He stayed with them until he was fourteen, working and earning a living. When he had to kill, he took no pleasure in it. To him, it was a job that had he had to do. It instilled in him a sense of detachment from the fate of others, something that would slowly cement itself and have to be carved out from his personality by the Jedi.

A "Chance" EncounterEdit

On one of the missions, they captured a Barabel who was working as a bodyguard for the opposing force. Apparently he knew a great deal of information on their target, so they needed him alive for interrogation purposes. After he was caught, the mercenaries realized that they needed a lot of their men for another mission and couldn't afford to tie up any of their more important soldiers in watching the Barabel. They decided to use a number of their support personnel instead. This way they could do both and come back to question the Barabel regarding the information that he knew. The leader of the mercenaries pulled Akain aside and placed him in charge of the group that was to guard the Barabel.

Akain was stationed as his guard and was the one with the closest proximity to the prisoner. He wasn't afraid of the alien, though he'd heard tell of just how many of the mercenaries in the group it had taken to bring him down and subdue him. Though he was tied up, it was possible that he could escape and Akain wanted to be in the room if that happened, as he was responsible and would do whatever it took to take him down. However, the Barabel had calmly accepted his fate it seemed. He and Akain began to converse, and the Barabel noticed things that others hadn't over the years. Akain picked things up quickly, could manipulate mechanics the way he wanted them to be moved, and most importantly, could sense things about people. The Barabel told him of the Jedi and that he might be Force-sensitive.

Akain had heard of the Jedi before, but had always doubted that his skills had anything to do with them, opting to believe that he was just very lucky which made up for his clumsiness, at least the clumsiness in his mind. But as the Barabel spoke in awe of and in reverence to the Jedi, Akain began to consider it more and more as something out there for him. He didn't want to remain a mercenary for the rest of his life, contstantly reminded of the way his parents were killed. More importantly, he could just as easily be killed in a freak accident like they had been. His mind made up, he decided to journey to the Jedi Temple, leaving behind his previous life as a mercenary.

At the time, the Temple was located on Coruscant. He arrived and was tested. To his surprise and happiness, he found out that yes, he was Force-sensitive. Despite the problems with his age, they made him an offer to join the Temple and study to become a Jedi. He took them up on the offer, wishing to be trained. He progressed rapidly through his studies and eventually one of the Jedi Knights, Juk'ves Kesni, took an interest in him and decided to take him on as his padawan. Akain was awestruck and humbled, convinced that he would never become a real Jedi. He had figured that the Jedi would have figured out their mistake down the road and would have asked him to leave the Temple or to join one of the smaller subdivisions of the Order. When the Empire attacked Coruscant, he, along with many of the Jedi, were evacuated. He and his master at the time departed for the Outer Rim Territories, to lie low until it was safe again.

Little did he know, but his life was going to drastically change.

The PassingEdit

His master had been a rather outspoken Jedi. During his time he'd gone on a few missions and had helped various groups of people. Unfortunately he'd also upset other groups as well. The results that he'd achieved on a few of his missions had angered various people, and they were out for vengeance. While he'd been on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, it had been hard to get at him, but now that he was out in the open it was easier to strike. Akain's master was a rebel like Qui-gon Jinn, but unlike Qui-gon, he had people get a contract out on his life. Akain and his master were on a backwater planet in the Unknown regions, taking up the responsibilities of protecting the people in the area from pirates and others who would threaten the security and well being of the system's inhabitants. This was where and when the bounty hunters struck. The two of them were caught unaware and forced to fight for their lives. There were five bounty hunters.

Akain had been very well trained up until this point and he fought the bounty hunters as best as he could. His master was a great swordsman and cut down two of the five bounty hunters sent after them. Akain himself slew one. But one of the hunters was successful, and stabbed his master with a poison tipped blade. The remaining hunters decided not to kill Akain as there was no reward for a dead Nagai. They didn't blame Akain for killing one of their brethren. He'd been defending himself and they weren't supposed to look out for each other. After they made sure that Juk'ves was dead and Akain properly tied up, the bounty hunters left.

He was alone again, just like after his parents had died. He had no one anymore and he knew he had to get back to the Jedi Order. He needed to explain what would happen. He had a feeling that there would be disciplinary action for having allowed his master to die and he feared that they would expel him from the Order. Still he knew that it was the right thing to do, to go and accept the judgement that awaited him. He had a ship, but didn't know where the Jedi were to meet up and more importantly, if that time had arrived. He just knew he had to get out of where he was. He reasoned that the bounty had been on his master's head, but that didn't mean that the person or persons who had taken it out wouldn't take another one out on him, determined to eliminate any survivors and eyewitnesses.

He was unable to get in touch with any of the Jedi and so began the next phase of his life.

Wandering the GalaxyEdit

After his master died, Akain left that system in their ship and began a series of journeys throughout the galaxy. He felt as though he couldn't return to the Jedi Order, not with people possibly hunting after him. More importantly, he doubted his abilities in the Force. After all, if he had been better he would have been able to protect his master. He was unsure if he was worthy to rejoin the Order. How would they look on a masterless padawan? He didn't know and he wasn't to sure that he wanted to find out, convinced that the response would be a negative one.

Akain was, once again, alone. Much like the time after his parents had died, he now had no one with him and had to depend only on himself. He decided to see different parts of the galaxy and began to move around. His travels took him to various locales, and he became interested in how others connected to the Force. He did as much research as he could and went to visit a few various groups here and there. He never stayed for long, soaking up their teachings and experience before moving on.

He didn't want to stay because he knew that if he became a disciple of that particular group's, they'd realize his true worth, which was, to him, extremely little, and ask him to leave. In this way, he went to a number of different groups and obtained knowledge from each one.

This is a list of the groups that Akain met and studied with during his travels

Dathomir WitchesEdit

"Hmmm....I like you. I think I'll keep you."
Ar'i N'joo

Akain was in what was now his ship and was reviewing a list of systems that he could go to. He didn't know where the Jedi Order was meeting, so he was looking at different possible places. His finger stopped on Dathomir, guided by the Force. Though he was unsure why he would go there, he plugged the coordinates into the navigation unit and entered hyperspace, headed to the system and the planet. When he reached there, he landed and disembarked. He had destroyed the two lightsabers on the way there and took a blaster pistol with him, after changing out of his Jedi robes. Temporarily, he was putting that life behind him in order to find out what his purpose int eh galaxy was. After he left the ship, he journeyed across the grassy plain that he was on, before coming across a forest. He went into the forest, deciding to do a little exploring before he tried to find any of the infamous Witches of Dathomir.

Unfortunately one of the witches found him first. He was walking through a forest when she came upon him. He had been thinking to himself about what his place was in the galaxy, and whether or not becoming a Jedi was right for him. He knew what the Barabel had told him, and he knew what Juk'ves had taught him about the Jedi and he felt as though he wouldn't be able to espouse the ideals of the Jedi.

He felt as though perhaps the life of a mercenary was what he needed to be. Akain felt as though he was disrespecting the Jedi Order. He was deep in thought when Ar'i attacked. He had been so deep in thought that he hadn't been paying attention to her and she had been following him for over an hour. Finally she attacked, knocking him out by wrapping a whip around his neck and pulling him down to the ground. When he came too, the woman had tied him up and restrained him from moving. She told him while she made a meal for the two of them that she knew how to use the Force and that attempting to take the bonds off would be pointless. He subsided, knowing that she was right. She told him her name, Ar'i N'joo, and that he was now her slave according to the rules of the Dathomiri Witches.

When he asked her what she intended to do with him, she said that she was either going to sell him on the market, or she was going to make him marry her. Shocked, Akain tried to protest, but she calmly cut him off, explaining how the rules of the clans worked. Knowing that he had no choice in the matter anymore, Akain fell silent and ate his meal, wondering what was going to happen next. When next he woke, he found Ar'i staring at him. When he inquired as to why, she told him that she'd never seen a Nagai before.

She reached a hand out to touch him, but he brushed it away. She struck him and he fought back. In the end he was forced at knife point to concede to her. He knew that he had to listen to her to a degree, he had to be considerate of other culture's laws and rules. Also he had been brought to the system for a reason. The Force had tol dhim to come here. Therefore there had to be something here that he needed to accomplish.

Ar'i told him that she was going to teach him a lesson in humility and self-discipline, on the way back to her clan's territory, the Flowing River Clan. On the way there, she engaged him in a series of tests, physically punishing him everytime he didn't comply with her orders precisely the way she wanted them. He decided to humor her, knowing that the Force had guided him to the planet of some reason. He knew he wasn’t anyone special to question the Force, so he submitted to the mistreatment.

Eventually they would reach the Flowing River Clan’s settlement. Also during the trip, she got an insight into how he was able to weave spells without speaking. She realized that he had far more potential than herself and anyone she knew, something that shocked her considering he was a male. Determined to make him her husband, she resolved to not sell him on the market.

At the settlement, Akain was introduced to the way that the Witches of Dathomir lived. The Flowing River Clan was built around a large river, with homes and buildings on either side of the river. Ar'i presented him to her mother, who was surprised to hear that Akain could cast spells. She saw that Ar’i intended to make Akain her husband and decided that she wanted to see how well he could fight. So she arranged for the two of them to spar in one of the clan’s fighting arenas. The two of them would square off in a test of Akain’s abilities.

The fight began and Akain was made a witness to the awesome power of the Witches of Dathomir’s spellcasting abilities.

Akain was able to beat Ar'i in the fight, though it cost him greatly. He had underestimated her fighting abilities and her ability to use Allyan Magic. After the fight, he declined the Witches' offer of medical attention, though they knocked him out and gave it to him anyway, after telling him that it was a courtesy they would not be extending to him often. He woke up inside, in one of the Flowing River Clans' buildings. Ar'i was there when he woke up and she told him that they had also conducted a series of tests on him to determine different things about his health.

He wanted to get up and get active, since Ar'i had told him that he was to learn Allyan Magic. However, she told him to rest, since once he was deemed fit, they were going to put him through a living hell in order to get him ready.

Training in Allyan MagicEdit
"I have a feeling you could have freed yourself when we met. You didn't though. Why?"
"The Force told me to come to Dathomir. There is something I must do. I can't leave until I do, and I don't think it would have benefited either of us if I had broken free. It all happened for a reason."
"Perhaps it was to learn Allyan Magic?
Ar'i N'joo and Akain Karna

As soon as they considered him fit, Akain's training began. The Witches had decided to make his training serve a two fold purpose. They were going to teach him Allyan Magic and at the same time break his spirit and make him a proper slave of the matriarchal society that he was now part of. In order to do this, they subjected him to an extremely rigorous physical training regimen, even though Akain was in peak physical shape already due to his own conditioning. In addition, they put him through torture, but not any kind that would damage him physically, with the exception of submerging his head underwater and denying him oxygen for periods of time.

He past these tests and subsequently began his training in their brand of the Force, having to acclimate himself to their style of living and the daily chores that were required of him. Ar'i's words spoke to him and he realized that the Force had indeed sent him to Dathomir to learn Allyan Magic and so he applied himself, working with the instructors and teachers instead of against them. His mind slowly began to grasp the idea of the Force being magic. It was something that for him was hard to properly understand.

It took time, over a month for him to comprehend the idea and begin to use the Force powers. Even then, what he was able to do was not that effective at all. The problem was that there was a block in his mind about Allyan magic. He had been trained, however short it had been, in the Jedi way. He wasn't able to just turn off in his mind their teachings and mantras and accept the Dathomiri way. However, his instructors realized that it would take time and opted to work with him more and more.

