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Derek Muir
Biographical Information
  • Bothawui
  • Kamino
Date of Birth

18 BBY,14 ABY

Date of Death

13 ABY

Physical Description
  • Bothan
  • Human



1.93 meters

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Rhyana Torshey

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"If I die this day, let all know that my life was one of service to my family and to the galaxy. I righted wrongs, sometimes those of my own hand, upheld the Jedi Code, and fought the good fight. I go now to netherworld of the Force in the hopes that the gods smile down upon me."
— Derek Muir, before his death on Ossuss


Early Life, Early Training, Early Loss[]

Derek Muir was born on Bothawui, in Muir Manor to two of the family during 18 BBY Due to the age of his parents it was considered a miracle birth, as they had given birth to a Erik Muir earlier, in 20 BBY, and there had been complications with Erik's pregnancy. The boy was detected with Force sensitivity, and though he was a Muir and should have been with his family, he was taken by the Jedi to be trained in the Force. Derek progressed rapidly through the training, and was taken as a padawan by a human Jedi Master. It was about this time that he finally met up with his older brother, Erik Muir who had been born a few years before him. Erik had also been taken to train at the academy hidden from the Empire. His master continued to train him, teaching him further and further into the Force.

However, Derek had always had a problem controlling his rage and anger. It was something that would occasionally cause outbursts and it was something that kept him from becoming a Knight for the longest time, even after the Jedi Order was revived, and the Academy was on Coruscant. There were fears, especially after the truth was uncovered regarding Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side, that Derek would be much like him. Derek knew he faced an uphill challenge and gave it everything he had, knowing that it was his primary weakness.

He tried to meditate and control his rage as his master taught him, but Derek found it harder and harder to do this. He used the example of his brother to try to help him, but to no avail. It was as though Erik had gotten two doses of patience, while Derek had gotten two doses of anger. He just couldn't live up to the shadow that his older brother had cast. More than not, he heard talk of his brother's prowess with the lightsaber blade, and it was part of what drove Derek to become better and better at fighting.

During and before the Imperial attack on Coruscant, the Jedi moved equipment and Jedi off planet to escape the oncoming attack. At that time, Derek was separated from his master and lost him. He didn't know it at the time, but his master would be killed by Imperial forces. He was also separated from the rest of the Jedi by a faulty hyperdrive. This was just before he was to have completed the trials with the construction of his lightsaber. He had already passed the four Trials. It had been his inability to deal with his anger that had caused him to not become a Jedi Knight yet.

Heading Home[]

Intent on being reunited with his Jedi Order, he traveled home, to Bothawui. Arriving at Muir Manor, he found his cousins and other relatives preparing a council of war. Nathan was leading the family against a rival family. Interestingly to Derek, who had stayed abreast of family news while training, was that Tej Muir was in the house, let alone helping Nathan in this war.

While he was a Jedi, he was also a Muir. He aided his family to the best of his ability, capturing the rival family's leader, Duke Morgan, and having him sign the treaty drafted by Nathan. In effect, Derek was instrumental in allowing Tej to create Muir Corporation. Shortly after, he crafted his first lightsaber.

After this point, he tried to get intouch with the rest of the Jedi Order, but they were far flung and he was unable to get intouch with any ranking members of the Order. So, he continued his training, practicing his saber combat and the Force Skills that his master had taught him. He used the benefit of Muir connections to be able to travel around the galaxy, visiting various different practitioners of the Force. Though he learned from many, none would be able to find a unique answer to solve his problem, how to control his rage.

Infinite Rage and the Quest of a Life[]

Derek returned to the Manor, and began to experience terrible visions and dreams. He could not understand how they came to pass, or more importantly, what they meant, if anything. He had heard of a relatively powerful Force User, Crystal Roshia. No one had ever been really able to locate her, she hid herself so well. Derek decided that she might be able to help him and set out to find her.

He did, eventually, at Crystal Shard Point. There, he was able to indentify her and questioned her about his dreams. She told him that his dreams were messages that the Force was sending to him. He had to follow the guidance the Force was giving to him. Muir took her advice, starting at the University of Myojin. He was able to locate the system of Fuega, which had a planet similiar to Mustafar. Apparently there was something there, that was calling to him through the Force.

