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Conformity is something more than just "check your article and correct any mistakes made". It signifies that the formatting for the article is incorrect, or non-existent. Any tag that is placed which requires conformity needs to meet with the standards set forth for articles that meet them in this Wiki.

An article does not require conformity if it is basic. Articles such as drugs and sports fall under this category. However, any character with their own history to tell, or special ship (whether be of its own class or gone through modifications), falls under the requirement of conformity. To view a list of current conformity standards, please visit our infobox templates category.

Non-MBT Templates[]

For the non-MBT categories, a standard format should be used. Given the diversity of such articles in nature, it is impossible to accomodate for every variant. Therefore, use the following format for posting character bios, etc., under non-MBT settings.

image=[[Image:File Name|center|300px|]]|
name=Character Name}}
{{pl|Home|Information Here}}
{{pl|Species|Information Here}}
{{pl|Gender|Information Here}}
{{pl|Height|Information Here}}
{{pl|Hair Color|Information Here}}
{{pl|Eye Color|Information Here}}
{{pl|Affiliation|Information Here}}
{{pl|Roleplayer|Information Here}}

Any additional information should be placed in the {{pl|Statistic|Information Here}} format.

Also, please note that not all information in the example above is required. The absolute minimum that is required is the character's name, home (if applicable, otherwise "Unknown"), gender, affiliation, and who the roleplayer is. All other information is to be provided on an as-necessary (or if-applicable) basis.

Final Notes[]

1. Please restrict images to 300px in width. They may be smaller, but please do not go any larger than this. If your picture can achieve at least 300px, it is requested that it be posted at a 300px size. Do not use this size for thumbnail images. Instead, use thumb in place of the size. If you must make a thumbnail [relatively] large, then it may not exceed 200px in size.

2. When an article is big enough, it will typically qualify for subsections. While not mandatory, subsections of an article give it a more organized and professional look. Typically an article will call for subsections on two occasions:

1) If the article information is longer than the infobox.
2) If the article information hold a sufficient level of detail that breaking into subsections would cause an improvement in the article's visual appeal.