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The Battle of Juoi was a skirmish that threatened to see Juoi lose its freedom to the Empire. It was the only major battle against the Empire that Juoi has ever been involved in and sent a strong message that the planet would fight to the bitter end to preserve its autonomy.

The Battle[]

The battle was precipitated by the Dark Master known as Sivter who tipped off the Empire anonymously that there were Jedi living on Juoi. Sivter's reasons amounted to little more than a sadistic desire to see Juoi suffer after giving him so much trouble.

The Empire sent a small task force to investigate Sivter's claims, declaring Juoi to be under martial law and demanding that all of Juoi’s forces stand down. Director Sulimurr offered to help work with the Imperials, but told them in no uncertain terms that Juoi would not surrender anything to the Empire. The situation continued to escalate from there until Juoi was forced to fire on the Imperial ships to keep them from advancing any further and the battle was joined.

The Empire had a slight edge in overall power, but the Juoian defenders were well trained and had a strong cause to motivate them. Tulsar Leidias, in the Windfall, led Juoi’s starfighters into battle against the Imperial TIE’s, their purpose was to keep the Imperial pilots busy while Juoi’s small contingent of Y-wings made bombing runs against the capital ships.

Xorpex coordinated the entire attack and was able to quickly and effectively direct Juoi’s forces to where they needed to go as well as give detailed information on the Empire’s movements. The Empire would end up quickly outmaneuvered and under Sulimurr’s order, not a single Imperial was spared.

Of particular note during the battle were the actions of Davit Jipper and the Marauder Corvette, Proclamation. Through their skill in battle, the Proclamation’s crew was able to single-handedly destroy two of the Imperial corvettes and the Nebulon-B frigate. Jipper and his crew would be commended after the battle and the Proclamation would be given a new title to reflect its impressive performance in the battle: Champion of Juoi.

After the devastating defeat, the Empire decided to leave Juoi alone. Their reasons for doing this were numerous. There was no concrete proof of Jedi on Juoi, the planet itself was not particularly valuable, and it didn’t occupy a strategic location. In summary, subjugating Juoi would be too much trouble for too little reward and was deemed a low priority until the Rebel Alliance could be squashed.

The Empire would not return to Juoi until much, much later when Fen Palka arrived for entirely different reasons.


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