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Byron Chamberlain
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44 BBY

Date of Death

13 ABY

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Naval Officer



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Galactic Empire

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Native of Chandrila, same as James Ardin, Byron Chamberlain (44 BBY - 13 ABY) entered into the service of the Empire at at the end of the Clone Wars, and served onboard the second ever commissioned Imperator Class Star Destroyers, the Exactor.

As a young officer, he was proved humble but extremely competent. He did not possess much creativity but was a natural leader that lead by example and contained a level of honor that was respected by his contemporaries and those above and below his rank.

He advanced slowly through the ranks and finally achieved a Captainship after the brief Imperial Civil War after the Battle of Endor. He served as a trusted first officer and confidant to both James Ardin, and Kyle Marion for a long time, lending his experience to the younger officers. After the factions sorted each other out and the Empire was reunited under the Regentship of James Ardin he played a prominent role in many of the Galaxy's largest conflicts.

With Ardin taking the Cleansing as his Command ship Kyle Marion assumed control of the Imperial Star Destroy Vengeance, Chamberlain maintained control of the Black Dawn, a Frigate whose sister ship was the Black Dusk. He commanded that Frigate in the Battle of Hoth, Bilbringi, and other engagements.

He eventually graduated to command of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance during Damascus' reign, after the deaths of Marion and Ardin. He did not achieve commannd of the Star Destroyer until after the age of fifty, and being overweight his health was slowly failing him. It was as Captain of that ship, along with Commander Walter Sames, that he helped organize a resistance to Damascus' rule and led a fleet along with Thrawn and Ardin that deposed Damascus at the battle of Corellia. He was also responsible for sending Delth Ardin, once codenamed Red Viper to assasinate the Emperor, which finally happened at Corellia.

During that battle Chamberlain sacrificed himself and the Vengeance, after evacuating the crew, when he blew the ship core near Centerpoint Station while it discharged its primary weapon helping disable the station. He died at the age of 58, helping to usher in the new era of the Galactic Empire under Grand Admiral Thrawn.