Da'el Kar
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17 BBY

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187 cm

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Force Sensitive


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Blaster pistol


Navy Officer


Pallida Mors

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First Admiral

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Da'el Kar was one of three First Admirals within the ranks of the Black Star Confederacy Navy. He has served the Confederacy faithfully since his promotion in 14 ABY.

Description Edit

Da'el Kar was born on Decuu, and enlisted in the Navy when he turned 18. After serving as a Rating for six months, he was recommended for the Academy, and spent the next year at the Black Star Military Academy on Fuller. He graduated with honors and was transfered to the Dread-class Battle Ship Dominion with the rank of Sub-Lieutenant. He was assigned as a Battery Commander on one of the turbolaser batteries.

He participated in the Battle of Drillaria in 6 ABY, showing outstanding leadership commanding his men, for which he received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. After Drillaria, he rose quickly in the ranks, becoming Commander in less than a year. When the captain of the Dominion, Admiral Ton Lind, was promoted to High Admiral, Kar was promoted to Captain and given command of the ship.

Kar acquitted himself well in the few actions the Dominion saw after Drillaria, and when President Thorn needed a commander for the newly-created Third Expeditionary Fleet, Lind recommended Kar, who was now a Vice Admiral. Kar subsequently participated in the Grey Worlds Campaign, where he earned a Presidential Citation, the Distinguished Service Medal and a promotion to Admiral, as well as the Durgasi Conflict where he earned a High Command Citation, the Star of Valor, and a promotion to First Admiral, one of only three of that rank in the Confederacy.

After the brief Galenian Wars, he was awarded another Star of Valor for his efforts.

For a time, he commanded the Confederate Second Battle Group. He led the loyalist forces during the Confederate Civil War, after which he was awarded a third Star of Valor and given command of the First Sector Fleet and its flagship - the infamous Pallida Mors.


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