FT-9 Lance
FT-9 Lance
Production Information

Starlight Star Drives

Product Line






Technical Specifications

11 meters

Maximum Acceleration

20 MGLT/s


100 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed

1,080 km/h


75 DPF

Engine Units

3 K-63C Turbo Lancers

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 2

Power Plant

Sirplex SR-09D


50 SBD


20 RU

Sensor Systems

Pn-24 Sensor System (18000m Range)

  • 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 2 Cluster Missile Launchers
  • 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers

1 Pilot

Cargo Capacity

65 kg


1 day


Strike Fighter

Year Introduced

18 ABY

Exodus Information

Red Dragon (User)

The FT-9 Lance is a redesign/throwback to the FT-6 Pike, and the first in the FT-Series to be put into production since the fall of the Old Galactic Republic over one thousand years ago. It is also the first of the FT-Series to be designed and built by Starlight Star Drives.

The FT-9 is comparable to the older FT-6 in function and capabilities when compared to current day starfighters. Equipped with two secondary weapon systems, the pilot can switch from ship-to-ship Cluster Missiles to Anti-Capital/Facility Torpedoes mid-battle. Couple this with the primary Heavy Laser Cannons, Strong defenses, speed and maneuverability expected from a fighter of this size, the FT-9 Lance is ready for anything.

Due to advances in Starfighter Technologies since the FT-6, the FT-9 only needs one pilot for operation thanks to smarter on-board computer systems and simplified flight controls, which have been remodeled after the Z-95-SAF2 Headhunter, to allow for easy cross training for pilots who flew a Z-95 or even an X-wing over their career.

While this starfighter is on the open market there is already a wait time on orders as Providence has made a large order of these fighter upon their unavailing.

Special ArmamentsEdit

Cluster Missile LauncherEdit

Mounted on the wings, these 6-tube launchers fires 3 to 6 high speed/maneuverable projectiles at the target. Each missile simply cause kinetic damage when they striking the target. The weapon system has a short range but a very short lock on time. The weapon system is best used against other Starfighters or other similar small craft.

The ControversyEdit

While the FT-9 Lance has proven to be a reliable fighter craft and performs as advertised, some critics are making claims that the delivery of the craft is too early, being unveiled in less then a month after the rights of the series was bought by Starlight Star Drives. They point out that Starlight's own Z-95-SAF2 took years to perfect as the Z-95-AF4-P1, which was almost exclusively used by Providence.

Counter arguments claim that it was because Starlight put so much time and effort into the Z-95-SAF2 that they have become proficient in redesigning older craft and were thus able to put out the new FT-9 so quickly.

When questioned about the subject Starlight officials simply say "No Comment", which only serves to fuel the debate. But when all is said and done the FT-9 Lance is a very well designed and crafted fighter craft.