He went after it. That it was a red crystal, called the Inifinite Rage. However, there was one problem with his quest. It put him in direct confrontation with a powerful Sith Lord, named Zohmaj Hauc. Hauc was searching for the Infinite Rage for his own purposes, which apparently involved one known as Isaac Bel'kaar. Derek was traversing the surface of the planet, searching for the crystal when Hauc's ship arrived. The two Force users clashed on the planet. Derek realized that he could use his rage, but use it for the light. So he did. He opened himself to the Force fully and unleashed hell on Hauc. The Sith Lord however, was a far superior swordsman than Derek.

He managed to just beat Muir however. An underhanded trick allowed him to throw Derek far back, and the Sith Lord was able to claim the Infinite Rage for himself. He left, leaving Derek on the planet.


The Bothan Jedi Knight went on a hunt, chasing after Hauc, who stayed one step ahead of him. They clashed from time to time, as the Bothan continued to perfect his sword skills against not only Hauc but other Sith and Dark Jedi in Hauc's employ. During this time, he contacted his brother, Erik Muir, and asked for his help. Together the two brothers would be able to bring down the Sith Lord.

They were supposed to meet at this one abandoned system. Erik arrived, and waited, but neither Hauc or his brother came. During this time, he felt a disturbance in the Force, centered around one person, though he didn't know that person's name. He just knew that he had to go to Arkania. Who was he to question the Force? Erik left the system. Less than an hour later, Hauc jumped in system followed by Derek.

There Derek inflicted a serious loss on Hauc, gouging out one of Hauc's eyes, though Hauc would later heal himself of this injury. Hauc escaped yet again, this time on a shuttle bound for Ossus. As the Sith Lord's ship was exploding all around him, Derek got back in his transport and gave chase, the final chase of his life.


Main Article: Duel at Ossus

By the time Derek reached Ossus, Hauc had been there for a few hours. Derek landed and challenged the Sith Lord to a duel. A duel to the death. Hauc merely smirked and ignited his red lightsaber. Derek brought his green lightsaber to bear. The two fought, infront of one of the few remaining repositories of Force lore.

The two went back and forth for nearly an hour. Derek had the advantages now. He was a seasoned warrior, a swordsman who had perfected his fighting style, and who knew every move that Hauc could make and how to counter. He had both of his eyes and could see better than Hauc could. His Force potential, which was high, had been trained to a much larger extent. Though he had never formally trained another, at this point, Derek Muir could have been considered a Jedi Master.

After nearly an hour of fighting, one of them got a killing stroke in. But it wasn't Derek. Hauc stabbed him in the stomach, burning fur, skin, and organs away.

"If I die this day, let all know that my life was one of service to my family and to the galaxy. I righted wrongs, sometimes those of my own hand, upheld the Jedi Code, and fought the good fight. I go now to netherworld of the Force in the hopes that the gods smile down upon me."
— Derek Muir

It was there, that Derek Muir died.

The Return[]

But it seemed as though the galaxy was not ready for Derek Muir to leave. Joshua Karn had been following Derek's progress for years and realized that now was the oppurtune moment to interject. In reality it was the only moment. As Derek lay there dying, Karn's ship moved quickly through the atmosphere, and unleashed a barrage of laser shots at Hauc. Hauc realizing that retreat was a better choice than fighting, escaped as was his style.

Karn and one of his disciples, Tatya’veronsis brought his dying body onboard their ship and headed straight to Kamino, the cloners. Due to the use of the Dark Side by Hauc, it was not possible to get a complete sample of Derek's DNA. Therefore they could not craft another Bothan body to house the dying Jedi Knight/Master. Karn made the needed decision, and the cloners on Kamino listened.

