Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Biographical Information

Mon Calamari

Date of Birth

20 BBY

Physical Description

Mon Calamari



Personal Information
  • Blaster
  • Various


Political Information
Position / Rank
  • Senator
Current Affiliation
Exodus Information





Early Life[]

Beritess was born on 20 BBY, to two Mon Calamari who worked within the Mon Cal Shipyards. Both of them were prominent in the research and development department. They were not too thrilled by the Galactic Empire and what it was doing and stood for, but they worked on the Imperial-Calamari design vessel, which was ultimately deemed a failure and one of the reasons why the Empire didn't contract with Mon Cal Shipyards. Beritess growing up was instilled with a large sense of justice and discipline. When she was eight, her parents who had been trying for years to have another child, were successful and her younger brother, Shosnkuo, was born. Her parents continued their research work, and unbeknownst to Beritess' father, her mother started doing work on the side for the Rebel Alliance and sending them schematics and information on whatever she could get her hands on. Her mother became a member of Project Coral Reef. Project Coral Reef was created for the Alliance to start producing their own designs and ships for the war against the Empire. Beritess' mother was a founding member and a large contributor. However, Project Coral Reef's capabilities were not large in the beginning, and it wasn't known how reliable the Alliance's very small collection of slips would be, so they limited the designs. In addition, resources were hard for the Alliance to come by, so they were unable to produce anything too large. After a while, she was starting to help them with full fledged designs, though they were planetary bound or ground vehicles only. Her mother never was able to design or put forward any blueprints for anything space worthy, because before Project Coral Reef could get to that point, Imperial Intelligence discovered what was going on.

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