Blair Walker
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Place of Birth

Boston, Massachusetts


United States

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Criminal Record


Date of Birth

April 23rd, 1982


Normal Human

Physical Description
  • Human





125 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Information
Known Relatives
  • Nathaniel Walker (Father)
  • Julia Walker (Mother)
  • Cameron Walker (Sister)
  • Samantha Walker (Sister)



College Graduate

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Early LifeEdit

Blair Walker was born on April 23rd, 1982. Her father, Nathaniel Walker was a successful businessman, while her mother, Julia Walker, was a homemaker. Blair is the middle of three children, all of whom are girls. She has an older sister named Cameron, and a younger sister, Samantha. From an early age, Blair was raised in the high society that the Walker family was a part of. Her family was wealthy and part of the upper class. As such, she would need to present herself in this way. She had to walk, talk, and act in a certain way and her parents made sure that she was raised to do just that. Her parents never spoiled her or her sisters. They didn’t shower them with excessive amounts of love and attention, feeling that this would just make their children lazy.

Instead, they taught them that if there was something out there that they wanted, a new outfit or a new toy, to find a way to get it themselves. Blair was sent to the best private school on the East coast where she was able to excel at her studies, and she was able to make a number of friends. But she was unable to be as popular as Cameron, who managed to be the most popular girl at their school. Nor were her grades ever as high as Samantha's, who was far smarter than her. She knew that in her family this meant that she was going to be looked over a number of times, since she wasn't able to bring anything fresh and new to the table.

Blair was somewhat happy when her younger sister developed mutant powers. It allowed her to try to alienate her sister and make her a bit of a family outcast. She thought that if she could push Samantha away from the family, that she could work on taking Cameron down, over time. Cameron and she decided to work together. They did their best to try to bring Samantha down, excluding her from their activities, which somewhat hurt Samantha because they were older than she was. She wanted to be accepted by the people that her older sisters hung out with, because she believed them to be her peers, not the people in her age group.

The older two knew this and decided to use it against them.

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Blair Walker has no powers as she is a baseline human.


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Blair Walker has all of the limitations and weaknesses of a baseline human.

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