They crafted a new body for Derek, one that was of the human species. Karn had the DNA and genes of warriors from his "personal collection" added in, to make Derek faster, stronger, and more durable than others. They also speed aged the body so that when Derek took over, he would be at the same age that he had been previously and his body would age naturally from that point onwards. Once the body was ready, Karn, using the Force, transfered Derek's consciousness, his memories, everything that was truly him except for the body that contained him, into the human body. Derek Muir was reborn. The now fully dead Bothan body was destroyed.

Karn told Derek why he had been brought back. The Xen'chi menace needed to be dealt with and Derek was one that was well qualified for the job. He had skills with a lightsaber and could manipulate the Force very well. Derek at first argued with Karn. He didn't want to return to the land of the living, for he'd found peace on the other side. But Karn convinced him that the Xen'chi needed to be destroyed. His next words chilled Derek to the bone even further.

The man who had brought him back, seeked the reformation of the Jedi Order. A believer in the Potentium theory, Joshua Karn saw the Jedi Order as weak and ill equipped to fulfill the role of the defenders of justice and the downtrodden in the galaxy. He felt that the Jedi needed to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. That was why in his mind, the Jedi had lost to the Sith at the end of the Clone Wars. They were not vigilant enough. Karn had been biding his time for so long working to change the Order slowly. But now he felt that with Derek, he could bring about that change much, much faster.

Retraining and Beyond[]

"You wanna talk about it? I know I have to hear all about it.
"If you've got some of your Plum Wine, sure, cause we'd need it. Maybe later, in private."
“I wouldn’t have thought to come without a bottle handy for you!”
Adam Sage and Derek Muir

For months, Karn and Tatya retrained Derek in the ways of the Force. While they didn't change his knowledge of and his viewpoint on the Force, they did teach him advanced techniques and helped him improve upon his fighting style. At the end of the retraining process, Derek was sent to Onderon, to appear before what was being dubbed the New Jedi Order, led by Daer'Gunn.

When he reached there, he met with other of the Jedi and was later appointed to the Jedi Council, though not given the rank of Master. Time would tell where his loyalties lie after the Xen'chi are defeated. In his service to the Jedi Order, he met up with an old friend of his, Adam Sage. The two of them, along with Sage's apprentice Kiel Argent, were assigned to the New Republic's 4th Fleet, to help out in the war against the Xen'chi.

Shortly after he reached the 4th fleet, his padawan sent by the Council caught up with him, Rhyana Torshey. He began her training, all the while a budding romance blossomed between the two. Derek who was inexperienced with romance the way a human would experience it, was against the formation of a relationship. It would also be inappropriate, as he was her master and many years senior to her. Rhyana patiently worked around his reasoned out arguments when the two of them were stranded on an ice planet after an encounter with the Xen'chi.

The Ice Planet[]

"You came into contact with anyone?”
“Infernal planet. You been able to contact the fleet?”
“Infernal planet. Use the Force to contact Sage?”
“Nope. Something’s blocking me.”
“So…what have you done?”
“Found a nice cave that’s dry and that we can stay in.”
“You’re forgiven.
— Derek Muir and Rhyana Torshey after they crashed on the Ice Planet

While they were with the 4th fleet, Derek and Rhyana participated in the defense of the fleet when a raiding party of Xen'Chi ships arrived in system. during the course of the attack, both Derek and Rhyana's fighters were hit and crash landed on an ice planet in system. Eventually, the Republic forces would defeat the Xen'Chi forces, but would be unable to locate Derek or Rhyana. An anomaly in the Force prevented Adam Sage or Kiel Argent from picking up the two stranded Jedi.

Forced to rely on themselves, the two made their way to a cave after salvaging what they could from the two fighters. Derek had been injured when his fighter crashed, and Rhyana insisted that he rest in the tent that night. He refused, on the merit that he was older and she was his padawan. After a short argument, he slept outside. However, during the night Rhyana woke and found him shivering. She brought him into the tent to warm him up. When he woke, feelings and emotions came over him that he knew he'd have to deal with sooner than later. He tried to brush her aside but she was persistent and kissed him. More worried than angry, he left the tent and after both cooled down, reason prevailed and they headed back to the crash site to see if there was anything else they could salvage.

