Avengers Tower
Avengers Tower
Location Manhattan, New York, New York
Builder/Designer Tony Stark
Owner Alex Burke
Affiliation Avengers


Built over four years Stark Tower was finally opened to the public. Despite Stark's vision of the pinnacle of modern architecture no potential tenant wanted to hire office space within the gleaming edifice due to Stark's tenure as Iron Man and his association to the Avengers. People feared that the building would be destroyed by an alien attack; as evidenced by the many times that the Fantastic Four's headquarters was destroyed. So deciding that it be used for something he donated the top three floors to the new Avengers team.

Later, after the death of the Avengers at the hands of the Chrell, Sentry's watchtower, originally located on top of Avengers Tower, vanished. Upon the recreation of the Avengers, Ethan Drake re-donated Stark Tower to the new team; publicly renaming it Avengers Tower.


The Tower is 93 stories and comprised of some of the most advanced technology in the world and is built with nigh indestructible materials. Every wall both interior and exterior is made of Vibranium reinforced concrete, the windows too are virtually indestructible though Spider-Man did throw Wolverine through one due to Logan teasing Peter about Mary Jane having an affair with Tony Stark. It is believed that Stark has got his money back from the company that made the glass.

Aside from lavish living quarters the Tower has technical labs, medical labs, an armory, state-of-the-art gym, Iron Man's 'Hall of Armor', and a Hanger bay which houses five of the latest Quinjets.

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