Aran Tolucan
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Date of Birth

19 BBY

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188 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color

Crimson (flourescent)

Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Blaster pistol


Naval Officer



Political Information
Position / Rank

Rear Admiral

Current Affiliation
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Rear Admiral Aran Tolucan was one of the rising stars of the Confederate Defence Force. From 17 ABY, he commanded the Fourth Sector Fleet from his flagship, the Apocalypse-class Command Ship Indomitable.



Early LifeEdit

Aran Tolucan was born on Decuu in 19 BBY, the son of two naval officers. He grew up on various military bases, and by the time he enrolled on the Black Star Military Academy, he was well-versed in Confederate military protocol.

War Upon WarEdit

He finished in the upper half of his class, and was assigned to the Dread-class battleship Avenger. He eventually rose to command the ship, and was commanding it with the rank of Captain when he encountered the Unstul in the Amistel system in 15 ABY. He conducted the negotiations with the aliens and was partially responsible for them joining the Confederacy. In recognition of this, he was awarded a Presidential Citation and a promotion to Line Captain.

He was among the volunteers that joined the First Battle Fleet for Operation Ghosthammer, the Confederate contribution to the Xen'Chi War. As such, he fought in several engagements, including the liberation of Sistooine late in the war. During the Xen'Chi War, he commanded the Apocalypse-class battleship Divine Execution, and was in charge of defending Sistooine for several months. After the war, he was promoted to Commodore and given command of the Republic-class Star Destroyer Accuser.

Along with Rear Admiral Drew Michaels, Line Captain Kel'sen'char, and Captain Tel'ber'char, Tolucan escaped the treacherous ambush of Vice Admiral Michael Jensen and joined the Loyalist forces at the Kadiri system. He was chosen by First Admiral Da'el Kar to command Operation Black Ice, a diversionary attack on the Decuu system in support of a rescue operation aimed at a POW camp on the planet Fularis. During this operation, he commanded the Apocalypse-class Command Ship Formidable. For his succesful command, he received an Admiral of the Fleet Citation.

Post-Civil WarEdit

After the end of the Civil War, Tolucan was awarded the Star of Valor for his actions during the war, and was promoted to Rear Admiral. A few weeks later, Supreme Commander Eshtemoh Cosimo gave him command of the newly-formed Fourth Sector Fleet.

Hapan CrisisEdit

Shortly after its formation, the Fourth Sector Fleet was sent to the Hapes Consortium to aid the rightful queen, Jenarvia Avori, in a civil war. As commander, Tolucan assisted General Baen Talal in providing support to the Hapans. Upon his return, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.


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