Exodus Football League
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Chicago, Illinois


Current:Gotham City
Los Angeles
New York City
Star City
New York City
Former: Oklahoma City

Other Information
Exodus Information
"He's the owner of the Gotham Rogues. You're the owner of the Metropolis Monarchs, after Jonathan Chase bought them over 20 years ago, breaking the curse of the Marcellus Browning trade with the Star City Comets 15 years before that! As a Metropolis Monarchs die hard and season ticket holder, I demand an explanation."
Malorie Thompson to Isaiah Muir and Christopher Chase


"God, family, Monarchs."
Malorie Thompson

The Exodus Football League is an American Football League based in the United States, that has multiple teams around the world. Formed decades ago, the league was shell shocked, like most professional sports organizations, after the Chrell Invasion, but was the first football league to bounce back after the Chrell Invasion, thanks to an influx of money from Christopher Chase, and Isaiah Muir. As such, it became the most popular American football league in the country, and subsequently, the world.


Current TeamsEdit

Bludhaven Knights - Blüdhaven, NY
Boston Bruisers - Boston, MS
Chicago Ecliptic Evaders - Chicago, IL
Dathomir Rancors - Phoenix, AZ
Gotham Rogues - Gotham City, NJ
Los Angeles Ninzaniacs - Los Angeles, CA
Metropolis Monarchs - Metropolis, DE
New York Foxxhounds - New York City, NY
Rome Centurions - Rome, Italy
Washington White Paws - Washington, D.C.

Former TeamsEdit

Oklahoma City DVDs - Oklahoma City, OK
Star City Stags - Star City, WA


Over the course of time a number of rivalries have been created.

Current RivalriesEdit

Welcome to Thunderdome: (Ecliptic Evaders v. Boston Bruisers): Who wins out, the Bruisers trying to Bruise or the Evaders trying to Evade?

World's Finest (Gotham Rogues v. Metropolis Monarchs): Due to the closeness of location of the two teams involved, this is an intense rivalry for two teams that live across a bay from each other. This rivalry is personified by the owners of the two respective teams, John Isaiah Muir and Christopher Chase.

Former RivalriesEdit

Brawl for All (Metropolis Monarchs v. Oklahoma DVDs): Hatred runs deep in this rivalry, where the winner secures bragging rights over the loser.

Royal Hunt (Metropolis Monarchs v. Star City Stags): A deep seated rivalry, the winner of the match is responsible for donating a number of turkeys and other food products to the loser’s various homeless shelters for use during the Thanksgiving and holiday seasons.

Battle of the Stheves (Oklahoma City DVDs v. Dathomir Rancors): Named after a battle that took place during the Chrell Invasion, there is a special performance honoring those who fell during the Battle of the Stheves.

Battle of New York City (New York Devils v. New York Foxxhounds): This rivalry honors the Battle of New York City, fought during the Chrell Invasion. During halftime, there is a special performance honoring those who fell during the Battle of New York.

Lineage of ChampionsEdit

Pre-Division SplitEdit

Exodus Bowl Champion Runner-Up
I Metropolis Monarchs White Paws
II Gotham Rogues White Paws
III White Paws Dathomir Rancors
IV Metropolis Monarchs Gotham Rogues

Post-Division SplitEdit

Exodus Bowl West East
V Gotham Rogues Rome Centurions
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