Around the time he finally unlocked the ability in his mind, it was time for a yearly festival in the Flowing River Clan. There was a man in the clan who had long sought after Ar'i's hand in marriage. Every time, he had been denied. According to the clan's rules, on the day of the festival, if a woman had chosen a mate, but had yet to marry him, another man could challenge her chosen mate to a duel to the death, the winner being able to marry the woman. It was the one concession that the clan had to men.

Unfortunately the man chose that moment to challenge Akain. The two of them were taken into an arena and had to fight to the death. Akain tried to reason with his opponent, telling him that he didn't want Ar'i's hand in marriage, but the man refused to listen, knowing that there was no way for Akain to just give the right to him unless he was dead. The clan's rules were very specific. One of them had to die. Akain was forced to fight to the death and was victorious.

Before he killed the man, Akain asked him if it was worth it. The man responded that it was. Akain had never known what it was like to be in love, and so he wouldn't have understood the emotions that the man was feeling. But the man told him that one day, Akain would be in love and he would realize that what the man had done was nothing out of the ordinary for the insanity that was love.

After killing the man, Akain was ushered out of the arena and taken to a room in the stronghold. Since he had started his training, he hadn't been in a decent room, as he was being physically deprived to motivate him as well as to break him. Shortly after he arrived, two women came in bearing food and wine. After that, Ar'i came herself. She congratulated him for his victory and then told him that he'd proved his loyalty and love for her and needed to be rewarded for that. After sharing some of the wine, the two were intimate, spending the rest of the night together.

The next day was a holiday for the Clan. Ar'i woke and kept their actions of last night continuing for a good part of the day. She was called away later on a diplomatic mission and Akain caught a meal. While he was eating, one of the instructors came to him and informed him that another offworlder vessel had arrived, and they had sense more than one beings on board the vessel. Because of Dathomir's location, people coming to the planet were few and far between. Also it was incredibly hard to get past the Imperial blockade of the planet.

So the fact that Akain had recently arrived and now these people had arrived had aroused suspicion.

It was decided that they would go and spy on the people who had arrived, especially since they had headed to a known Nightsister location. Akain went with the group of witches who conducted the mission. After a bit of a journey, they came to the Nightsister base. Akain was in formed that the Nightsister tribe was known as the Sisters of the Dark Lake. He could sense the Dark side energy that surrounded the place and knew that things were going to get bad very quickly. He was right. It turned out that the vessel was owned by none other than one of the bounty hunters who had come after Juk'ves and Akain earlier.

Akain knew that this was no coincidence. It just didn't make sense and he knew that they were going to have to do something about this.

The Second EncounterEdit

Shortly after Akain and the contingent of Flowing River Clan witches arrived back at the citadel, members of the Sisters of the Dark lake reached the citadel, seeking an audience with a ranking member of the Dathomiri Witches clan. Ar'i's mother agreed to the audience and both sides began to talk in a private meeting room, with Akain present. The Nightsisters made it obvious very qucikly what they wanted, namely for Akain to come back with them, their prisoner. Ar'i's mother would have given Akain to them, but the problem was that her daughter had chosen Akain to be her mate. So she refused to hand him over. The Nightsister envoy was furious, inforing Ar'i's mother and by extension, the rest of the Flowing River Clan's council of Kamahl's presence, something that at this point was already known.

She did bring up a point, however, about how the Flowing River Clan was going out on a limb, potentially sparking a war, all for the sake of an offworlder. Before the talks could go any further, Akain spoke up, volunteering to go with the Nightsisters and to be handed over to Kamahl in order to stop any potential bloodhsed from happening. He respected the Flowing River Clan, and while he didn't like them too much or liked how they treated men, he didn't want to see any of them hurt or possibly killed because of him. It didn't make sense to him. He wasn't sure why Kamahl was here for him, because as far as he could tell, the contract that the bounty hunters had been trying to fulfill had only concerned his master, Juk'ves.

Despite his attempts at peacefully ending the dispute, Akain failed. Ar'i's mother refused to allow him to hand himself over.

Once the Nightsisters' left, Akain sought out Ar'i's mother to question her as to why she would have done such a thing. Logic, which was what Akain's entire life had been built upon, dictacted that she sacrifice Akain to the Nightsisters to spare her people. One person dying in order to save the many. Furthermore, the sacrifice itself wasn't that great, simply because Akain was not actually part of the Flowing River Clan. Furthermore, he was a man, and he was an offworlder, meaning that he was valued very little in the Dathomiri culture. What Ar'i's mother had done didn't make any sense to Akain and he needed to know why she had said what she'd said. When he asked her, she expressed anger at the Nightsisters and that she refused to make a deal with them, because they were Nightsisters. She was convinced that they could fight the Sisters of the Dark Lake and Kamahl, but Akain tried to counsel her that this wasn't the case.

She didn't listen to him, and it was announced that the Flowing River Clan would prepare for war.

Kamahl meanwhile had been informed of the response of the Clan and was preparing his own strategies for war. As they were reviewing the Clan's armory, Akain and Ar'i got into an argument about his actions, which ended with Akain standing up to Ar'i yet again, and her not realizing that this was how he was going to behave no matter what, that she could not break him. After the argument, Akain reminisced about his time as a mercenary, and then utilizing his memories, realized that there might be a way for them to win this fight. He told Ar'i of his plans. His ship was still intact and he knew that it would provide the firepower that they needed. With Ar'i on board, she could counter whatever spells were thrown the ship's way during the fight, and she would be able to make sure that he did not manage to escape through the ship after everything was said and done.

This strategy decided upon, they headed back towards the Clan's stronghold, Akain sensing something was amiss through the Force as they did so. He was right. As they got there, they found that Kamahl and the Sisters of the Dark Lake had anticipated the Flowing River Clan holding out and had already marshaled their forces so that they could leave as soon as possible. The fight had already started, and so far was decidedly one sided. Akain felt that the only right thing to do was to even the odds with his ship's weapons. With Ar'i getting into the gun turret on the ship's underside, they started pounding away, helping the Dathomiri witches fight against the Nightsisters. He knew that it was up to him to help even the odds and to make this a fair fight. He had seen the Flowing River Clan's fighters and he knew that if he could give them the help that they needed, that they would be able to effectively match the Sisters of the Dark Lake. Akain was starting to turn the tide of the battle, until he saw that Kamahl had anticipated that Akain would go for his ship and had brought his own vessel. Akain knew then that the battle was going to be incredibly important in determining whether or not he could leave Dathomir. If his ship was too heavily damaged, there would be very little chance that he would be able to successfully escape and leave. On the other hand, if he didn't beat Kamahl, then he was positive that he was probably going to end up dead. From what he knew about the bounty hunter, Kamahl didn't take bounties unless they were for kill.

The two of them then found out that Kamahl had brought his own starship as well. The two ships duked it out in a fight above the rest of the battle. Akain's piloting and Ar'i's shooting proved to be successful and they were able to down the enemy ship, but not completely destroy it. Akain and Ar'i were contacted by her mother to rescue a number of the Dathomiri witches and to escape. They complied with these orders, despite Ar'i not wishing to do so. Her mother also charged Akain with teaching Ar'i the way of the outside galaxy and to honor the fact that she was going above her daughter's head and freeing him. Akain, unsure of why the woman would do this, received one name before death claimed the mother. Joshua Karn.

With a ship full of passengers, Akain left Dathomir, outracing the Imperial blockade of the planet, earning the ire of the Imperials in the process.

Xagre of TorcolisEdit

"We were lost for a while, and then we found a home"
Ar'i N'joo on Torcolis

The group wandered for a while, traveling to different places. Akain had to bail the small contingent of Dathomiri witches out of a number of spots, mainly because their views on life were foreign to most people who weren't from Hapes. Roughly a month after leaving Dathomir, the group were on Chandrila when they were introduced to a man who was a force user. Akain, who had been wondering if it was time to return to the Jedi Order in some way, found himself enamored with the man, who told him that there was a place where Jedi and all Force users were safe to practice their craft. He told him that he was on a journey from that place and that he would return when he could bring more glory to this planet, called Torcolis. Wanting to know everything that he could, Akain listened to the man for hours, until Ar'i decided that it would be better for them to simply find Torcolis and the one who ruled it, a wise sage named Xagre.

From Chandrila, they started out. Given the coordinates, Akain took his ship to the given destination, but found nothing. All that was in the system, was an uninhabitable planet, and an extremely large, extremely dense nebula. It was Ar'i who deduced that inside the nebula was the place that the man had been referring to. They ventured into the nebula. Akain was treated to the sight of the Dathomiri witches working together to help him navigate through the nebula and get to safety. Somewhere in the middle of the nebula, they found a small space station, no larger than a small asteroid. Docking in the station, the group was greeted by a woman who said that she was a representative of Xagre of Torcolis.

After sharing the information that they'd been given, Akain asked if they would be able to find where this Torcolis was. The woman confirmed it's existence and told him that there was a hyperspace gate within the nebula, and if they could find it, they would be able to get to Torcolis. Confident that they would be able to do so, Akain set out. But they began to experience problems. Visions of death and destruction. Convinced that they were headed the wrong way, Ar'i started to fight Akain for control of the ship. They went back and forth and Ar'i enlisted the aid of the rest of the Dathomiri witches on board. They overpowered Akain and took the ship. As it turned out, that action saved their life, as Akain was the one most affected by the visions and actually had been taking the ship on the wrong course, a move that would have killed them, and a move that he remembers to this day.

When he came to, he was not on board his spaceship anymore, but rather in a bed, resting. Unsure of where he was, Akain was soon greeted by an elderly human looking man who introduced himself as Xagre. Humbled by what happened, Akain expressed a heartfelt apology to Ar'i, who accepted it. Xagre informed Akain that he was currently outside of the limits of the galaxy and was in another galaxy. Torcolis was a planet that was in this galaxy and it was a place of learning for Force users who had been persecuted. Only a force user could ever hope to reach it and only if their hearts were pure. But not pure in the sense of light side. Merely pure in the sense that they wished to have knowledge, be it of the Jedi teachings, the Sith teachings, or some other way of thought. For Akain, it was a great place, as he felt as though he could continue what his parents had beaten into him, to learn and to be useful to others.

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"Orayne, its good to see you again. I didn't know that you and Commodore Roken were onboard the Memnarch. I should have sensed your presence earlier and said hello, my apologies."
— Akain Karna

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It seemed it was the will of the Force what happened next. There was no other way to look at what happened. The greatest impact on the Nagai's life, before he met one of the Order's greatest Jedi Masters, was his impromptu trip to the system of Gand.

It started with a faulty hyperdrive, one that he didn't have the funds to fix. The ship was pulled out of hyperspace in a violent accident, and was heavily damaged. Akain found himself in the homesystem of the Gands. There he found a sort of acceptance in their society for a while. He studied many of the Findsman techniques and philosophies.

He slowly learned confidence, but the lessons wouldn't really stick and affect him for a while. He knew that he wanted to rejoin the Jedi Order at some point, wishing that they would have him back. When Faarel Blackthorne's call was sent out, he felt as though it was the perfect moment. He worked on and completed the repairs on his ship. He left Gand and headed to Onderon. At this point in time, he had not fully completed his Findsman training, though he would keep up with what training he had received and stay in touch with the Findsman that he'd met.

One of the greatest Jedi MastersEdit

"Hello, my name is Akain Karna. I'm a Jedi padawan.
"I'm Jedi Knight Derek Muir. Where is your master?"
— Akain Karna and Derek Muir

When he reached Onderon, Akain felt extremely out of place. Everyone around him was a jedi. He was nothing really. Just a padawan who had never completed his training and was a weakling compared to those around him. He helped out where he could, in the construction of the new Jedi Temple, determined to make his mark known and to show the others that he wasn't the weakling that he assumed they thought he was. During the construction, he met and befriended Derek Muir. His friendship with the now Human Jedi Knight would be a bond that lasted many years.

