Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
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Energy Recapture Experiment
Date Early 2008
Place Blake Building, Metropolis
Outcome Creation of the Fantastic Five and Doom
Affiliations Involved Matthews Research Team
Participants James Matthews, Paul Matthews, Emma Stevens, Carly Stevens, Jimmy Stevens, Nicolas Leiter

The Energy Recapture Experiment as it was termed, was concevied by Paul Matthews, and worked on by the Matthews Research Team. Based off of formulae created by James Matthews and Paul Matthews, the experiment was to recreate the space phenomena that created the original Fantastic Four. Through this, and utilization of Reed Richard's uniform, it was theorized that the group could harness the energy, creating a renewable source of energy.

It would always be contested who caused the Energy Recapture Experiment to fail, most especially by the two Matthews brothers. The full blame should fall upon the shoulders of James Matthews, though to James, the blame falls solely upon his younger brother Paul Matthews. Paul had advised his older brother that there were still problems with the formulae, but the elder Matthews rushed into the project. The experiment would have drastic effects upon the six who participated in it.

There was a destabilization in the containment field, and the six were exposed to the flare, giving them super powers. It would create the Fantastic Five and the person known as Doom and would indirectly lead to the creation of Sarge.