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Darth Maleval
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16 ABY

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1.9 meters

Eye Color

Yellow glow

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Single-bladed lightsaber

Fighting Styles

Customized lightsaber combat

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Sith Apprentice

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"Darth Maleval; he once was a respectable Jedi Knight, but battle had scarred him, both physically and psychologically. His fall to the Dark Side was his ascension to the Sith."
Darth Invisus


Darth Maleval was trained as a Jedi Knight by an unknown Master. He had initiated his training during the early days of the Galactic Civil War and, due to his heightened abilities, became a Jedi Knight in a relatively short time - not long after the Battle of Endor. His exploits were not well-known, but his reputation was. All that was forgotten, however, when he engaged in dramatic battle on a forgotten world, with a powerful and dangerous Dark Jedi.

This battle resulted in his victory, but at the cost of his own identity. Physically and psychologically scarred, Maleval took on a new surname and worked with dangerous Sith alchemies, learned through the studies of the powerful Dark Jedi he had fought with, to construct for himself a symbiotic suit that serves as living, breathing armor. However, due to a lack of knowledge of Sith teachings, he was unable to supress the armor's influence, and it took over his body and mind.

Now, Maleval knows nothing of his past, only that which the suit tells him. And he would soon find a future within the ranks of the Sith Brotherhood.

Shortly after the initiation of the Corporate Sector Rebellion, Darth Invisus found Maleval on a world near Shadow Imperium space. Maleval, consumed by his insanity, attacked Invisus with a ruthless barrage of lightsaber blows. However, Invisus's finesse and expertise in lightsaber combat proved Maleval to be no match for the Dark Lord of the Sith. Once beaten, Maleval was offered a position in the Sith Brotherhood, which he accepted, and swore his fealty to his new master.

Maleval participated in the duel on Testria at the end of the Sith Revolution, where he was killed in combat.

Powers and Abilities[]

Darth Maleval was mostly known for his prowess in battle. A fairly capable lightsaber combatant, he was ruthless and merciless. Due to his services to the symbiotic suit he wore, Maleval typically severed the heads of those he defeated and found worthy, often making trophies out of them. Focusing primarily on a lightsaber combat style that derived from that which he was trained for, but had evolved into his own, unique style, he typically only used the Force to enhance his abilities in battle, and seldom to supplement his skills with the lightsaber.

Maleval was typically known for fighting dirty, and saw no point to being an honorable warrior. Many considered him a savage beast and a barbarian. However, to Darth Invisus, he was witnessed as an invaluable asset to his personal goals and cause.