Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
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Fantastic Research Inc.
Founder Paul Matthews
Emma Matthews
Carly Stevens
Jimmy Stevens
CEO Paul Matthews
Chairman of the Board Emma Matthews
Known Employees
  • Paul Matthews
  • Emma Matthews
  • Carly Stevens
  • Jimmy Stevens
Corporate Headquarters Cascade Building, Metropolis

Fantastic Research Inc., is the company that deals with all of the Fantastic Five's research and work. Literally hundreds of patents in various fields are kept in the company's records. In addition to the Fantastic Five, it employs around two hundred and fifty people in various jobs at different locations throughout Metropolis and the company has expanded to include a joint venture laboratory in New York City with Columbia University. Recently, it purchased General Electronics, LTD., one of the companies that Paul Matthews worked for when he was in college. Fantastic Research Inc. now uses General Electronics as a manufacturer for a lot of their products, making a lot of what they do in house, increasing their profit margin.

The company was founded shortly after the Energy Recapture Experiment and was funded in part by Wayne Enterprises, giving Isaiah Muir a percentage ownership of the company as a venture capitalist.

Selected Creations[]