Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Anari Alliance
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State

President Quinis Asanis

Executive Branch

Office of the President

Legislative Branch


Societal Information


Historical Information
Date of Establishment


Date of Dissolution

Conquered 12 ABY

Policy Information

Sith Empire

Exodus Information


What began as Dark Jedi Master Quinis Asanis' personal fiefdom in the Rim grew in proportion to his delusions of grandeur. He started by manipulating elections to be made President of the Anari Alliance, a small and lackluster organization encompassing three worlds: Anari, Imhotep and Omandrake.

Building a monstrous navy that his domain could barely support, Asanis conquered the rest of the Jalyn Cluster: Jalyn, Arn Wi, Elysium, Heskirr, and - purely incidentally - an uninhabited and deadly volcanic rock called Sabii. The conquest took place between 8 and 9 ABY. Asanis ruled as a dictator, enforcing his will with the Detori Order and the weaker but more feared Corps of Adepts led by Kishkumen. Rebels on the more populous worlds of Jalyn and Elysium gave Asanis a perpetual headache, even going to far as to kidnap or kill some Adepts and Detori. At one point the rebellion found a Force-sensitive child named Tahrin Mokveh and trained her to use the Light Side in defence of the Jalyn Cluster. Nevertheless, the rebels achieved only limited success.

In early 14 ABY, Asanis' dreams came to a crashing halt as the Sith Empire invaded. Sent by Lord Norik Kun, then the SE's ruler, Sith Knight Iara Clane Beorht led a fleet that vanquished Asanis' easily. She personally led the strike team that destroyed the Twilight Praxeum on Sabii - the Detori Order's main training facility. In the chaos, Sion infiltrated Anari and killed Asanis, though rumours flew that he had been killed by Norik Kun himself. The Corps of Adepts headquarters on Anari was destroyed by orbital bombardment, and later looted by a Jedi Knight and former Detori named Darion Twin'Vo.

Iara was established as governor of the Anari Sector, which encompassed the entire Jalyn Cluster. Later that year, however, Norik Kun was killed and the Sith Empire fragmented, then came together under new management. The Anari Sector remained independent. In 15 ABY, Iara took every Force-user in the sector and the bulk of her military power and headed out to fight the Xen'Chi. She resigned as governor and left Chairman Goss Desal in her place, a man who had served prior to, during, and after Asanis' rule.

Gradually, over the next few years, the sector was conquered by Darth Sirena. In 17 ABY, it was liberated by Adam Sage, a converted Iara Beorht, and the Sage's Destiny, along with resistance fighters and assorted others.