Anastasia Romanov
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Date of Birth

15 BBY

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177 cm

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Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Fighter Pilot


Thor Space Superiority Fighter

Political Information
Position / Rank

Group Captain

Current Affiliation

Confederate Starfighter Corps

Exodus Information


The daughter of Surface Marshal Tamara Romanov, Colonel Anastasia Romanov was the commander of -the- best starfighter squadron in the Confederate Starfighter Corps, the "Dark Knights". Unlike her mother, Anastasia regarded rules as things to be broken at her leisure, a fact that not only earned her countless reprimands, but countless medals and commendations too.


Anastasia joined the Starfighter Corps when she turned 18. After going through Fighter training, she received the rank of Ensign and was transferred to the 7th Naval Fighter Wing, as the youngest member of "Serpent Squadron". She rose through the ranks over the next years, being promoted to Pilot Officer at the age of 20, Flying Officer at 21, and Flight Lieutenant at 22. During this time, she also received three Group Commander's Citations and an Admiral of the Fleet Citation, as well as a dozen reprimands. When she was promoted to Flight Lieutenant, she was transferred to the 1st Naval Fighter Wings 1st Squadron, the so-called "Dark Knights".

She served for a year in the squadron, during which she earned the Fighter Cross, the Confederate Bronze Star and the Confederate Gold Star, as well as two Commander's Citations. After a year, the commander of the "Dark Knights", Squadron Leader Peter Henderson, was killed in a skirmish with pirates. Starfighter Command promoted Anastasia to Major, giving her command of the "Dark Knights".

Anastasia Romanov served in the 1st Naval Fighter Wing, 1st Squadron, ever since, receiving a promotion to Wing Commander after the Battle of Ida, where she earned the Confederate Cross, as well as receiving a promotion to Group Captain after the Battle of Chil'a'Chin. On the same occasion, Anastasia was awarded the Star of Valor for her actions during the Xen'Chi War.

Though nominally the commander of the 1st Naval Fighter Wing, Anastasia still lead the "Dark Knights" personally.


Group Captain Anastasia Romanov usually wore her blue Starfighter uniform, the Group Captain insignia placed on the right chest. She carried a PP-10 "Punisher" slugthrower on her right leg, and a vibro-blade on her left leg. Her black hair was cut shoulderlong, and her eyes were a bright green.

She always carried a SFC-1 "Werewolf" Blaster Carbine in her cockpit, as well as additional ammunition for her weapons.



Anastasia's uniform

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