Broadsword Bomber

Armed with two high-powered laser cannons, two medium ion cannons, launchers for Torpedoes, missiles, bombs, or laying mines and dropping detonators, and two rear swivel mounted blasters, this ship is quite deadly to any target. The ship is longer, wider, and heavier than its Rapier counterpart and sports a much more powerful reactor, shield system, and armor plating. Designed with the destruction of enemy ships, bases, and space stations in mind, the design team looked for every strength in a ideal bomber and tried to incorporate them into one ship. This craft has speed, maneuverability, and durability not seen in very many bomber-type ships in the galaxy proper. The powerplant for the Broadsword is capable of powering four Rapier-class Defenders while the shield system is able to shrug off even a partial hit by a turbolaser blast. The armor plating is nearly as extensive in being able to take multiple direct hits from multiple angles before weakening. This vessel is piloted by two crewmen seated back-to-back, the pilot handles the flight and defensive duties while the other crewman acts as bombadier and mans the rear blaster cannons. Like the Rapier, the Broadsword comes equipped with an A.I. unit to assist the crew.