He also met Kalja Leidias. He was in awe of meeting the famous Jedi Master and was even more awestruck to find out that she didn't have a padawan. Then he learned that Kalja didn't take on too many padawans. He reasoned that it was because she was important and extremely busy. Also, he figured it had to do with the fact that it would be hard for an average Force user to be able to keep up with her. Shortly after meeting her, she asked him if he wished to become her padawan. He was obviously excited by the chance. Kalja didn't usually take padawans and she was one of the more senior members of the Order, despite her age.

He began his training under her and she attempted to bring his confidence levels up. But she didn't realize at first how excruciatingly tough that would be. Simply put, the Nagai had for so long continued to put himself down, and inform everyone around from him that they should lower their expectations for him, so that when he failed them, and it was when, not if, they wouldn't be surprised or hurt in any way, that he had begun to believe it himself.

Unfortunately, his training would be cut short. The war against the Xen'chi waged on and the true foe behind the Xen'Chi was being discovered. Kalja was needed on the front lines and she knew that Akain wasn't ready to go on such a dangerous campaign. She left him behind on Onderon. He wasn't that upset, knowing that he would have only slowed her down and been a pain in her side. He continued his training as best as he could, and awaited her return.

Kalja's ReturnEdit

"Unfortunately, I don't. You can probably find a few others to wait with though. I'm Akain Karna, by the way. If you don't mind me asking, why have you come to the Temple here? You seek instruction in the ways of the Force?
"I do. I'm Caitlyn DeVries. If you don't mind my asking, who's your master?"
"My master's name was Kalja Leidias. She asked me to remain here on the Temple when she went to fight GAIT. It had something to do with me not being fully ready. I'm not too surprised though. Anyway, its a pleasure to meet you Caitlyn DeVries.
— Akain Karna and Caitlyn DeVries

The war with the Xen'chi and GAIT eventually wound down and Kalja returned to the Jedi Temple on Onderon. Before Akain could meet with her however, she was whisked into a meeting of the Jedi Council, to deliberate on an assortment of things. He met up with Derek Muir shortly before the Jedi Knight was to go into the meeting, happy to see his friend once more. While Akain waited a long with many other Jedi outside the Council's chambers, he met a newcomer to the Temple, Caitlyn DeVries. The young woman wished to learn the ways of the Jedi as a means of finding her lost sister, Isis Sinclair. Akain decided to help her, informing her that he would be able to get her to meet at least Kalja Leidias when the meeting was over.

While they were waiting, when they'd only known each other for a few minutes, friction began to appear between the two. Their personalities were incredibly different and neither did well as a team player. Shortly after they met, the meeting ended and Akain was able to introduce Caitlyn to Kalja. The Jedi Master was impressed with the other's skill. She asked Akain to give Caitlyn a tour of the Temple, which he did, touching over the most important parts of the place. The whole time, he figured that Leidias would ask Caitlyn to be her padawan and ask Akain to find a new master. So sure of this was he, that when Kalja asked Caitlyn to become her padawan, an apology for his obvious failings was on the tip of his tongue. However, Kalja surprised him by saying that she was going to break with tradition, taking on Caitlyn, but also keeping Akain as her padawan.

Unfortunately, there was no time for any real concrete training to commence, as many of the Jedi Council members, Kalja included, were going to Nexus Station to a meeting with the Galactic Empire. They were to discuss, among other things, a peace between the Empire and the Jedi.

Akain traveled to Nexus Station onboard the Guardian, where he, along with Kalja and Caitlyn were introduced to the Swift Light. It was about this time, that Akain found himself drawn to the new padawan. He'd never been really attracted to any woman before, and he wasn't sure what to do about it. He did know that this was deeeper than just a random attraction. Over time his feelings were going to develop more and more. Caitlyn had many things that he was envious of. She was exuded more confidence than he did, and was constantly optimistic about life.

She called him out on his feelings of inadequacy, trying to make him face his problems. She also did it within five minutes of meeting him. Unsure of what to do, Akain had tried to defend himself, but the two got into an argument. Eventually, Caitlyn stopped the argument, not wanting to get in to a serious argument with Akain after having just met him. As it turned out, she did have demons of her own to face. One of her problems was dealing with trust issues. She found it hard to trust other people, though she told Akain that she felt as though she could trust him.

The two decided to help each other. Akain would help Caitlyn learn to trust others better, and Caitlyn would try to help Akain overcome his self-doubts. What this would lead to would help bring more than one Sith down from their thrones.

Nexus at NexusEdit

The group arrived at Nexus Station with little to no fuss. But after that, the problems started in earnest. No one had told the Jedi delegation the full extent of the Imperial defense system for the conference. It included ysalamiri, the Force-canceling creatures. Kalja and the rest of the masters decided that while they had to subject themselves to the creatures, they didn't have to do the same to their padawans.

Kalja told Caitlyn and Akain that they could tour the station if they wanted. Since Caitlyn had been there previously, she knew her way around the station in a limited fashion. Rhyana Torshey and Renato Farani accompanied them, Derek Muir and Daer'Gunn's padawans respectively. Akain sensed that something was amiss with both Caitlyn and Rhyana. In Rhyana's case, he quickly deduced that she was pregnant and didn't wish anyone to know. However, he couldn't put his finger on what was troubling Caitlyn.

Casinos and AssassinsEdit

"Caitlyn, are you okay? I...felt someone use the Force."
"Somebody tries to kill me and you stop to knock? What'd you think was going to happen? Did you expect the assassin to stop stabbing me long enough to say, 'Who is it?'
— Akain Karna and Caitlyn

He would soon be able to figure it out, once the group stopped to allow Rhyana a chance to rest. Caitlyn departed from the rest of the group, headed to the refreshers. While she was there, she was attacked by an unknown assailant, who tried to kill her. The attacker had mistaken her for someone else, possibly her sister, Isis Sinclair and ran off. Akain rushed to the refresher, but stopped, remembering that it was a ladies' room. He was unsure if he should go in, not knowing if there were others in the room in addition to Caitlyn. He asked her if ebverything was alright, and she yelled at him once she was out of the refresher. Unfortunately for her, that triggered Akain's personality quirk, and he berated himself mentally. He withdrew from the group a bit, allowing others to make decisions where he had before been the person in charge.

Caitlyn had realized her mistake and refused to allow Akain to leave the group and return to the meeting hall as he told them he was going to do. Instead, she dragged him along, making sure that he went with them when they went to a casino and hotel. One that was incidentally run by a Hutt. When they were there, they were attacked by more people. This time, though Akain was near Caitlyn, who was once again the attacked person. Akain brought his lightsaber into the equation, knowing that their foes would be intimidated by the sight of the infamous Jedi weapon.

Jola'Edana and her daughter Kali Vos had arrived, and gave support when the group of padawans exited the casino. Caitlyn, not wanting Akain to fight the attackers, used the Force, to create a diversion so that the two of them could escape. Once they arrived outside, NET teams came to apprehend them. The Hutt however, expressed interest in the group and wished to talk to Caitlyn. Despite his words to the contrary, Caitlyn left the group and went to negotiate with the Hutt. She returned after some time, with a promise the Hutt had given her to help call off the NET forces. Though he politely asked, Caitlyn refused to tell Akain what had transpired between her and the Hutt in the Casino.

This confused the Nagai, who had been told, by Caitlyn herself that she trusted him. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind though as the group headed back to the meeting hall.

Return to the Meeting HallEdit

"Akain, stop right there! You need to calm down! The way you are right now, acting on your anger... this won’t help anybody."
"I can't do that right now, Master Leidias. I was supposed to act, supposed to stop the Dark sider, at least thats what Master Daer'Gunn said. So that's what I'm going to do. She looked in my mind, stole from my mind. Her parents killed my parents. Now she's here and she's threatened Caitlyn. I can feel it. I'm politely asking you step aside so I may go and find someone.
Kalja Leidias and Akain Karna

By the time they had returned to the meeting area, Reng Kasr had ordered more troops to the area, to make sure that the Jedi didn't do anything. Always careful, he wanted to make sure that the problems that the Jedi padawans had caused outside of the meeting hall's boundaries would not continue inside of the hall. Since those in the meeting were on a break, Akain and Caitlyn were immediately questioned by Kalja as to what happened while they were away.

They told her what had happened. She wasn't too thrilled that they had been the center of attention. While they were there, Akain's mind was probed by Lyli Var'nio, a powerful Sith Witch. She was seeking information on Akain's weaknesses As it turned out, she was daughter of the King and Queen of the Vey'dev Union. She had spent her life honing her skills in the Dark Side so that she could kill those responsible for her parent's deaths. She had suceeded so that only Akain was left, deciding to also eradicate the children of the mercenaries as well.

What she found was interesting. Akain's feelings for Caitlyn had deepened and become his only weakness. She reasoned that he would react rashly if she was in trouble, maybe kill if she was hurt. He'd sworn to himself that he would protect her from anyone who would do her harm. She knew then how to strike at him. She had to hurt Caitlyn to get Akain to come to her. However, her success at finding out this weakness made her careless and she dropped her concealment for a moment.

In that moment, Daer'Gunn and Caitlyn DeVries were able to sense her presence. She was forced to retreat. Already behind the security force of Tasiv soldiers and Oremin Force Troopers, she was well protected from anything that the Jedi could do. The Empire wasn't going to let them past that line, which meant that she could strike with impunity, though it was limited. Only she and Akain knew what the next day was. His birthday, and the death day for his parents and her parents.

Akain for his part, had recognized who she was. He knew that she was the daughter of the King and Queen of the Vey'dev Union and he'd confirmed it. This was the woman who had killed his parents. He misunderstood the scolding that Daer'Gunn had given him, thinking that he should have killed the Darksider as soon as he'd known she was there. Since he'd only just found out, he decided to do something about it now. The exact nature of why he got so angry is murky at best. Lyli killed his parents, who's death day was the very next day. This angered him the most besides her threat to Caitlyn. In addition, she had pried into his mind, which angered him further, compounded by the fact that he hadn't known she was doing it. This angered him because since she had killed his parents, his personality had been drastically altered from what it would have been had they not died, and he constantly strove to be the best because of it.

Next, and one of the most important parts, he'd realized that she'd been snooping on Caitlyn in his mind, and he'd sworn to himself that he would make sure no harm would come to her. Because he didn't know the real reason why Lyli had come, assuming that she was in league with the darksider who had attacked Caitlyn, not thinking that she had come to kill him, he was even further bothered because he remembered that Caitlyn refused to trust him with any of the information regarding her trip to see the hutt.

The combination of all of that mixing inside in his head created the second time in his life that Akain skirted with the Dark Side. Kalja chased after him as he walked to the security guards, attempting to get past. She tried to reason with him, telling him that it wasn't worth it and that his reaction was exactly what Lyli wanted from him. He ignored her, continuing to move towards the guards. Lyli, thoroughly enjoying the show, reached out and touched both his and Kalja's minds before retreating further, just incase things got out of control. It was the last connection to the Force that the two Jedi had before coming under the effects of the Force canceling Ysalamiri of the Force Troopers.

That only further Kalja's resolve to reach Akain before he did something he would regret later. She continued to reason with him. He unclipped his lightsaber, making it look like, at first, that he intended to give it to Kalja so that the soldiers would let him through. But then at the last moment, Akain realized that he was angry with himself and that his actions were not going to make anything better. With one last glance at where he thought Lyli was, he stalked off.