"By the way, do you mind if I call you Derek?”
“Sure. I don’t care what you call me really,”
“You like fuzzball or furball better?”
“Gotcha Furball.
Rhyana Torshey and Derek Muir shortly after they made love for the first time.

While there, they were attacked by a creature resembling a wampa. After defeating the creature they headed back to their cave. The next day, Derek and Rhyana began work on cutting into the ice of the cave, to make it larger. They fell into a routine where Rhyana would tease and torment Derek. He found that his easily sparked temper had died when he had become human, something that he wished for, instead of being put into the position of being attracted to his padawan. He decided that the only way for them to cut through the tension would be to act on their feelings. He told Rhyana and she agreed with his idea. The two made love in the tent in the cave. The day after, they found that the tension had gone, but the attraction had not and made love again. It was after that, when Derek went back to working on the cave remodeling that he realized that they shouldn't have consummated their relationship. He knew that the New Jedi Order had no qualms with Jedi taking husbands or wives or having children, but he felt there would be a problem if a master had a relationship with his padawan, especially considering the age difference. Little did he know of the visions that Rhyana was experiencing and the fact that she had realized that she was pregnant with twins.

He told Rhyana, and though he expected a negative reaction, the one he got was worse than expected. She instantly forced him out of the tent and refused to speak with him for some time, unless it was absolutely necessary. The next day, soldiers entered the cave, taking them to their base. The two Jedi couldn't believe that they hadn't sensed the soldiers before. When they reached the base, the two of them found Tatya waiting for them. She had stayed behind when the 4th fleet had left, determined to find Derek and Rhyana. She got the two of them off world and back to Onderon.

The Nexus at Nexus[]

"I'd like to volunteer myself and my padawan for the mission to Nexus Station."
— Derek Muir to Kalja Leidias

Upon reaching Onderon, Derek and Rhyana were met by Daer'Gunn and joined a meeting of the Jedi Council. Not all the members were there, but those that were had an interesting proposition placed before them by Kalja Leidias. During the battle with GAIT, Delth Ardin's soul had been separated from his body and Kalja wished to help Delth's soul reunite with his body. She was asking for members of the Council to travel to Nexus Station to meet with members of the Empire and discuss, amongst other things, a truce between the two.

Since Delth was an Imperial and an infamous Jedi Hunter, this didn't go over to well with the Council, but in the end, they decided that Delth had won for himself a second chance through his actions against GAIT. Daer'Gunn and Kalja were to go on the mission, and Derek volunteered to go as well. Derek put forth that a united front against the Empire would show that they still had allies and friends throughout the far reaching corners of the galaxy, and would provide a defense in case anyone tried anything during the meeting.

Although they didn't know it at the time, the enemies that would strike at the Jedi would use tactics not easily countered by the presence of capital ships and starfighters. It was decided that the Jedi would call upon some of their allies to provide warships to help provide that show of force. Derek placed a call through to Tej Muir, Duke of the House of Muir, and asked for the Memnarch's presence. The ship arrived in system,and would be the Jedi's escort alongside the Guardian, and the Jedi's own flagship,the Sunrider.

The group of ships reached Nexus Station and the Jedi disembarked to begin themeeting. Derek, Kalja, and Daer'Gunn were forced to surrender their lightsabers before being admitted into the meeting hall Jola'Edana refused to surrender her weapon and was not a prt of the meeting. Derek felt that Rhyana needed to be with people more her age and that the meeting was no place for her, so he sent her with Caitlyn DeVries and Akain Karna. Renato Farani, Daer'Gunn's padawan went with them as well.

Inside the meeting hall, they met with Oremin's Reng Kasr, the Empire's Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Gregory Dreskul, and Loris' Jade Croft. The meeting didn't start off well, going downhill as soon as the introductions were made.

The Imperials and the Jedi couldn't agree on a variety of issues, particularly the ability of the Council to control Jedi under their banner. The Empire wanted an actual system of punishment set up to discipline offending Jedi, otherwise the standard Imperial policy towards Jedi was going to remain the same. As the talks progressed it became clear that no compromise was going to be reached, until suddenly one did.

