Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Breggar Lark
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

32 BBY

Date of Death

15 ABY

Physical Description






Hair Color

Dark, greying

Eye Color


Force Sensitive


Personal Information



Freyel, Muir Corporation

Political Information
Position / Rank

Crime Lord

Current Affiliation

Organized crime

Exodus Information




"Lark always wanted his vanity played to. It was a trait which disgusts me to no end."
- Thoughts regarding Breggar Lark, by Yerrix

Breggar Lark was born on the planet Balfron in 32 BBY; he grew to become a crime lord, having been obsessed with crime his entire life. He began as a petty thief, and became a rich man with a number of minions, from the Nalronian mercenary Yerrix to the Trandoshan slaver Zsissk Heik and his crew. Lark became obsessed with a certain planet called Kuras IV; his plans regarding this planet were largely quite simple: to construct a base and, from there, further his criminal organization. His resources seemed vast for someone who managed to stay below the radar for so long, and it was presumed he has allies, but the identities of those allies were never known.

After being betrayed by Yerrix, Lark employed Zsissk Heik to hunt down the Nalronian. Heik, however, was unsuccessful, and instead lost his life and his vessel, the Leash, to Yerrix. Figuring this to be the case, Lark sent bounty hunter Jag'Tai Vroenik after the Nalronian, completely unaware that the Zabrak and the traitor were working together. When Vroenik returned a mission-complete declaration, with a DNA sample and a false deed, Lark assumed Yerrix was dead and that he had the true deed.

Lark found himself repeatedly getting the short end of the stick as time went on. When the Muir Commonwealth, in league with Vroenik, Ryn spy Freyel, and former pirate Arelim Seron, attacked his base on Kuras IV, he lost his commodore quickly and the second-in-command surrendered the fleet. Finding himself attacked on all sides - infiltrators and smugglers on the ground, Muir vessels in the skies - he tried to flee by running to his private hangar.

Having flown back to Kuras IV in the Leash, Yerrix intercepted Lark in that hangar. He would have killed him, if not for the intervention of Seron and Vroenik. Begging them for his life, Lark reached for a hidden blaster - and Vroenik blasted him between the eyes.