Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia

Exodus Timeline Map[]

Map of the Exodus galaxy as of 18 ABY.

Exodus Timeline[]

The Exodus Timeline is the core of our roleplaying. Taken directly from the continuity established by us on the pre-game Star Wars Galaxies roleplaying boards, the Exodus Timeline is where a majority of the action lies. While the Exodus Timeline is not the only timeline in our community one can partake in, it is the most prominent.

The Exodus Timeline is an alternate universe of Star Wars, with most differences occurring after the Battle of Endor.

NOTE: When calculating your character's age, don't forget that 0 BBY counts as a year. For example: a character born in 0 BBY would be 15 by 14 ABY.

Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY)[]

c. 7,500,000,000 BBY+ - 4,000 BBY[]

  • c. 7,500,000,000 BBY+
    • The galaxy begins to take shape.
  • c. 7,500,000 BBY
    • First sentient species in the galaxy begin to evolve.
  • c. 25,200 BBY
    • The Infinite Empire collapses due to a major plague that sweeps through the galaxy, killing only Rakata. Several rebellions afterward topples what remains.
  • c. 9,990 BBY
    • The first lightsabers are invented.
  • c. 7,000 BBY
    • A prophecy tells of a Chosen One who will bring "balance to the Force".

4,000 BBY - 1,000 BBY[]

  • 3,685 BBY
    • Dorman Tarkash is born on Bakura

1000 BBY to 50 BBY[]

  • 896 BBY
    • Yoda is born.
  • c. 200 BBY
    • Chewbacca is born on Kashyyyk.
    • Don Cuhrka is born on Odryn.
  • 174 BBY
    • Velok is born somewhere in the Outer Rim.
  • 150 BBY
    • The Laro System is colonized.
  • 82 BBY
    • Palpatine is born on Naboo.
  • 57 BBY
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi is born.
    • Gilad Pellaeon is born on Corellia.

50 BBY to 25 BBY[]

25 BBY to 0 BBY[]

  • 19 BBY
    • The Clone Wars end.
    • Birth of the Galactic Empire.
    • Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader.
    • Luke and Leia Skywalker are born on Polis Massa.
    • Dolomar Daktren joins the Imperial Academy.
    • Reng Kasr drafts up a proposal that will later be twisted into the Omega Project by a group of particularly genocidal Imperials. Upon learning of this, Kasr works to bury any association his name has with the project.
    • Lenara Disavio is born on Corellia.
    • Leos Categaern is born on Firrerre.
    • Keldon Tyfus is promoted to Fleet Admiral.
    • Ahd Dorlin is born on Commenor.
  • 3 BBY
    • Reng Kasr secretly arranges his own court-martial and is sent to Jorzan prison in CSA space. Official reports claim that the prison shuttle is destroyed by Rebels even though it makes it there safely. Palpatine begins a secret campaign to erase all knowledge of Kasr.
    • Assault on the Blackthorne Estate on Corellia. Trina is killed by Dark Jedi Assassin Ilan Garuda, Faarel Blackthorne barely escapes with life. Faarel goes into exile. Aaralyn Blackthorne having been off-world receives word not to return home, travels to Aries IX and is cryogenically frozen by Cortana Lillian Deveraux.
    • Falanis and Sysen Leidias are killed by Sivter.
    • Battle of Juoi.
    • Skarrek kills Caila because he mistakenly believes she has betrayed them. Because of this, he and Nashka have a vicious duel to decide the fate of the Dinkos. Skarrek loses and is forever expelled from the organization.
    • Jerai is born on Barab I.
    • Yulse Lini is born on Agamar.

Battle of Yavin (0 BBY)[]

After the Battle of Yavin (ABY)[]