More TrainingEdit

"This is something we need to talk about Akain. I agree that now is not the best place or time, but we’ll have to discuss it after we get back to Onderon. Caitlyn is struggling with this too. You can’t ignore these things, or they have a habit of coming back in nasty ways. In the meantime, I’d like to make a suggestion of what you can do when you return to the ship. Get some combat training from the JSI. I know Sulimurr can arrange it for you. I don’t think regular meditation is going to do it for you; it doesn’t work for some Jedi - like my father. Instead, training with his lightsaber is how he meditates. He tells me it’s a very cathartic way to deal with powerful emotions like frustration and anger."
Kalja Leidias

Kalja asked for the two of them to return to the Guardian and to wait for her. Akain wasn't too thrilled with leaving the station, but he realized that it was necessary before he acted in a way that would bring the Order down further in people's eyes. Kalja suggested that he focus through meditation, but not in the normal sense of the word. Her father meditated through lightsaber training and she theorized that it might work as an outlet for many of Akain's problems and emotions. For his part, he felt as though he should give it a try, since Kalja had suggested it, though he thought it wouldn't do much for him.

Renato Farani joined them on the shuttle ride over to the Guardian, though Rhyana Torshey remained on the Station. Akain was rather unresponsive to any conversation, opting to be by himself for a while. He decided to pursue Kalja's advice immediately, going to the gym to workout. he had missed quite a few of his workouts and crammed into one large intense session. Generally speaking all of his workuts were equally intense, but this decision served two purposes, catching up what he'd missed, and allowing him to avoid Caitlyn DeVries and Renato Farani.

While there he met Daria Nekros a JSI officer. She was a combat instructor on board the ship and Kalja Leidias had advised him to seek out a combat instructor to try to meditate through martial arts training. He knew that he could do it through lightsaber training but he wanted to try something knew. Over the years, Akain had learned a variety of martial arts, from his parents, their ship's databanks and his travels around the galaxy. He had trained at many of them and had become good at quite a few.

After they met, the two began to train and work out together. Daria taught him the basics of a few martial arts that he'd never had the chance to learn.

One of the martial arts was designed to reduce stress and bleed off the emotions of the people. It was rather useful in allowing Akain to rid himself of the last vestiges of anger and other emotions that he was experiencing. When he and Daria finally finished, she told him that she would send over datacards containing more information on the different martial arts that he’d only just begun to learn that day. Unfortunately for his friends, the workout and the training relaxed Akain.

When he is not stressed out, Akain becomes much more non chalant and honest about things. Such was the case when he and Daria came across Renato and Caitlyn in the mess hall of the ship. The two of them were having a moment and Akain saw it. He had, since he’d met Caitlyn, developed something more than a crush on her. He was basically attracted to her and she meant a lot to him.

Witnessing that angered him, but before he could act on it, Daria who had seen it as well, steered him away from the two of them. She had realized that he was attracted to the female padawan and she considered Akain her friend. She didn’t want him causing a scene in front of everyone in the middle of the mess hall. He went with her and sat down with her friends and co-trainers. Immersed in a discussion about martial arts and training regimens, he kept thinking about what had just happened between Caitlyn and Renato and what it meant.

Daria had realized what was going on in his mind, and confronted him about it. Akain began what would be a recurring thing in his head. He tried to tell Daria that he wasn’t good enough for Caitlyn and that she was better of with Renato, but she refused to hear it. To try to force him to own up to Caitlyn what was buzzing through his head and heart, Daria headed over to the table to talk to them, Akain close behind, a little apprehensive about the conversation.

Daria introduced herself to the two Jedi and then bid them goodbye, knowing that Akain had to come to terms with his feelings himself and that she couldn’t get in the way of it, otherwise he wouldn’t grow as an individual. She didn’t realize how honest Akain got, however, when he was relaxed and shortly after she left, Akain commented on what appeared to him as a growing relationship between Caitlyn and Renato. He tried to leave, but Caitlyn stopped him.

She asked about what had happened back on the station, regarding Lyli. Realizing that he’d never given her a proper explanation, he told her what had happened. Then he commented again on what had happened between Caitlyn and Renato before attempting to leave again. Caitlyn said her goodbyes, and left, headed to some other part of the ship. Before Akain could leave however, Renato struck up a conversation with him.

He berated the Nagai for his actions, telling him that there was no relationship between himself and Caitlyn and that she hadn't chosen him as Akain had thought. Akain was understandbly relieved by this, but was still unsure whether or not Renato was telling him the truth. he felt like confronting Caitlyn about it, but decided against it, knowing that it was not the time to do something like that.

Instead he went to his quarters and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, Caitlyn also attempted to get some sleep, but was attacked by Lyli Var'nio through the Force, and was given a vision of a possible future. Akain was in her room as quickly as possible, followed by Renato after the two felt the attack through the Force and Caitlyn called out for help.

However, Caitlyn chose not to tell Akain that it had been Lyli who attacked her, knowing that Akain would understandably be angered and attempt some sort of retribution on the Sith Witch. After Akain literally put her to bed, he and Renato left and parted ways. Akain was about to go back to his quarters and go to sleep when he remembered what Caitlyn had said to him before he left her room.


"She's really…interesting. She's pretty, I don't know, optimistic. About everything really. She got mad at me for being so realistic about myself. She’s…I like her. There’s something about her, it’s weird. I just…I want to protect her. I want to be there for her and maybe…down the road…maybe she’d be like my girlfriend or something. I think I’m in love, but I don’t know. She doesn’t seem too open to the idea. I haven’t brought it up to her; I’m a little scared what she’ll say to be honest. I know she cares about me, but it’s not the way I care about her, its not the way I need her to care about me. I think she feels that way though, just not about me. There’s this other padawan, see, and his name is Renato. He’s Daer'Gunn's padawan, the Grand Master."
— Akain Karna to his parents

She had told him that she wasn't hiding anything from him- this time. That meant that she was acknowledging that she had withheld things from him before. Since he had brought up the fact that she hadn't been telling him things about the dark jedi who had attacked her, and she'd admitted that, in his mind that left only one other possibility.

There was something going on between her and Renato and both of them had lied to him. He wasn't angry with that fact, but was more angry that they felt they had to hide what was going on from him. He was angry enough to go back into Caitlyn's room and demand answers, but he knew that it wouldn't do any good. It just so happened that Daria was moving through the hallways and came across him sitting outside of his quarters as he sat and thought about everything.

The two of them went to the ship's gym. Daria could tell that something was on Akain's mind, and though he didn't talk about it, it was serious. She decided to let him open up on his terms. Akain didn't speak on what had happened and that was fine by Daria, content on standing by him no matter what happened. After the workout session, Akain headed back to his quarters, intent on getting to sleep and putting the thoughts out of his mind.

However, as he got to his quarters, his senses picked up Renato in Caitlyn's room. She'd gotten him out of the room, and Renato had left too. Now, Renato was back. He couldn't sense anything wrong with the inside of the room, she wasn't under attack again. This only solidified his theory that they'd lied to him and that there was a relationship.

Now thoroughly upset, Akain went into his quarters and headed to bed. Since they'd lied to him, in his mind, because they didn't feel as though they could be around him and have their relationship, he resolved to stay away from the two of them as much as possible, so as not to get in between them and ruin what they were trying to have. He was in that state of mind the next day, when he woke up. It was his birthday. Since his parents had died, he'd set up a nice burial spot for them. It had cost him a lot of the money that he'd had at the time but for Akain it was more than worth it.

He'd also made sure that he had a vid connection to the tombstones that could be accessed whenever he wanted and wherever he was. Every year, he would activate this connection and then tell his parents what had happened in the past year. He had done this since their death, and it was now time for him to do it again, on his birthday. He spoke to them on everything that had happened.

The war with GAIT was over, and Kalja had returned and become his master once more. Furthermore, he had to tell them about Caitlyn. He told them of things that had taken place in the past year, but since his mind was so focused on what was going on with Caitlyn and Renato, he spent the most time talking about them and what had happened.

For him it was a great therapeutic way to release the tension that was inside him regarding everything that had happened. He was still planning on avoiding the two of them as much as possible and eventually trying to find a different master. After he did his birthday and his parents' deathday ritual, he left his quarters to get breakfast. He knew that Caitlyn would eventually wake up and want food.

Since he was trying to avoid her, he didn't want to eat in the mess hall of the ship. Instead he chose the only other place he could think of on such a short notice, the Swift Light. Unfortunately for him, he and Caitlyn had achieved a higher level of connection through the Force, and she was able to sense him in the Swift Light. She came to him and could sense that something was amiss.

After speaking to him for a while, she asked him if everything was alright, asking to apologize for whatever it was that she'd done. She was unsure why he was being so distant. Akain didn't want to confront on her what had happened, but anger overtook him and he spoke on Renato being in her room. She said that nothing had happened and then said that Lyli had been behind the attack.

Akain couldn't believe her, knowing that there was no way that Lyli would have been able to strike twice without him being able to tell at least once. He told Caitlyn as much. Her response was one of anger. Since they'd met, Caitlyn had had a tough time trusting Akain, but that was due to her problems trusting anyone. Akain for his part had tired to be understanding, but when Caitlyn had told him that she felt like she could trust him but at the same time wasn't telling him things, it angered him.

Now in this case, because Akain believed something else to be the truth, when Caitlyn was fully honest wiht him and told him that it had been Lyli who had attacked, he didn't believe her. She told him that she hadn't wanted to tell him, because she didn't want him to worry or react badly. Akain saw her very angry for the first time and realized that she had told him the truth. When she stalked off the Swift Light, he chased after her and apologized for his actions.

It was then that he told her that he had suspected that she and Renato were having a relationship and that he didn't want to interfere in anyway. With a smile, Caitlyn told him that he was mistaken. There was no relationship between those two, despite the fact that Caitlyn admited to being attracted to Renato. She kissed Akain on the cheek, but didn't tell him the words he would have done anything to hear.

The two of them went to look for Renato, only to find that he'd left during the night for the Sunrider.

From there the two of them went to get food and after that Akain convinced Caitlyn that the two of them should go to the exercise area. When they reached there, Caitlyn was struck with a vision, but she didn't tell Akain the extent of the experience. The two of them continued their workout, eventually heading to the sparring room of the ship, after obtaining some wooden swords from Daria Nekros.

Daria went with them to the sparring room. There, Akain began to instruct Caitlyn on the basics of Soresu, so that she could defend herself against more physical attacks. She slowly began to pick up the lightsaber combat skill, though at first Akain found it hard to translate his knowledge of Soresu into words that another person would be able to understand.

After a bit of instruction, Akain and Caitlyn did a little bit of a sparring match. After that, Daria offered to spar with Caitlyn. She did this to give her a different opponent and someone with a different style of combat to face. Daria knew none of the Jedi lightsaber combat disciplines, but knew a whole host of others that non-Forcers in the galaxy used. However her reasoning for the sparring match was much different than the one that she'd given to Akain and Caitlyn.

She knew that Akain had fallen in love with Caitlyn and she wanted to prove to Akain that she was an unworthy choice. She decided to do this in a very confrontational and physical way. Instead of simply sparring with Caitlyn, she decided to humiliate the other woman in every way possible. She toyed with Caitlyn, even though everyone in the room knew that the fight was hers.

For her part, Caitlyn did well considering that she only knew a little bit of the defensive form. She still suffered injuries, though she was able to inflict Daria with some injuries herself. When the fight was over, Caitlyn left to tend to her wounds. Akain saw what had happened and confronted Daria about it. Daria for her part evaded answering the question until Akain, fed up, left the sparring room.

