Chrell Invasion
Date 0 BCI
Place Earth
Outcome Death of 99% of all Super Humans
Affiliations Involved Entire World
Participants Almost Everyone

Unknown to the galaxy at large, a massive, deadly fleet from an alternate universe had managed to cross the threshold between dimensions. The Chrell, an alien race of blue skinned, cybernetic humanoids, had discovered a vast new dimension of unconquered territory. They set to work to add this universe to their empire. They engaged the Green Lantern Corps first. The Lanterns were taken by surprise. Both the Guardians as well as the planet OA were completely destroyed. All Green Lanterns in the vicinity, including all known lanterns from Earth, were killed. The Guardians' greatest weapon, Ion, aka Kyle Rayner, managed to escape in order to warn others of the coming darkness.

Ion reached the Nova Corps and helped prepare them for battle. Believing they were as ready as they could be, he went in search of other allies to join with them before the Chrell made it to the Novas. He located the Silver Surfer, and together they gathered all the known heralds of Galactus. By the time they reached the Nova Corps, the entire organization had been wiped out. The Chrell fleet was there to greet them. All but the Silver Surfer died. He raced ahead of the fleet to warn Earth; the next destination of the alien invaders.

Upon his arrival he met with Reed Richards and Tony Stark, who spearheaded the organizing of the world's heroes into an effective defense. However, it was not as effective as originally believed. The Chrell fleet arrived outside of Earth's orbit, and sent troops to the planet below. During the first wave hundreds of super powered individuals died, though they managed to push the Chrell forces back. The second wave claimed even more lives. Though they were once again successful in standing their ground, the small victory had come at a high price. Few remained alive, and they quickly realized that they would not survive another attempt on the planet.

Two strike forces of the most powerful remaining heroes were formed. The first, led by Superman and consisting of such individuals as Ms. Marvel, the Sentry, and the Martian Manhunter, were sent to target the Chrell flagship, and to bring down it's leaders thereby defeating the organization of the fleet. The second team, led by the Silver Surfer and consisting of heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Shazam, were given orders to distract the fleet by attacking clusters of their warships. The two teams were successful, and what remaining Chrell ships there were retreated back to their own universe. However, every member of the strike forces had been killed. Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy, was now left without heroes. They had given their lives to repel the greatest military force they had ever witnessed.

After the events of the Chrell Invasion, the world attempted to return to normal.

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