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Corellian Engineering Corporation
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  • Coret Trobane
  • Jessica Trobane

Corran Destt


Corellian System

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  • Coret Trobane (Creator on the MBT)
  • Mirrodin

The Corellian Engineering Corporation, abbreviated CEC and originally called Corellian Engineering Corps, is one of the three largest starship manufacturers in the galaxy. The corporation is widely considered to be the most prolific starship manufacturer in the Galaxy.

CEC, whose shipyards are located in the Corellian system, owes much of its success to the abnormally high numbers of skilled designers, engineers, and shipwrights the system produces. The shipyards are well known for their modular freighters which can be upgraded for combat with both legal and illegal after-market kits.

Unlike the company's main competitors (Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems), CEC relies almost solely on civilian sales rather than military contracts. Even so, they are known to have constructed large warships for the Imperial Navy as well as the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

In the centuries before the Clone Wars, the Corellian Sector was guarded by warships bigger than Acclamator-class assault ships. These were presumably also homemade designs rather than imports from other notable shipwrights, like Kuat or Rendili.

Exodus Divergence[]

Once run by Coret Trobane, Jessica Trobane has taken control of the company after her husband's death. It still flourishes to this day.

It has provided funding to Draconis Incorporated during its founding in 10 ABY, and still owns a significant amount of company shares. More recent developments include business negotiations within the Unknown Regions, for example with the Leeran Alliance.

After the Battle of Corellia, when the Corellian Commonwealth became part of the New Republic, since it directly controlled and operated CEC, the company became part of the New Republic, and it was given an NR appointed CEO and overseer who directly reports to first and foremost, the Chief of State, then the Minister of State, and the Economic Council and the Defense Council.

Extensive partnerships have been established with another New Republic company, Republic Engineering Corporation.


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