What happened next would set off reactions around the galaxy in different places, causing a lot of people to lose their lives.

Kalja's KidnappingEdit

"Sulimurr said they're waiting for confirmation from Nexus, right? Well, don't you want to be there when they find out what happened?"
"You're right. Jedi aren't invulnerable, but to take a fully trained one down requires a lot of planning, cunning, and expertise. Whoever did this, well, they've got to be good, damned good at what they do. I'm sure she's fine. We've got the resources of the Jedi Order, the Empire, and probably because of Master Muir, the Muir at our disposal. We'll find her.
Caitlyn DeVries and Akain Karna

As he headed towards the area where his and Caitlyn's rooms were, he was attacked through the Force by Lyli Var'nio. She transported him to her mind where she appeared to him in a yin yang stylized room. There he was able to ask her what he wanted and though he did, she didn't give him the answers that he seeked. Instead she only gave him more questions. However, she did receive a threat from Akain that if she contnued to try to harm Caitlyn he'd come after her and wouldn't stop until he'd killed her.

When Akain "opened" his eyes and was back in the real world, Caitlyn was standing in front of him, having tried to talk to him the entire time he was in the different plane. He came to and told her that he'd been speaking with Lyli, though he left out what they'd been talking about and the threat that he'd made. From there, the two of them went to lunch.

Right after their lunch, Kalja Leidias was attacked and kidnapped by Emmali Vaungier, Cassie Muir, Mai Valentine, and Lorcin Kileon. Just before she wwent unconscious, Kalja was able to get a cry for help out through the Force. It was picked up by Akain and Caitlyn. Once Akain figured out who the garbled cry was from, he got in contact with Sulimurr to coordinate, get, and receive information on what had happened.


Akain Karna when Kalja was kidnapped

However, Sulimurr wasn't much help. She refused to allow them to go back to the station to link up with the rest of the Jedi, informing them that they ahd to stay on the ship, per Kalja's last instructions given to her. Caitlyn suggested that they head to the bridge of the ship, so that when any new information came in they'd be there to receive it. When they reached the bridge, they were met by Sulimurr who told them to come with her down to the docking bay. She said that she was going to help them and that there was a package to be delivered to Caitlyn. Confused, the two padawans went with her to the docking bay.

There, they received the package. It turned out to be harmless, containing nothing more than three pieces of rather expensive jewelry. There were two earrings and a necklace. All were made of the same materials for the most part and had an overall ensemble look. Caitlyn was unsure who would have sent it, especially since the note that had come with it was incredibly cryptic. Akain did his best to try to figure out what was going on. He realized that every precious stone that had been put into the pieces of jewelry could double as a lightsaber crystal. There were other clues that keyed him towards deciding on a guess as to who had sent the pieces of jewelry to Caitlyn He finally decided that the sender was either Rhyana Torshey or her unborn child who, it would seem, was clearly incredibly strong with the Force if he or she had been able to manipulate the real world from Rhyana's womb.

Akain kept the box of jewelry since Caitlyn didn't want to. Then he, Sulimurr, and Caitlyn headed to the Swift Light. Sulimurr told them that Juoi couldn't officially be part of the search, but off the record she was going to send a JSI agent with them. Because she'd gotten reports of how Daria Nekros had been training with Akain, she offered to send Daria with them. Akain was indifferent, knowing that something was going on between Caitlyn and Daria. He knew though that they'd need help, so when Daria arrived, he welcomed her onboard.

Akain began to teach Caitlyn how to pilot a ship. He gave her a quick crash course just to show her the basics. Afterwards, she sent out a message to Tulsar Leidias asking him to meet with them so they could tell him what had happened to his daughter. Tulsar responded after a while, indicating that they should meet on the planet Metalorn.

Shortly afterwards, the group entered hyperspace. Akain had realized that Daria and Caitlyn were experiencing some problems. He wasn't sure what they were or what had created them, but he knew that they couldn't afford to have them lingering in the air. So he went to Caitlyn and spoke to her, asking her what was going on. She claimed that she didn't know what was going on and felt as though Daria just hated her for some reason. She also told him to ask Daria, but he told her that he already had, and she hadn't been that responsive. Then Akain asked her to speak with Daria about what was going on. Already angry, Caitlyn got more upset, but after some convincing, she went to Daria to speak with her. While Akain was curious about what was going on between them, he didn't want to disturb them, so he went to his quarters.

He didn't hear the argument that the two had about him.

When the ship dropped out of hyperspace, the group took the ship and landed. After changing into clothes more suited to blending in, Akain and the other two headed out to find Tulsar.


"I don't know if Master Leidias ever told you, but when I first came back to the Temple on Onderon after Master Blackthorne's call for the Jedi to meet, before she left for the fight with GAIT and the Xen'Chi, I was using stun batons instead of a lightsaber. It's a long story about why, but the punchline is that it was Kalja who convinced me to start using a lightsaber again. She said something about not wanting you see it and hoping you never found out about it ."
“No, I imagine she wouldn’t want me to know; not after all the grief she gave me about it when she was younger. In fact the only way I could convince her to carry one was to show her Soresu, which was meant primarily for defense. In other words, it was for her protection and not for attack, unlike the other styles. I’m glad to know she’s come around. Still, we’ll keep this our secret.
— Akain Karna and Tulsar Leidias

The group met up with Kalja's father in a cantina on Metalorn. After locating him, Akain explained what had happened to Kalja. From there, they went to his ship, the Windfall. There they met Reave Leidias, Tulsar's padawan and adopted son. Tulsar went into the ship's training room and used combat meditation to try to locate his daughter. While he wasn't completely successful, he was able to pinpoint her location in a particular system. Nar Shaddaa. They decided what to do with the Swift Light, and then they were off, headed to the city moon. Akain hadn't had the chance to train with remotes in a long time and it would give him a chance to refine his own abilities at combat meditation. Since Tulsar had told Akain and Caitlyn that they were free to use any of the equipment whenever they wanted, he went into the training room and began to work with the remotes.

While he thought he received the vision due to his successful use of combat meditation, in reality it was shown to him through the actions of Rhyana's twin boys, still in her womb. He was transported several years into a possible future, one that had him married to Caitlyn, the two of them having a child of their own. For Akain, any future intimately involving Caitlyn was a good one. He was brought out of it, and then was shown another one.

In this one, Rhyana and Derek had had another child. The two families were meeting and Derek was speaking to Akain about something called Ok'rimos. Apparently, Akain was already a member and had worked with the organization before but a special request was being asked of him. Akain for his part was unsure if he wanted to accept that request, knowing that it would put his wife and child in danger. Ok'rimos had something to do with Zohmaj Hauc, someone that the future version of Derek said had trained and helped Lyli Var'nio.

When he was pulled out of the vision, Akain left to take a shower, not knowing that the whole time, Caitlyn had been able to see everything that he had seen as well. In the shower, he finally gave himself a chance to reflect on what he'd seen. While he had been happy with the future that the vision had shown him, he realized that it was only a possible future, one that might or might not become reality. He didn't know who Hauc was, or what his connection to himself was, but knew that if Hauc had indeed trained or helped Lyli, Hauc was going to have some problems.

By the time he'd come out of the shower and had finished changing his clothes, Caitlyn and Tulsar had been sparring, the latter attempting to teach the former more about the art of lightsaber combat. Akain came and watched silently as they wound the session down. When Caitlyn exited the training room and seemed surprised to see him, he didn't understand that it was because she had seen the visions as well and was having a tough time dealing with them. Akain then asked Tulsar if he knew anything about Vaapad. It turned out that the Jedi Master did, but didn't want to teach it to Akain.

The discipline relied heavily on skirting with the Dark Side and it was always tough for any Jedi to keep his connection to the Light Side strong while using it. Tulsar didn't want to teach it to anyone unless he was sure that the person was able to handle the stress that the form caused. So he offered to spar with Akain to see if he was able to deal with it.

Akain accepted his offer and the two went into the training room to spar. With Caitlyn and Daria was onlookers, the two fought each other. Tulsar gave Akain no mercy as the two fought, including using Dun Moch on his opponent. Akain did the best that he could up against the Jedi Master.

Tulsar cycled through all the different classical forms, testing each one against Akain's defenses, while he used Dun Moch to bring out the Nagai's inner anger. While this would have worked on a normal opponent, when he was fighting, when he was in combat, Akain was actually more peaceful and focused than he was normally.

That meant that Tulsar's efforts would require more time and energy to get through. Until Tulsar realized Akain's only weakness. He began to taunt Akain in regards to Caitlyn. He now knew that the love that the Nagai padawan had for the woman was the way to get Akain angry. He suceeded, to a degree. Finally, Tulsar switched to Vaapad, and began to use the powerful killing form on Akain.

The fight had also gotten more physical, with the two resorting to kicks and punches. Akain took a few fists to the face, and faced a bit of internal bleeding. Around this point in the fight, Tulsar called the fight to an end. He told Akain that thoug it went against his better judgment, he trusted his daughter's judgment more and that Akain had some issues with pride that he wasn't addressing.

He also said that he would teach Akain the Vaapad discipline.

Akain thanked Tulsar, telling him that he wouldn't disappoint him as Tulsar had warned him not to do. Then he went to the refresher to clean up. Daria followed him, wanting to make sure that he wasn't too badly injured. He found out that she'd told Caitlyn that he was in love with her. Angered, he told her how he felt about her actions.

He'd never intended to tell Caitlyn how he felt until he knew for sure how she felt about him. Since he didn't know that, he had decided to keep the information to himself. He knew that she was attracted to Renato, but nothing about himself. He stayed to himself for the rest of the day, thinking about things. Eventually he went to his quarters, passing by Caitlyn with nothing said between the two.

In his quarters, he came to the conclusion that because she hadn't said anything because she didn't feel anything. Since that was the case, he decided that he had only a few options available to him. He chose the one where he tried to stay away from her to avoid any awkward scenes. Until they found Kalja, Akain was alone again. He didn't really consider Daria that close of a friend at the moment and he couldn't just talk to Derek whenever he wanted to.

Nar ShaddaaEdit

"Nar Shaddaa's underbelly is probably one of the more dangerous places in the galaxy. There are all kinds of nasty surprises hiding down there, some that are known - many that aren't. Up high, there are rules of a sort, but down in the depths, anything and anyone is fair game. Stick close to me and keep your senses alert at all times."
"Reminds me of Nurinton. One of the cities that one of the mercenary group I used to be called home. Its like the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, just...everywhere. But its not as bad as here. Damn near died the last time I was here.
Tulsar Leidias and Akain Karna

When the group reached Nar Shaddaa, Tulsar decided that the first thing they were going to do was go to an informant of his who was also a good friend, Aiki Kask. She owned and operated a nightclub on Nar Shaddaa and the group, minus Reave, who stayed behind at Tulsar's request headed there. Aiki, a Zeltron, had long wished to help Tulsar by being there for him physically and emotionally. However Tulsar was and always would be in love with his deceased wife. Still she was a source of information and Tulsar had gotten her working on anything that might help them get Kalja back. While they weren't able to get everything they wanted there, the group was able to get a bit of a lead as to where Kalja might be. She reasoned that they would be able to sense Kalja and if her kidnappers were using Ysalamiri, it would make locating her even easier.