  • 2 ABY
    • The Imperial frigate, Bloodlust, attempts to defect but is stopped largely by the lone actions of Fen Palka, with some assistance from the Dark Star. Dolomar Daktren has Palka transferred under his command.
    • Keldon Tyfus is reassigned to mapping out and establishing a militaristic outpost for the Empire. Very few know of this order.
  • 4 ABY
    • Battle of Endor.
      • The second Death Star is destroyed.
      • Darth Vader is killed.
      • Palpatine is killed.
      • The order given to Keldon Tyfus is lost with the deaths of those involved in the battle.
    • Tav Garvin is nearly killed after refusing to transport slaves for Xan Dizon.
    • La-Reia Beorht runs away from home to pursue the Dark Side. Her brother follows her and begins to watch and protect her from a distance.
    • Caius and Xanic Wyn, and Jerik and Guan Blackthorne, are test-tube born on Ronu III. Due to an unknown side-effect in the usage of cloning cylinders, their aging is accelerated until puberty.
  • 7 ABY
    • All out war breaks out between James Ardin's Empire and the New Republic, which has declared marshal law under President Mansar and Nichalus Dreadstar. The two sides trade systems back and forth through constant fighting.
    • A once thought dead Esran Croft re-emerges and with his wife Jade Croft and forms the Loris Empire.
      • A Jedi Academy not dedicated to light or darkness is formed on the Loris world of Daltera.
    • The terrorist Black Plague begins blowing up military and civilian establishments of all kinds throughout the galaxy. It brings transit and trade to a virtual standstill. Thanks in large part to the Jedi the attacks eventually cease, though Black Plague is never actually brought to justice.
    • Danolie Notorious is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.
    • Kalja Sairu Leidias agrees to teach at Devon Vos' newly established Praxeum. Kalja and Reave Hevren discover the Schrai and seal them away.
    • The Blood Souls are established.
  • 11 ABY
    • Kyle Marion takes control of the Empire but continues to lose more territory to the New Republic thanks to the chaos within the Empire from the wake of James Ardin's death.
    • Delth brings his war to Mon Calamari, where he opens a black hole using Lorisian technology with the goal of destroying the entire system. He fails, but does succeed in wrecking many of the Corellian shipyards. He disappears shortly thereafter.
    • The Sith Empire and Wild Star Confederacy emerge as fellow galactic powers.
    • Danolie Notorious joins the Loris alliance as headmaster of the Daltera Force Academy.
    • A Loris Empire ship discovers the Jade Worlds.
    • Construction begins on the Inclement.
  • 13 ABY
    • Walter Sames dies.
    • Damascus launches a war against the New Republic and its allies that lasts nearly a year, taking back the entire Core, including Coruscant, that ends with the Battle of Corellia.
      • The third Death Star is destroyed by an entity known as GAIT.
      • Corellia as a military force is dismantled.
      • Damascus is killed by a clone of James Ardin onboard the Super Star Destroyer Cleansing. The clone of James is killed in the final battle.
      • Byron Chamberlain is killed disabling Centerpoint Station.
      • The Republic's naval strength is severely impaired after Damascus's war.
      • The Empire is restored as the preeminent power in the galaxy. It’s naval strength is impaired, but not to the extent of the Republic’s.
      • Grand Admiral Thrawn is installed as leader of the Empire.
    • Dolomar Daktren is promoted to Vice Admiral and tasked with cleaning up the corruption in the Empire as the leader of the Imperial Security Bureau. (ISB)
    • Tav Garvin thwarts an attempt by the Cult of Shadow to kill every living thing on an Outer Rim planet. He returns to Corellia afterwards only to get caught up in the Battle of Corellia.
    • Garrett G. Granth the IV awakens from his five-year alcohol-poisoning coma with a serious hangover.
    • Lyn-Char Beorht reorganizes the Detori Order.
    • The Uul'ba-Rai attack the Black Star Confederacy, the Jade Worlds, the Isen Star Empire and the United Systems Alliance. The Jade Worlds and USA are decimated. USA forces stage a desperate counterattack: Operation Firestorm deals a crushing blow to Uul'ba-Rai military forces and destroys the Uul'ba-Rai superweapon. The Jade Worlds are amalgamated into the Isen Star Empire. A few months later, the Isen Star Empire collapses into civil war. The Black Star Confederacy occupies the Jade Worlds and continues the rebuilding effort. Black Nova continues to raid the Jade Worlds.
    • The remnants of the Cult Mechanicus become the Cylon Imperium.
    • Derek Muir dies on Ossus at the hands of Zohmaj Hauc
    • Aaralyn Blackthorne is brought out of cryostasis on Isis, a planet near Illum. It is not known how her capsule got transferred to the wayward planet.

The State of the Exodus Galaxy Now (18 ABY)[]

  • Deep in the Outer Rim Territores, Sivter plots to bring the vicious Charon to the galaxy from Otherspace. They are also developing a serum with the abilities to steal force powers. This will be used as a weapon when the Cult begins to spread violence throughout the galaxy. They are currently hunted by Tulsar Leidias, Delth Ardin, and Kalja Leidias, a victim of the serum. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of the Force makes a peace accord with the Jedi Order in order to help stop Sivter. This act officially makes the Brotherhood of the Force known to the galaxy.
  • The Sith Covenant begins a play for power, building its forces while sowing dissension and chaos across the galaxy. Meanwhile, a shadowy association hunts not only the Covenant but Darksiders of every stripe. Masters of the Dark Side - including the Covenant's leader and a member of the Cult of Shadow's inner circle - begin to die in suspicious circumstances.
  • A group of Jedi and interested others have traveled on the starship Sojourn for several months, visiting obscure Force traditions across the galaxy. Now, deep in the Unknown Regions, they have been invited to participate in an unprecedented convocation that brings together even stranger Force-users of all kinds.
  • Darth Ares and his followers appear out of Wild Space and immediately begin a mass assault on the surrounding area. Under the flag of the Jen'ari Empire they attack and conquer the Pravus Imperium, annexing it into their territory. Lord Ares and the Sith have only just begun their invasion.
  • Near the edges of the Sith Empire, the crew of the Sage's Destiny liberate world after world of the defunct Anari Alliance - the most turbulent area of the entire galaxy - from Darth Sirena. At their head are Jedi Master Adam Sage and reformed Sith Lord Iara Clane Beorht. Ossus, liberated from the Sith Empire by Jedi and Ysanna rebels, is the home of an entirely new temple of the Force. Members of fringe sects and wandering Force traditions find a home there - but the Cult of Shadow is not amused. Siriss Cortann, the Cult's newest Dark Lady, has just executed a precision raid, leaving the Temple of the Current reeling.
  • On Brevost, a planet in a similarly named system in the Expansion Region and controlled by the New Republic, a series of natural calamities, particularly groundquakes, rip through the planet. The quakes devastate the people who live there, leveling cities, and destroying communities. The New Republic works hand in hand with the Trade Federation, the Sith Empire, the Jedi Order, the Jade Empire, and the Muir Corporation to restore order and to start recovery efforts. Due to the recent tension between the Sith Empire and the Jade Empire, convincing everyone to work together is increasingly difficult.