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Emma Zacharias
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19 BBY

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Kuras Tetrarchy

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Councilor Emma Zacharias grew up under the Empire, so she heard about many distressing things - from the slaughtering of the Jedi to the destruction of Alderaan - and she decided that she had to find some peace from it all. That led her to become one of the founders of the Solace Colony idea, along with other Councilors like Harold Firegg, Werro Prell, and Charles Deakins.

She was also the one to suggest Gideon Corey as the administrator and facilitator of the colony; she had met him several times when he was doing business in the Corporate Sector, and she had checked out his background and learned much about him through his friends, like Eric Noble. She believed he would be what was necessary for the colony - little did she know, he would be.

When they ended up on the Solace Station, Emma was the only one to support Gideon's request to leave the station - but her support was never enough to turn the minds of the council. She and Gideon spent a great deal of time together, more as colleagues than anything else, but she slowly developed affection for him. When he was lost for a frightening two weeks, she feared the worst - and she found herself having to work through it on her own, since Eric was busy helping the smugglers and the other councilors were busy arguing among themselves.

When he returned and left again, she found herself as distraught as ever. With Councilor Firegg taking over as administrator in Eric and Gideon's absence, there was a lot of strife among the colonists. When Firegg was assassinated, she took over his duties, issuing orders to guard - and watch - the other councilors, just in case. Councilor Prell escaped, though, and set off a plan which nearly killed Emma herself.

After she was rescued by Tieradeff Jaggeron and the other smugglers, she helped him disarm the revolting colonists. When at last Gideon returned, the mission successful, she was very pleased to see him - but she found herself still picking up the slack in administrative duties.

When at last they were settled into a new colony on Kuras IV - after a brief battle with Breggar Lark's forces - she was back to being just a civilian, with no particular duties beyond working to keep everyone well-fed and well-pleased. She and Gideon began to spend time together again, and she found old feelings for him rekindled. But he was distant and troubled, and she became worried that his experiences on the Solace Station had damaged him irreparably - but she refused to give up on him.