The group thanked her and left, heading down and out the back where Aiki had a speeder ready and waiting for them. The driver took them to the last known location of Kalja and the man who had either taken her or received her here on Nar Shaddaa. They disembarked and began to explore. Unfortunately, they were sidetracked when they unknowingly crossed into the turf of a street gang. The gang and its leader nabbed Caitlyn, pulling her up a few levels above the group. This angered Akain who used a Fallanassi skill that he had learned to disappear and reappear where Caitlyn was. While he managed to rescue her, she was taken again. Two men jumped Akain, forcing him to let go of the rope that was still around her. Caitlyn fell, but the rope caught on something and she flew into the waiting arms of some of the thugs.

Angered, Akain threatened the leader of the group. He grabbed the man's throat using the Force and though he wasn't choking him or blocking his windpipes, he was damaging his vocal cords, intent on taking away his ability to speak. Meanwhile, the thugs who had Caitlyn left, headed towards their hideout spot. Akain requested that the leader tell him where Caitlyn was, but the man refused. Tulsar and Daria reached the two of them and after Tulsar used some convincing the man agreed to take them to the hideout. Tulsar hinted that if the man wasn't truthful, he would let Akain loose on him. They headed towards the location that the man said was the gang's stronghold. However, when they got inside the warehouse, the man broke away and activated a series of remotes that opened fire on the trio.

Tulsar, true to his word, told Akain that he was free to administer whatever justice he deemed acceptable to the man. Akain chased him down and disarmed him. The man made it clear that he wasn't going to tell Akain where Caitlyn was. Though he was pushed close to the edge, Akain didn't kill the man, and knocked him unconscious. In addition, he broked a few of the man's fingers and bones so that when he wouldn't come out of the encounter unharmed. Knowing that time was of the essence, Akain was lost as to what to do. Then he realized the solution to his problem. He and Caitlyn were bonding mentally and he felt as though he could reach out through the Force and find her location. Concentrating, he attempted to do just that.

He was able to locate her and found her location, aided in his search by the fact that Caitlyn had come to and was calling out to him through the Force. He re-entered the warehouse to find that Tulsar and Daria had finished dealing with the man's remotes. They found a speeder in the warehouse and headed out. Akain drove, navigating through the congested lanes of Nar Shaddaa traffic as he kept the connection with Caitlyn strong. He and Tulsar felt Caitlyn release one of her Force Bombs.

She was located in a junkyard of sorts, surrounded by gang members with less than honorable or benevolent intent. Akain brought the speeder down right next to Caitlyn. The group exited the speeder and engaged the gang. Akain was reunited with Caitlyn, and the two shared a close, if brief embrace. She'd been attacked and pawed at, and after getting a change of clothes, Caitlyn joined the fight. After a bit of a firefight, the group retreated to the safety of the speeder, but not before Akain took a bullet to the left shoulder and a blaster bolt to his right thigh.

He managed to keep driving the speeder, despite the fact that he was losing a lot of blood from the bullet. While the shot by itself was bad, Akain had continued to fight and move around, which had pushed the bullet further and changed its direction. This had caused the pain and damage to his body to be even more than it should have been. The slug was dangerously close to bone. Tulsar made Akain pull over so that they could deal with the wound. In the end, Caitlyn and Daria held him down, in order to ensure that if he accidentally moved, he wouldn't hurt himself further.

Tulsar pulled the bullet out of the wound and then cauterized the wound with the tip of his lightsaber, though the action caused even more pain and damage. Meanwhile, Akain kept senseing a familiar presence, but wasn't sure of it, knowing that he'd lost a lot of blood and didn't trust his judgment. It was then that Tulsar said that he wanted them to return to the ship. He didn't want to put them into more danger than they'd already been. His words made sense, especially since Akain was wounded. Unfortunately, Tulsar had three of the msot stubborn people in the galaxy with him.

Akain refused to leave, despite having been wounded and having lost a lot of blood. Tulsar agreed that he could come, as long as he knew that if his condition worsened he would have to return to the ship. Akain agreed. The pain was starting to go away, but he was still lightheaded.

The group, now reunited, was able to reach the place where Kalja was supposedly held. Unfortunately they were unable to find Kalja who had been moved from the location a short while before the group got there. Tulsar and Daria proceeded to kill the Ysalamiri that had been temporarily left in the room. When Daria returned to collect Caitlyn and Akain and take them down a ladder to where Tulsar was, Caitlyn put her foot down. Akain was wounded and couldn't move well. He insisted that he was able to use the ladder, but Caitlyn made him try to lift his left arm and he was unable to do so.

It was decided that Tulsar and Caitlyn would use the Force to bring him down the ladder. Akain helped out, using the Force as well.

The TunnelEdit
"I think...we're being followed by...someone. The person is masking their presence in the...Force. I know...the person though, at least I think I do."
"If there's someone following us you better show yourself right now!"
"Okay, you got me. I would say that's quite a voice coming from a half pint, but I'm not much taller."
"You' to be kidding me. Ar'i, is that you?"
"In the flesh.
— Akain Karna, Caitlyn DeVries, and Ar'i N'joo

After they got him down, the group found an air tunnel and decided to go down the tunnel till they reached the other side, as it was the only way in or out besides how they had come to the place. As they walked through the place, Akain began to regain his strength, but at an extremely slow pace.

However, the feeling that someone was after them was still in his mind and eventually it proved to be correct. The person who was tracking them revealed themselves. No one else in the group had sensed the person, because she was familiar and known only to Akain. Like a blast from the past, Ar'i N'joo came back into Akain's life. She had been tracking him for a while and joined the group. She expressed concern for his condition, unsure if he should be partaking in whatever it was that he was doing at the time.

She also saw a little of what was between Akain and Caitlyn, and she didn't like it at all.

The group continued to walk, and as they did, Akain slowly began to get better from what had happened. He kept to himself as they moved through the tunnel, not noticing that Daria and Ar'i were discussing him. He also missed the subtle implications that Ar'i made of the relationship that he and she had had. She dropped the hints around Caitlyn on purpose to annoy and anger the other woman, which she was successful at.

In the end, the group was unsuccessful. They weren't able to locate Kalja. The group decided to head back to the ship. As they did, Tulsar was contacted by Reave telling him that Delth Ardin was near the ship and wanted to talk to Tulsar. They knew that Akain needed to get to the ship in order to get medical help. The group journeyed to the hangar where Tulsar told the rest to stay behind as Tulsar went out to speak with Delth. It was before Akain was able to get to medical help.

While Tulsar and Delth were speaking, the Cult of Shadow attacked, led by Blud. Akain, along with Caitlyn, Ar'i N'joo, and Daria Nekros joined the fight. Akain began to fight the Cult members, protecting Caitlyn as he always did. They started to work as a team, with Caitlyn defending from enemy attacks, and Akain on the offensive. Tulsar was more than holding his own, but when an enemy headed towards his blind spot, Caitlyn rushed forward to try to stop the person.

It was the first time that she took a life. Akain felt the shock that was going through her via the connection that they shared. He went to her and tried to figure out what was wrong. He had taken his first kill years ago, it didn't bother him anymore. By the time he realized how badly she was affected, the fight was over, Blud having retreated as his objective was complete. He had damaged the Windfall and it would take time for the group to fix the ship.

In that time the Cult would be able to finalize the next part of their plan. Akain was taken onboard the ship by Daria and Ar'i to receive medical treatment. Once the transfusion process was set up, Ar'i knocked Akain out so that he'd have a chance to properly rest, knowing that if she didn't do it, he wouldn't sleep at all, forcing himself to stay awake. When he slept, he dreamt.

The dream, as the ones that he experienced lately almost always were, was of the future. In it, he was part of an organization called Ok'rimos, and was the commander of a starfighter squadron and starfighter wing. In addition, he was apparently a high ranking member of that Ok'rimos organization. Also, Renato Farani was a part of the organization as well, and he was married to a Silserian woman named Tone. Akain hadn't heard the name in years and so it wasn't that familiar to him anymore.

More important to Akain was the fact that like the vision that Rhyana's two boys had given him, he was married to Caitlyn. Last but not least, in the dream, Caitlyn had directly referenced someone named Isaac, though Akain didn't know at the time that it was Isaac Bel'kaar.

Over the course of the dream, the scenes changed. First it changed to a massive battle of sorts, a space battle. Akain was leading his starfighter squadron in the battle. From the middle of a big fight, it shifted to the inside of the same home that he had seen in the previous vision. His future self was asleep, but Akain was able to see everything that was going on. Tone Krellisk, Rhyana Torshey and Caitlyn returned to the room to see Akain sleeping on the couch, with his and Caitlyn's son sleeping on top of him.

Eventually, Akain woke, but only for a few moments before going back to sleep. This time he slept without any visions or dreams. A short while later, he was woken up by Caitlyn who had come into the med bay room to check up on him. To Akain's surprise, after she asked him how he was, she smacked him and told him never to put her through that again. Before he could speak, she hugged him tightly, told him not to do it again once more, before leaving.

Some time later, Ar'i came into the room, to check up on Akain. He was nearly fully healed now and able to get up, which he did. Ar'i went straight to the heart of the matter, asking who Caitlyn was and what she meant to Akain. Akain knew that despite the fact that he was supposed to become Ar'i's husband anymore that she was an extremely jealous person. Even if he didn't have to marry her, she believed that it would still happen.

Ar'i realized then that Akain was deeply and hopelessly in love with Caitlyn. She told him that he couldn't be in love with her and threatened to make Caitlyn's life hell, to which Akain responded to the threats with ones of his own. She told him once more that he couldn't be with Caitlyn, before leaving. Akain for his part, went to his quarters for more sleep, happy to be out of the med bay.

Vorzyd VEdit

"Hopefully we won't be here for too long. Move fast enough and it won't matter if we're keeping a low profile or not."
"Alright then, let's stop wasting time. So, where shall we go first?
— Akain Karna and Caitlyn DeVries

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Taking FlightEdit

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Akain Karna with the Spear


Akain Karna with the Spear

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

"You go to the bathroom, people attack you. You go to sleep, something crazy happens that you don't remember anything about. And you people think I have issues. You can't be by yourself for more than fifteen minutes. You're like a magnet for the Dark Side. You just walk around with a sign on your forehead that says, 'Try to attack me, pretty please'"
— Akain Karna to Caitlyn DeVries

Put lightly, Akain Karna's personality is complicated. There are only two people in the galaxy who he will listen to no matter what if physically able. They are Kalja Leidias his master, and Derek Muir, a very close friend.

Since his birth, it has constantly been drilled into his head that he needs to make himself useful to others, in different ways. Through this, he will ensure that he has a job, a way of providing for himself and others, and is someone that people want to be around, for his trustworthiness and his dependability. At first, Akain had his parents, and they were his only family, the rest of them having died over the years.

When his parents died, Akain was all alone in the galaxy. He had no one to care for, and no one who cared about him. Because of this, he grew more and more introverted. Something that his parents had always told him stuck with him though. The need to be useful. However, Akain's mind shifted that from just being able to feed and clothe oneself to being worthy of people's respect and caring.

He equated being needed in the physical sense of a job to being needed in the emotional sense of a relationship. For Akain, being the best means that people will have to deal with him, and have to care about what happens to him. Then atleast, he could pretend that they care for him because of who he is, even though he'd know it was because of what he could do for them.

Therefore, no matter what he does or is told to do, Akain tries to make sure that he does it to the best of his ability. It doesn't translate into a cocky attitude or superiority complex as one would think, as he knows that those kind of things make people remember others for the wrong reasons.

In addition, he is extremely careful in his dealings with others, not wanting to offend or insult those close to him. One would have to be high up in his circle of trust to be able to see a more normal side of Akain. Even then, that side of Akain is still rife with his questions of his own self-worth.

Recently he has become more and more "normal", though he still has a long way to go before he can be considered something close to that word. Also, at any moment, he can slip back to being a dedicated introvert.