It was decided that the meeting would have a brief break before meeting again to discuss what was going to be done regarding Delth.


Derek was able to meet up with the returning padawans. Rhyana told him about what had transpired during their journey out into the station and Derek wasn't too pleased. He and Rhyana were off to one side, having a private discussion when Lyli Var'nio "attacked". Derek had been trying to figure out just what was causing Rhyana to seem so abnormal. He turned in time to see Akain Karna preparing to attack Oremin's Force Troopers and Tasiv soldiers in order to get to Lyli.

Derek wasn't able to get there fast enough to restrain Akain, but his master, Kalja Leidias was. She managed to calm him down before he made a rash decision. Despite knowing the Nagai padawan the best out of everyone in the Order, even Derek didn't know who Lyli Var'nio was. He watched as Akain retreated inside of himself, as was customary for the man when he was upset and angry.

Kalja sent Akain and Caitlyn DeVries onto a JSI shuttle to take them to the Guardian. Rhyana opted to stay on the station as the meeting was starting up again. Still unsure why Rhyana was behaving strangely, Derek went back into the meeting. Now they attempted to do what the Jedi had really come for: bring Delth back.

Back from the Dead[]

"Mother, the Viper is awake."
Sahaja Muir to Rhyana Torshey

Kalja, Daer'Gunn, and Derek headed back into the meeting area, joined this time by Jola'edana. They met up with the Imperials, and with Jade Croft and headed to where Delth's body was. There were problems in just bringing him back however. Delth's mind had locked itself away through the Force and it would take a specific key to get past the fortress that visitors to his mind through the astral plane saw when they went there. In addition, there was the presence of Damascus, Delth's father, in the form of a Force Ghost.

Despite his hatred towards the Jedi, the ghost intrusted Jola and Jaster Mareel, who were the first two to enter Delth's mind as to how they should go about helping Delth. It was around this time that they came across the fortress and the fact that they would need a key to unlock the door to the fortress and get inside. After an unsuccessful try with Jaster acting as the key, the two realized that the key had to be one of the other members of the group. Jola and Jaster exited Delth's mind and told the rest of the group what they had discovered.

Now they needed to figure out who or what the key was. In the end, it was decided that the members of the group of Jedi would enter Delth's mind together. Derek doubted that he was the key or had anything to do with the key. He had never literally had no contact with Ardin at all in his previous life, so it was not remotely possible that he could get the group in, but he knew that he had an obligation to go with them. While some of the others stayed in the real world, others, Derek among them, entered Delth's mind.

It turned out that Kalja indeed was the key and they were able to get past the fortress door and through to the inner areas. Eventually they found the room where Delth was. While the rest of the group watched, Kalja "woke" Delth up with a kiss and they were transported back to Nexus Station where the Red Viper was brought back. Almost immediately after, Kalja left the room. Derek and the rest of the Jedi had completed their reasons for coming to the meeting and so had a little downtime before they left. Derek had gotten a set of quarters made out for both himself and Rhyana, and he became determined in figuring out what was bothering her.

Before he could do that, Kalja was kidnapped by unknown attackers, two of which had ties to the House of Muir. After this connection was established, an irate Delth Ardin came to Derek's quarters, inquiring about the two people and whether or not the Muir would help get her back. Derek counseled the man, telling him, ironically, that anger and rage would only lead to rash decisions. In the end, he promised to speak to Tej Muir about the two people and would get in touch with Delth, not knowing that one of the two was his niece. He spoke to Tej who told him that the Muir would lend what support thye could if called upon.

Shortly after this, Rhyana left the quarters to go get them food. While she was away, Derek found out that Tatya'veronsis had returned. When Derek had been transfered into the human body, he had started a relationship with Karn's Twi'lek disciple. She'd been instrumental in helping him understand things the way that a human did them and furthering his training. For a while, Derek had thought that he was in love with the Twi'lek woman, but after he'd met Rhyana, he'd realized that he'd merely been projecting his needs onto Tatya.

