Certh Kol-Rekali
Biographical Information

None; born on the starship Kaloskagathia

Date of Birth

17 ABY (plus eighteen years temporal shift)

Physical Description

Near-Human (Half-Vahla)



Personal Information
Lightsider Information

Jedi Apprentice


Jedi Guardian

Current Masters

Ember Rekali, Brembla Kol-Rekali

Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Types


Lightsaber Colors


Political Information
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Certh Kol-Rekali was born on the Kaloskagathia during the last phases of the Xenovore War, far outside the main galaxy. Although he spent shore leave planetside with one or both of his parents from time to time, for the most part his home was the Kalos.

Within days of the family's return to the known galaxy, the Singing Justice followed a transport captained by Kishkumen back into the Extragalactic Star Cluster. Certh spent the next fifteen years of his life on a planet in that cluster, being taught as a Jedi by his parents and learning early to fend off the influence of the Dark Side. He fought junior members of the Cult of Shadow on more than one occasion.

Certh accompanied his family to Onderon and became a formal member of the Jedi Order in his late teens.  He helped construct the Jedi Temple on Ossus, but after the death of his brother Faran, he began to drift away from the guidance of his parents.  When his mother died at the hands of Darius Malakai, Certh threw himself into martial training, and proved himself in the field against threats both Force-based and mundane.  While preparing for the Trials, he began associating with Mahana Sira and Sorra Qail, who convinced him that the Council was underestimating the danger of the Sith Empire.  Following several negative incidents, such as the SE's recruitment of Cultists during the Battle of Arcanix, the dissident Jedi and some Jade Empire Patriots joined forces to preemptively strike at Ashin Varanin's base on Near Indosa.  Certh helped secure the Kaiburr Crystal, and killed several Sith troopers.

Upon his return, he found that Varanin had taken the matter to the Council.  While Sorra Qail's involvement was not known, Certh and Mahana found themselves stripped of their lightsabres and reassigned to the Agricultural Corps.  Certh was sent to the desert world of Sindria in the Anari Commonwealth, to spend the next few months or years expanding an oasis with subterranean water and moisture vaporators.  It was there that he encountered Kayla Masi and Ashin Varanin.  While fearing Varanin's retribution, Certh fell in with a nearby camp of Vahla, who were reluctant to accept a half-blood Jedi.

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