Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Battle of Corellia

Galactic Civil War


13 ABY




Costly Imperial victory. The Corellian Commonwealth is dismantled as a galactic power. The Empire and the New Republic sign a truce.


Galactic Empire





Numerous Droid Fighters


Numerous Droid Fighters


One of the most decisive battles in the history of the galaxy, the Battle of Corellia featured all of the major players in Galactic politics and would become the precursor to the Xen'Chi Invasion.

The Galactic Empire, having retaken the Core Worlds, and it's capital, Coruscant, found the hiding New Republic fleet with one of its allies, the Corellian Commonwealth. A thorn in the side of the Empire for some time, Emperor Damascus, under the advice of High Admiral Banner Ton decided it was time to eliminate the threat the Commonwealth posed to the New Order.

The Empire arrived in full force, with two full fleets, Shadow Fleet spearheaded by the Super Star Destroyer Cleansing, and the Expeditionary 6th Fleet led by the only other command ship, the Principality. Also included in the attack fleet, was the third incarnation of the Death Star, a combined effort of the Empire, Sienar Corporation, and the Loris Empire.

If not for a series of unpredictable events, the Empire would have won a resounding victory that would have gone a long way towards re-establishing their utter domination over the entire galaxy. In the end, it turned into a costly victory that forced the Empire to stall any further offenses.

The first unforeseen circumstance involved the Corellian's activation of Centerpoint Station, a serious weapon if used properly. The second was the opposition by a sizable fleet of Imperials loyal to former leader James Ardin, and sworn enemies of Emperor Damascus. Lastly, the appearance of a strange entity known as GAIT that almost single handedly destroyed the Death Star.

The battle was fierce, and for many was fought to the death. Thousands died on the Death Star, millions more on the Imperial and Republic ships that perished in the battle.

The battle saw the deaths of many, including Emperor Damascus, assassinated by the Imperial dissidents, immediately replaced by the dissident's leader, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Captain Byron Chamberlain was killed, but not without the distinction of sacrificing himself to destroy Centerpoint. The Republic fleet was destroyed, deflating its military might exponentially. The Corellian Commonwealth was removed as a serious player on the Galactic scene. The Principality was forced into dry dock for months.

Not since the Battle of Endor had a single battle proven to shape the galaxy's future so much...