Now that she was here, he was unsure what to do, especially since he and Rhyana had been intimate. Tatya had rescued them from the Ice Planet, but things had happened so fast that Derek had been unable to get uncomfortable or really think about things. Also, he'd broken things off with Rhyana. Since then, he'd come to the realization that he loved Rhyana and wanted to be with her no matter what. Before he could tell Tatya of his feelings and what he wanted, Rhyana came back into their quarters, bearing food in her arms.

Derek wished right then and there that he could have disappeared. If Akain had been there and used Force Immersion, Derek would have gladly gone with him. He didn't know what to do in the situation, particularly since he'd come to realize that he didn't love Tatya and that he wanted to marry Rhyana. Since he was unsure what to say, he didn't want to speak. It was obvious to Tatya that Rhyana had feelings for Derek. The anger that emanated from Rhyana was palpitable.

She didn't need to be a Force user to sense it. Rhyana was decent at hiding the anger, but horrible at hiding the fact that she was incredibly pregnant. Tatya's mind was not being affected with through the Force by the Twins the same way that Derek's was. She could clearly see that Rhyana was pregnant and could sense the life inside of her as well.

Derek decided that the only course of action was to ignore the possible outburst from Rhyana and talk to Tatya. He wanted to know why she was there and what she was going to do. He also needed to find a way to tell her that things weren't going to work out between them. All of it was going to take time. Derek didn't realize at the time, what it was going to do to Rhyana. She began to withdraw more and more from the conversation, due to her own decision and also because Derek was intentionally ignoring her.

He didn't know it at the time, but he was cementing in her mind the idea of leaving, both him and Jedi Order. It was decided that Derek, Rhyana, and Tatya would head back to Onderon on the Memnarch. Renato Farani accompanied them as well. During the hyperspace trip back, Derek knew that he had to make a clean break of things with Tatya. More importantly, he needed to make a break with Joshua Karn and that man's philosophy, despite how much Derek believed in it now.

He explained things to Tatya and she agreed with him in that the relationship that the two fo them had shared wasn't one that would have lasted. She had seen the love that was between him and Rhyana and didn't want to get between that. She respectfully told him what Joshua's reaction would be, and Derek knew that he would have to start preparing for that eventuality. When they reached Onderon, Tatya left. Derek didn't know that his actions and perceived feelings were going to cause a big problem for him.

Rhyana had planned to leave the Temple and him. She formulated a message to Derek, but opted to send it through Adam Sage. She asked for the Jedi Master to send it to Derek when the time was right. Unfortunately, Derek had sensed that something was amiss and was talking to Adam when he received the message. He gave it to Derek, who read it. Rhyana hadn't mentioned anything about Derek's unborn twin boys, so he still didn't know about them.

He found her as she was headed to a hangar to board a transport. He tried to stop her, to reason with her, but nothing would work. He wanted to find out what he'd done wrong. He'd known that she'd been acting strange since the Ice Planet. Despite everything he said, he wasn't able to convince Rhyana to stay. She managed to get away from him, shutting and locking the door to the hangar. He watched as she flew away from Onderon and from him.

Immediately, Derek prepared to go after her. When Tatya had rescued them from the Ice Planet, she had used a transport given to her from the Muir. It turned out that the transport that Rhyana had taken was the same transport. Derek knew that he'd be able to track the transport. So he got in touch with Tej Muir and asked whether or not he'd be able to get a ship of his own to use to go after Rhyana.

Derek didn't know this at the time, but his twin boys, Sahaja and Jaidev, had anticipated their mother running away. They had gone to Uliur Arwen at Radion Labs and had told him to modify a T-2 Dysara-class Freighter for their father's purposes. The end result was the Rhyarek. Tej told Derek about the ship, who was surprised to know that it had been made specifically for him. Uliur hadn't known that the person who had come and spoken to him had been one of Derek's boys.

Thus, he wasn't able to tell Derek about his children, and their existence was a continued unknown in Derek's mind. He took the ship and began his search.