Akain has a genetic resistance to pheromones, particularly Silserian pheromones, though he does not know the reason why. He first realized that he did have the resistance when he met Tone Krellisk after he saved her life. She used the pheromones on him, and while they did have an effect, it was not as strong of an effect as she had thought he would have. After Tone explained what they were, Akain came to understand that he had a resistance to them, and has since been looking for the reasons as to why.


This is a list of people who have greatly influenced and still influence Akain's life. They are the most important people in his life, the ones who are closest to the epitome of both love and hate.

Derek MuirEdit

"I've got to run. There's this Nagai padawan. Getting on my nerves, talks to much.”
"Like your cousin, Simon.
Derek Muir and Adam Sage

Akain’s relationship with Derek Muir is one of respect and admiration. He feels as though Derek is a trusted friend and if Muir were to counsel him on something, then generally speaking it is the way to go. Few people have the influence over Akain that Derek does. The two met when Akain returned to the Order, after his Master died, from Gand. Derek had just been brought back from the dead and placed into the body of a human. They met and helped build the new Temple on Onderon.

Derek, who was adjusting to being in a human body, found a quick friend in Akain. His presence somehow managed to turn the normally quiet and reserved Nagai into a much more talkative being. He and Akain began to tell their backgrounds to one another, and Akain confided in the human his insecurities about using the Force and being a Jedi. Derek Muir is the only person who fully understands the depth of Akain’s personality problems and would be the best suited to deal with them in an argument or confrontation. Derek, a Jedi Knight, gave Akain pointers here and there regarding his use of the Force as they worked on the construction of the Temple.

It was nowhere on the level of a Master/Padawan relationship, but it started what would become the respect and admiration that Akain now has for the human Jedi. As it turned out, Akain also had a great level of respect and admiration for Derek’s brother, Erik, almost a case of hero worship, having heard stories of the Bothan and comparisons made between Erik and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Derek left the Temple to go fight alongside Adam Sage and Kiel Argent with the New Republic 4th Fleet. Akain was reunited with his friend when Muir returned to the Temple after being stranded on an ice planet. He met and befriended Derek’s padawan, Rhyana Torshey. Akain and Derek would later go, along with a host of Jedi, to the Nexus at Nexus.

Kalja LeidiasEdit

"I’m not going to let you leave. You’re being used, Akain. This is exactly what she wants. Even if you somehow manage to make it past the guards, what do you think will happen? Either she’ll kill you or you’ll kill her in anger and start down the path of the Dark Side. Either you die or you’ll become everything you hate. Is that what you want?! It’s not wrong for you to want to protect Caitlyn, but this is not the way to do it. Exercise your patience. Use what you’ve been taught. Think. This Darksider came to you first; remember that - she’ll be back to confront you again if you don’t go to her. I’m sure of it. You’re a Jedi, Akain, and that means knowing when to act and when not to. Let the confrontation take place at a time and location of your choosing, not hers.”
"I...I'm sorry, I...
Kalja Leidias and Akain Karna

When it comes to Akain’s Master, Kalja, he believes that she can do no wrong. A living embodiment of the Jedi Code, at least to Akain, Kalja is one of the Jedi that Akain wishes to emulate when he finally becomes a Knight. To have been chosen as her padawan was a great honor for him, even when she told him that he wasn’t ready to accompany her against GAIT and the Xen’Chi. He accepted her judgment completely, knowing that she was right.

Kalja, along with Derek Muir, are the only two people able to tell Akain to do something and have him listen without giving it a second thought. It’s a testament to his respect for them and his trust in their opinion. Akain met Kalja when he returned to the Order, after his Master died, from Gand. He was in awe of the Jedi and couldn’t believe it when she eventually asked him to become her padawan.

She would try, over the rest of her time there before leaving to fight GAIT and the Xen’Chi, to help Akain deal with his personality and character issues, but she would not be successful, though her lessons and talks with him would help him a great deal. Later, the two met once more when Kalja returned to Onderon. When Caitlyn DeVries came, Akain was sure that Kalja was going to ask him to no longer be her padawan.

However, she surprised him by saying that she was willing to take Caitlyn on as her padawan and keep Akain on, effectively taking two padawans. Akain was pleased with her decision and the trio would go on to the Nexus at Nexus where Kalja, along with Derek and the Jedi Grand Master, Daer'Gunn attempted to negotiate with the Galactic Empire regarding the Jedi’s status and Delth Ardin. During the meeting, Akain was part of the group that caused a series of problems that only aggravated Kalja and the rest of the Council's efforts.

In addition, Akain overreacted to Lyli Var'nio's actions. She had used the Force to infiltrate his mind and learn about Caitlyn DeVries. For Akain this was a "bad" deed. Added into the equation was the fact that Lyli was his parents' killer pushed Akain the closest to the Dark Side that he'd ever been in his life. He went towards Lyli, with the intent of killing her. He would have to get past the Oremin Force Troopers and the Tasiv Soldiers. But first, he had to get past Kalja. She resolutely stood in front of Akain and reasoned with him to get him to stop. She told him that his actions were going to push him to the Dark Side and down a path that would hurt him and his loved ones more than Lyli's actions.

She was successful in getting through to him and decided that they had to find a way to get Akain to release his anger and emotions. She suggested combat meditation, something that Akain would take and use rather well.

Akain took Kalja's kidnapping rather badly, making a promise that he would do whatever it took to prevent anything from happening to her. Images of what had happened to his first master, Juk'ves Kesni were ever present in his mind when he made that oath.

Caitlyn DeVriesEdit

"Nothing. Nothing's the matter, everything's fine."
"Something about the Jedi girl over there?"
"She seems upset now. Of course, she was pretty happy when she and the blindfolded guy were-"
"Can you stop, please?"
"If you like her that much, why don't you go and talk to her?"
"Because. She doesn't deserve someone like me. At least Renato is-"
"If I'm going to get a big spiel about how blindie over there is the most amazing thing on the galaxy after sliced wheat bread, I'm going to cut you off now. You know what your problem is?"
"I was under the impression there was more than one.
— Akain Karna and Daria Nekros

For Akain, Caitlyn DeVries is the love of his life, though not necessarily the love in his life.

More Coming Soon

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Lyli Var'nioEdit

"You try to hurt Caitlyn again and I’ll-“
“You’ll what? Get ‘Master Leidias’ all worried about you, and preach some sanctimonious bullshit about resisting the Dark side? Or get your precious Caitlyn worried that she’s not being the right friend that you need? Or, most importantly, get people like those troopers worried about dealing with the most beautiful and powerful creature they’ve ever seen, a truly free Akain Karna?”
“You try to hurt Caitlyn again and I’ll kill you. I’ll deal with the moral and Force repercussions later.”
“How far are you really willing to go to keep her safe?”
“I’d do anything.
— Akain Karna and Lyli Var'nio

Lyli Var'nio is one of the few people in the galaxy that Akain dislikes almost to the verge of outright hatred. She has singlehandedly affected his life the most out of anyone that has ever crossed paths with him, effectively creating the Akain Karna that people see and interact with on a daily basis. Her brutal murder of Akain's parents shocked and otherwise "normal" Nagai, making him an introvert and sending him down a path that would confuse, annoy, and sometimes frustrate people to no end.

The two would never actually see each other face to face until 17 ABY, when Akain was 20 and Lyli 27. Lyli had spent her life dedicated to the hunt and murder of the people who had killed her parents. She had trained and become a Sith Witch for that express purpose: revenge. Lyli had also decided that she was going to kill the children of the mercenaries who had killed her parents, meaning to wipe them off the face of the galaxy.

For reasons known only to her, she kept Akain at the bottom of the list, having killed his parents in the throne room a few moments after they had helped kill her parents. Akain has never wondered why she kept him for last, though he still doesn't know that he is the last to go. Akain has a sense of indifference towards Lyli. While he does want to bring her to justice for the murder of his parents, he knows that he can't trust himself with doing that, because his personal feelings are too wrapped up in the matter.

Unfortunately, when they first met, Lyli had hatched a plan to get Akain to come to her and want her to kill him. It involved harming the person that Akain had fallen in love with: Caitlyn DeVries. Lyli had come to Nexus Station during the Jedi and Empire meeting, having received a tipoff that something was going down.

She was doing research for the Sith Sisterhood, but also for herself, having located Akain there. She found him and peered into his mind using the Force. She found his love for Caitlyn and knew that he would act irrationally should she be hurt. Akain wasn't aware of her actions, as she was rather skilled in infiltrating people's minds. However, some of the other Jedi were and she was "found out". Akain recognized her, having seen holos of the girl who had killed his parents years ago.

Now he was confronted by a grown version of her, one that had, after he went inside of himself, been snooping on Caitlyn, at least in his mind. After what had recently happened outside of the Jedi Safe Zone, Akain came the closest to snapping and going to the Dark Side that he has ever in his life.

It took the reasoning of Kalja Leidias to stop him from attacking Reng Kasr and Oremin Force Troopers to get to Lyli. Lyli was incredibly pleased with how Akain had reacted, exactly as she had figured he would. She left to find safety and work on her plans to make them foolproof.

Unknown to Akain, Lyli Var'nio got in touch with his master while Kalja was walking around Nexus Station and gave her a message to deliver to Akain. The message was that when he was ready to face her, he was to come to Deresnova.

The ForceEdit

"I didn't provoke him. I tried to unleash him. Akain can be one of the most powerful persons in the galaxy if he so chooses to, he just needs to use the Dark Side. He holds a great deal of his power in reserve, scared to use it for fear of messing up and creating problems."
Lyli Var'nio to Kalja Leidias

Akain Karna is a being of extreme power in the Force. His potential is incredibly high, and some might say that it rivals some of the more esteemed members of the Jedi Council and the rest of the Order. By choice, he has locked away a large amount of this power from his own usage. This is due in large part to his personality. Like all Jedi, he has his strengths and his weaknesses, almost all influenced in some part by his characteristics and upbringing.

Force PowersEdit

Currently, Akain’s Force Powers deal with the more physical side of the Force, that is to say that he has trained himself to be able to affect the world around him, and himself with great skill. He has developed his skills at Force Speed and Jump, and other skills like it that would enable him to fight better. Also he has worked at being able to manipulate objects and people. While his ability to peer into people’s minds has not been developed, it is something that he trains at alongside Kalja Leidias, his master.

One does have to consider the training that he received during his travels around the galaxy. He went to different groups and different organizations, in the hopes of gaining an insight into his abilities and to learn what others groups taught and believed of the Force. This has given him a, for lack of better terms, bit of a galactic view on the Force, one that not all of the padawans at the Jedi Temple on Onderon have the benefit of.

His Findsman training on Gand has gone a long way towards helping him overcome his meditation problems, but it wasn’t enough. His training with Dathomir witches further increased his ability to manipulate the more physical side of the Force. His training with those of the White Current has given him yet another viewpoint on the Force.

Akain’s skill set is very combat-oriented and he has delved a little into Battle Meditation. However, the little that he has done shows one of his weaknesses, which also happens to the major one on a very short list. He is unable to meditate with much success. When Akain meditates he does not achieve the same level of peace and tranquility that another Jedi might. His mind, while cleared, simply does not reach that area of connection with the Force.

His level of connection with the Force is heightened when he is in action or simply moving around doing his day to day activities. This is indicator that before he was trained, Akain subtly and unconsciously used the Force to help do what his parents had taught him to do; to be useful to others so that he will be accepted and able to take care of himself.

