Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Banner Ton (To'Barren)
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

27 BBY

Date of Death

16 ABY

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Personal Information

Naval Officer



Political Information
Position / Rank

High Admiral (Empire)

Former Affiliation
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Banner Ton was the prototypical Imperial officer as desired by Emperor Palaptine. He was intelligent, immensely skilled, selfish, arrogant and ridiculously ambitious. Despite serving under James Ardin for a time he never really obtained any of those qualities.

Craving power as a young officer, despite disliking his methods, he found in James the person that would bring him power quickly. Ton served under him as Captain of the Strike Cruiser Black Dusk and found his greatest success in hunting down Cadden Blackthorne's terrorist after they assaulted Bilbringi. He daringly entered his fleet into a dangerous asteroid field despite the risk and destroyed them and their base. He was also responsible for the arrest of the terrorist Tainer years later. If there was a difficult mission that required risk taking it was Banner Ton that James Ardin called on.

However, it was not until James Ardin died that Ton got his true calling. Emperor Damascus, appreciating his risk taking, confidence, and resolute confidence in Imperial power, gave him command of his most powerful fleet with the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Cleansing at its head. He was the Emperor's agent and was almost solely responsible for retaking all the territory ceded by the New Republic at the end of Ardin's and during Kyle Marion's regency. His greatest victory was the retaking of Coruscant and then destroying the military might of the Corellian Commonwealth at the Battle of Corellia. He was considered by many to be one of the best fleet tacticians in the galaxy, despite his personal vices.

As the defacto head of the Imperial Navy, Ton still commanded the Cleansing, and led the flagship and its fleet against the initial incursion of the Xen'Chi. Despite destroying two thrall fleets he was ambushed by a large Xen'Chi force and both him, and the ship, were assumed lost in the battle.

He was actually captured by the Xen'Chi and turned into one of their Thralls. Leading a fleet composed of other treacherous Imperials, a Chiss officer, the Ssi-Ruuk, and the remaining three Adamar vessels. He turned the ragtag fleet into an effective fighting force conquering much of the Core, including Thyferra and Fondor. He eventually assaulted Coruscant and was on the verge of a major victory when his ship was mysteriously destroyed with him on the bridge. With his ultimate goal at his fingertips it was all taken away from him. He died stripped of his humanity, and fighting against the Empire he helped return to glory.