Searching for Silver[]

Rhyana knew that the ship that she had taken belonged to the Muir. What she didn't know was that there were built in trackers on the ship. Derek had access to the trackers and could use them to find her and follow her movements, something that he wasted no time in doing. After letting the machine do what it had been built to do, Derek learned that she had gone to Kalarba and was on Hosk Station. Derek knew tha the had the chance to stop her before she could travel far. Regardless of what happened though, he knew that he had the tracker, so if she eluded his grasp, or he couldn't convince her to come back with him, he could continue to go after her. If he accepted her reasons, then at least he'd know where she was, as long as she kept the ship. It would be his way of staying close to her.

But he knew that he wasn't going to accept any reason that she could give, because he felt that none of her reasons, at least the reasons that he knew of, made any sense. He loved her and he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to live without her. He wanted to marry her. With his mind made up, he headed over there and began his search for Rhyana. He knew that there was some reason that she had left that she didn't want to tell him about. There was something more than just whatever had gone on between him and Tatya and what she thought was between him and Tatya.

He intended to get to the bottom of things and figure out just what had made her make the decision that she had made. What he found when he got to Hosk Station surprised him and though he didn't realize it at the time, set events into motion that would change the galaxy forever.

Korensan's Mission[]

"Your master? I wasn’t aware you had one."
"The man who made you feel your humanity.”
— Derek Muir and Vlan Korensan

Derek had met Vlan Korensan before, but since the red skinned alien had left Derek's brother, Erik Muir, and had gone to the Dark side, Derek hadn't seen the man. He had heard that Erik had been killed and had only recently found out that the man who had murdered his brother was Vlan. Derek was shocked to see Vlan at Hosk Station as well.

After speaking with Vlan for a short while, he surmised that Vlan was not there for Rhyana which reassured him. He also questioned Vlan as to who his master was, and Vlan told him, in a roundabout way, that it was Zohmaj Hauc, the man who had killed Derek some time ago. That, coupled with the fact that Vlan was the one who had killed his brother, made Derek very tempted to fight Vlan then and there, but he realized that it would be pointless. Also, it was not what he was trying to do at the moment. He was trying to get Rhyana back and he couldn’t afford to let anything or anyone stand in his way in regards to that.

He clamped down on the feelings inside of him and moved on. Little did he know, but his meeting with Vlan would start a chain of events. By the time he got to where Rhyana was, she had already left, and had left Hosk Station as well. Deciding that it would be better to move on, Derek left, utilizing the tracker to see where she was going next. Once he had his destination, which was Eriadu, he was on his way.

The tracker that was on the ship did not give exact information, rather, it gave the exit vector. Derek had the Eldar Huntress that was helping him crew the Rhyarek think about new options and when he got back to the ship, she put forward the idea that they install a more in depth tracker on the ship. Derek agreed and the Huntress set to work while they were in hyperspace.

While they were in hyperspace, Derek went to the sparring room on board the ship. Uliur had included five Balin Training Droids and Derek activated two of them to help him work on his Niman.

When he reached Eriadu, Derek had tried to figure out what he was going to call the ship, but had decided that he was going to let Rhyana name it when he got her back.

An Eldari huntress had come along with him, to help him search and to crew the ship. Her name was Toh Paz and she gave him the suggestion that he should install a more indepth tracker on board the vessel that Rhyana had. Deciding that this would be a smart idea, Derek agreed and headed off the ship. As he did, he felt a powerful release of Force energy. He didn’t know that Rhyana was currently engaged in a fight with Asker Vavren. All he knew, was that the signature was more powerful than anyone he had ever met in his entire life, including Zohmaj Hauc, Adam Sage, or Kalja Leidias. He was worried that whoever was this strong in the Force was attacking Rhyana, making him rush to find her. He came upon Rhyana as she took a kick to the abdomen by Asker, hurting the babies in the process. To Derek’s Force addled eyes, he didn’t see the pregnancy, but the attack angered him all the same.