Because of this, an answer to Akain’s weakness at meditating is obtained. Akain never needed to be good at meditating, so he never unconsciously developed the skill. It is a possible reason as to why he was so easily provoked by Lyli Var'nio onboard Nexus Station. A more plausible reason would be given by Lyli’s actions towards Caitlyn DeVries.

He has taken steps towards remedying what he considers to be this character flaw, by undertaking lessons in combat meditation from Daria Nekros, a JSI trainer, upon receiving the advice from his master. Because his skills are so combat-oriented, it makes him a dangerous foe on the battlefield, something that the combat meditation will only increase.

But what is so dangerous about Akain Karna is that for the most part, his skills in the Force were self developed and self taught. He was only with his first master, Jukves Kesni for a short amount of time, roughly a year. While he has been with Kalja Leidias for a much longer period of time, he has barely been able to spend any actual time with his master to receive training due to the her pre-occupation with GAIT and the Xen’Chi War. She got a master to help train Akain before she left, but on the whole the masters were swamped with work and places to be, leaving Akain little time for one-on-one training.

This shows us that Akain’s power in the Force allows him to quickly pick up on concepts and make them his own. He understands not necessarily the mechanics of enhancing one’s ability to jump through the Force, but the end result. It gives him the opportunity to get there on his own and because he understands it in a way that his particular to him, it enables him to achieve the end result faster and more efficiently than others might.

This isn’t to say that Akain can pick up and fully understand any Jedi technique immediately. It means that he has a better chance of picking up that technique and understanding it than another Jedi.

Lightsaber FormsEdit

Akain currently has proficiency in Form III: Soresu and Form IV: Ataru. While some might consider Ataru a choice that isn’t wise considering his already considerable height and the fact that he was yet to stop growing, for Akain it has more to do with the gracefulness of the form, the seemingly effortlessness with which the Jedi moves that appeals to him. Also, it requires more finesse and practice than some of the other Forms which are based more on power, which is something that Akain tends to shy away from when it comes to his Force powers.

Thus, Soresu is another easy choice for someone like Akain. He utilizes the defensive form the most since it is the most like Akain. It is designed to protect and to keep safe, something that he strives to do with all that he meets. Akain is patient, if only during combat, knowing that his superior skill and technique will win over brute strength. His knowledge of Form I: Shii-Cho is limited as it was the first lightsaber combat discipline that he strived to learn and used it merely as a stepping stone to others. While he was at the Temple on Onderon and Kalja Leidias was away, he trained daily with the sparring droids to learn more and more.

He has worked on learning Form V: Shien / Djem So and wishes to uncover what he can about the lost combat skill of Vaapad. Akain will probably never dual wield a lightsaber or sword, so he considers Jar'Kai as an unneeded skill, at least for him, though he may learn it so that he can teach to a padawan should he ever take one on. After receiving a second lightsaber from Ar'i N'joo, a gift from one of his former masters, Akain began to consider learning Jar'kai for his own personal use, beginning to realize the power behind wielding two blades in battle. Tulsar Leidias, Kalja's father, was a user of Vaapad and had helped bring it back, albeit in close circles. After a hard duel with the older man, Akain earned the right to be taught the skill and began his tutelage in it.

Since his return to Onderon and the Jedi Temple there, Akain has worked hard with Tulsar in order to master Juyo and Vaapad. Furthermore, his like of Ataru has fallen somewhat, and he has begun to favor Shien and Djem So over the acrobatic style of Ataru. Because of how quickly he learns things and his already incredible prowess at fighting, Akain is on his way to becoming a Jedi Battlemaster.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Onboard their family ship, Akain’s mother was the pilot. Once his parents died, Akain had to learn how to fly spaceships in order to survive. Thus he learned and learned well. While he is more qualified to fly transports and freighters, he can pilot starfighters as well. As he grew older, his skills improved, and he was one of the best pilots in the mercenary groups that he worked for. While not a pilot on the level of Rogue Squadron or its Imperial and other government counterparts, Akain’s skills behind the controls of a ship have gotten him out of more than a few scrapes.

He would eventually get better and better at the skill, able to fly almost anything that required a single or small number of pilots with ease. He would never be able to "fly" a capital ship or command one effectively unless he received specific training in that area of expertise.


Akain’s true gift however, lies in not piloting a ship or a vehicle, but in what makes them and other machines work. Ever since birth he has been great with machines. Unlike other children who played with toys and blocks, Akain played with spare parts, pit droids, and astromechs, courtesy of his parents. he started to do more and more complex work, eventually getting to the stage where he could take speeders apart and put them back together again.

Then he started to branch out, learning how to conduct upgrades to improve the capabilities of his mechanical things. After his parent's death, he continued to work as a mechanic, also improving his piloting skills. One of his jobs at one point was working as a mechanic for a variety of different mercenary and pirate groups. They would bring their troubled droids or machines to him or he would go out to them and fix whatever it was that they needed him to fix.

It would keep him in bread for some time, and would give him plenty of expertise when it came to upgrading droids, fighters, and whatever it was that he worked on.

The largest thing that Akain had ever singlehandedly worked on has been an Action IV Transport. He was placed in charge of the mechanic crew and worked on the project when he was fifteen. He was able to successfully map out and upgrade the ship to make it capital ship grade, complete with a stronger reactor, stronger shielding, actual weapons, and more.


During his journeys across the galaxy, Akain has picked up and learned a variety of different languages. He needed them to survive in harsh environments amongst an assortment of different spacers and soldiers. He was used in some cases by mercenary groups as a translator. He has learned to speak Durese, Huttese, Bothese, and Rodese. He understands, but can't obviously speak Binary or Shyriiwook

It was his knowledge of Bothese that allowed him to become such a fast friend of Derek Muir, who was more than happy to find someone who could speak his language and help him hold onto his Bothan roots, when he just become a Human, thanks fo Joshua Karn's actions.

Martial ArtsEdit

Over the years, Akain has picked up a number of different martial arts. This harkens back to the days when his parents were still alive. They knew that he would someday need to protect himself and that blasters and such pieces of technology could either fail him or not be within reach. That meant that he had to be as deadly as possible without them.

Soon after he was born, his parents began to train him, using visual repetition. As a way of entertaining him, they would stage mock fights, or show video clips of different martial artists sparring. Akain soon began to pick up the moves of the different disciplines, though he wouldn't actually understand what he was doing until he was older.

When he was older, his parents began his training in earnest. They schooled him in Teras Kasi and Echani. As he began to pick those up, they began to teach him such things as Jujitsu and Kung Fu. They trained him in a variety of different martial arts and styles of movement. Akain's Force sensitivity, something that none of the three knew about at the time enabled him to quickly pick up the various things that his parents were trying to teach him, and establish connections between them.

Akain would soon experiment, blending the different styles together to form his own unique one. His parents had been teaching him Capoeira for some time when they were killed by Lyli Var'nio. After their death, Akain kept up his studies, learning now from the various datacards and datadiscs that were in his parents' library on their family ship.

During his travels, he has picked up even more and learned even more, making him very deadly when it comes to unarmed combat. Even more deadly is the fact that now he can combine these martial arts with the Force, which turns him into an extremely dangerous opponent to face.

Weaponry and ArmorEdit

Lightsaber WeaponryEdit

First Lightsaber (Borrowed)Edit

Akain has not constructed his own lightsaber. Originally, when he first came to the temple, he used a green saber, one of his Master's spares. The lightsaber had an interesting design, clear that it had been cobbled together from various parts that had been available when Juk'ves had been constructing the lightsaber. However, Akain wasn't one to argue or complain about something like the design of a borrowed lightsaber.


Akain's First Lightsaber

When he and his master left Coruscant, he took that saber with him. After his master was killed, he had both his and his master's blue ligthsaber. He destroyed both, feeling now unworthy of carrying the Jedi weapon. Instead he opted to carry two stun batons. he did this to remind himself that he had failed to protect his master, had failed to help him when he needed help the most.

Second Lightsaber (Borrowed)Edit

When he returned to the Temple and met Kalja, she convinced him to return to using a lightsaber, as it was a needed weapon in the trying times that the galaxy was facing. Whereas before, he had taken one of his master's spare lightsabers, now he took one of the spare lightsabers that the Temple had available for padawans to use. This one had a design similar to his previous one, but only when it came to the length, so he found no difference in combat as the hilt had a similar weight to his previous one.


Akain's Second Lightsaber

He would use the lightsaber, though he felt unworthy of carrying it. He slowly became attached to the weapon and his respect for the weapon of the Jedi, already high, increased even more. He trained with the lightsaber, and would use it after Kalja left to fight the Xen'Chi and GAIT. Unfortunately due to an accident, it was destroyed, though the crystal was salvaged. The crystal would go into another lightsaber down the road, though Akain would take another one from the Temple's storerooms, this time with a firm warning from the quartermaster about safety.

Third Lightsaber (Borrowed)Edit


Akain's third lightsaber is the one that he currently uses. Taken from the Temple's storerooms, the lightsaber was built by Derek Muir before he left to join the New Republic 4th Fleet, as preparation for the construction of his own personal lightsaber. As such, the hilt is a normal utilitarian design. For Akain, this is good, as he doesn't like things with too many frills and fluff, things he considers much to unneccesary. The blade is copper colored, and is the first one that Akain has actually liked, though that doesn't factor much into the grand scheme of things.


Akain's Third Lightsaber

Like his previous lightsaber, he has rarely used it in any other capacity but training, though he did bring it out when he and Caitlyn were threatened by two assailants in a casino on Nexus Station. Time will tell if he choses to use this blade on a permanent basis or whether he constructs one of his own, though odds are he will create one of his own when he becomes a Jedi Knight, though in his mind that will never happen, so at least in his mind, this is his lightsaber until something happens to it or he dies.


While his copper lightsaber is the one that he uses the most, Akain received a blue lightsaber from Xagre of Torcolis, through Ar'i N'joo. After receiving the lightsaber, it sparked Akain's interest in the lightsaber discipline of Jar'Kai. Whereas before, he had never thought about using two lightsabers, now that he actually had two, he considered the discipline as having more appeal to him. The design of the hilt was a simple one, and it appealed to him greatly.


The first lightsaber that Akain technically created, it was crafted under the supervision of Tulsar Leidias. All of the parts had already been put together and most of the work done. For Akain, he does not consider it a lightsaber that he constructed himself. It isn't his first lightsaber and as he considers it, it is merely another lightsaber that he has borrowed. Like almost all of Tulsar Leidias' lightsabers, the blade is blue.


Other WeaponryEdit

Stun BatonsEdit

When his master died, Akain destroyed both of their lightsabers, feeling that he was unfit to truly carry the weapon of the Jedi. He opted instead to use a pair of stun batons as his weapons. He didn't want anything that would kill and physically injure his opponent. Rather, he wanted something that would allow him to get a hold on the situation and convince the person to quit the course of action that they were pursuing.

He would later stop using the stun batons after Kalja Leidias's urging, taking up the second lightsaber that he used.


Akain is extremely well versed in the use of blasters. He doesn't tend to use them anymore, but if he does have to he will. Generally speaking, he prefers blaster pistols and blaster rifles, the larger and more intimidating the better. This is a reflection of his more pacifist nature. He doesn't wish to hurt anyone unless he has to, though if he does have to fight he trains himself to be the best, so that he can quickly and easily end the fight in his favor.

When the Search for Kalja began, Daria Nekros brought onto the Swift Light a number of different blaster weapons for her own personal use and at Akain's behest. From these he has taken some to use to help the group blend in more with other denizens of the galaxy.

He currently uses 2 HattMark Charon-2 blaster pistols and a single HattMark Fireblade blaster rifle.


Akain's Custom ArmorEdit


Akain's Custom Armor

Information Coming Soon


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