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Cadden Blackthorne
Biographical Information

New Mandalore

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1.83 meters

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Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Assorted weaponry Assorted blasters

Fighting Styles
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mercenary
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"Nothing will stop me, no amount of force, no volume of strength, no number of troops or ships. If you kill me, I will walk again, if you wound me, I will keep fighting. If you capture me, I will escape... there is no way around, or through me. Once you are a target, your fate is already sealed."
— Cadden Blackthorne

Cadden Blackthorne was a Mandalorian from the planet New Mandalore who aspired to become the Mandalorians' new Mand'alor.


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Personality and Traits[]

Cadden had, since very early in his career, developed a cold and calculated nature. This helped him succeed during his time as a bounty hunter and, later, attempts to become the new Mand'alor. However, no matter how ruthless his methods were, there was always a spark of compassion within him.

Cadden was also noted for having a charismatic personality and insatiable desire for knowledge. His abilities in charisma and persuasion were more than powerful enough to win the personal loyalty of countless Mandalorians during his rise to become Mand'alor. Cadden was acknowledged as one of the greatest military tacticians of his time. Intelligent and decisive, he won the devotion and admiration of not only his followers, but also several of his enemies, many of whom were humbled after being defeated by his tactics.


Over the years, Cadden sported a variety of conventional weaponry. Most notably was his arsenal as of his time aspiring to become the new Mand'alor. He was well known for his black and blood-red Mandalorian armor.

Cadden's arsenal consisted of two Modified DC-15S blaster carbines, one DL-18 blaster pistol, one whipcord thrower, one MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher, one Dur-24 wrist laser, and a set of wrist-mounted blades constructed from phrik. Cadden also occasionally used an E-5s sniper rifle In addition to his weaponry, he modified his armor to include macrobinocular capabilities in the visor of his helmet; neural, infra-red, technology, and thermal vision modes for his visor, long-range radio (1,000 meters), and audio recorder and playback features for his helmet.


Cadden Blackthorne escapes near-death.

"You can run, but you'll only die tired."
— Cadden Blackthorne

Cadden held a great prowess in battle. Trained since a child by Mandalorians in melee and ranged combat, as well as concepts of warfare, Cadden could take a stand against even the most formidable of opponents. Cadden was an expert in several forms of martial arts and was also an expert marksman and a highly skilled user of bladed weaponry.

Aside from combat abilities, Cadden was a highly intelligent individual, a decorated warrior, and one of the best bounty hunters in his time. He was also an exceptional pilot and mechanic, and capable of patching up most non-lethal injuries he sustained.

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