As Asker charged him, Derek picked the man up with the Force and tossed him. Then he got to Rhyana to see if she was alright. She told him to leave her alone and to be with Tatya. Before he could tell her how he felt, she pushed him through the Force and then left, fleeing for her ship. When Derek came to, she was already leaving atmosphere. Getting back to his ship, Derek took off, chasing her. The two came into conflict as Korensan was present with a Victory-class Star Destroyer. With Derek providing the needed distraction, Rhyana was able to jump to lightspeed. Despite the fact that he’d lost her again, Derek was happy knowing that she had escaped. Vlan hailed him and the two started talking, with Derek pressing him for why Hauc would want his padawan. Vlan couldn’t believe that Derek didn’t see what was right in front of him, not knowing that Derek had been affected through the Force so that he couldn’t see that Rhyana was pregnant. She appeared normal to him.

Derek told Asker, who had gotten to Vlan’s ship and was on the bridge now that he was going to kill him. This was changing from getting his padawan back to fighting for her survival.

Commenor and Onwards[]

"Where to, Commander Muir? What do you mean?”
She ditched the ship, bought a new one. I don’t know how to find her now. She could be anywhere in the galaxy.
— Toh Paz and Derek Muir

During the hyperspace trip to Commenor, Rhyana had realized that there was an active tracking device on her vessel. Instead of disabling it, she had traded the ship in and gotten a new one. When he found this out, Derek was disheartened, not knowing how to find her now. He could try to reach out to her through the Force, but he risked her being able to know that he was looking for her. She would just leave where she was, and he would be back to square one, always one step behind her. Saddened, he headed back to his vessel. There, Toh Paz asked him where they were headed. When he told her her that he didn’t have a heading anymore, she said that maybe they could try to find Rhyana through the Aether. The Eldari accessed the Force through a different means than the Jedi, meaning that it was possible that Rhyana wouldn’t be able to sense it.

Meanwhile, Rhyana was headed to Chandrila. Vlan was tracking her through his own means, and he sent Feris Bayin to get her this time, sending Feris with a ship of his own, knowing that showing up at Chandrila with a VSD would be very detrimental to their mission.

With few options left, Derek reached out through the Force to find Rhyana. Onboard a meditation room built into his ship, he focused, and he connected to his errant padawan. He finally was able to locate her on Chandrila, but when he got there, he was surprised at the development that had taken place.

The Force[]

"A everything but name."
Joshua Karn on Derek Muir

Force Powers[]

"...For different people, the Force felt like different things. He knew that it was like a gentle stream for Rhyana. His padawan had told him how it felt when the Force literally washed over her. For Kalja’s Nagai padawan, Akain, the Force felt like the dull quiet after a vicious battle. Akain and he had spoken about that what seemed like and was years ago. For Derek, when he connected to the Force, it was like flying a fast speeder. The quickness, the pulse invigorating movement. He felt the calm that was brought by knowing that you were in control of such a fast vehicle..."
— Derek's thoughts on reaching out to the Force

Considering that Derek is a Jedi Knight, and is on the Jedi Council, that alone is a testament to his abilities to his abilities to wield the Force. Derek has considerable Force powers and abilities. He has learned from an early age though, that learning the Force and understanding it is something difficult for him to do. He has matured greatly in his life, as he understood more about the Force and more importantly, conquered the hit to his pride that came with realizing that he had a problem. Accepting help from people was difficult for him, but as he overcame this, he was rewarded with learning others' perspectives on the Force. Because of this, Derek has a much more cosmopolitan view of the Force. Furthermore, he has learned a number of different force powers and skills, thanks to the help of those around him. Derek’s successes are attributed to the sum parts of the whole, the whole being the Jedi Order. That’s how he views his successes, because he knows that without the rest of the Jedi Order who’ve helped him along his path and journey, he would not be the Jedi he is, in the positions that he’s in.

Equally adept at using his powers for persuasion and psionics as he is for affecting the material world, Derek has unlocked a great deal of his force potential. A powerful Jedi, this power and ability is tempered by the fact that Derek is humble and doesn’t seek great renown for the things that he’s done. It has been said that the only thing holding him back from becoming a Jedi Master is that he has never had a padawan reach knighthood.

Lightsaber Skills[]

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