Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia

The Force has a range of powers that function in accordance to fundamental aspects that are cardinal in nature and categorized by the way in which a user is able to focus on the Force while using an ability.

These aspects of the Force have been divided into three distinct classifications: Control, Sense, and Alter. Force abilities are each aligned to one of these aspects and, according to the ease or difficulty of mastery by the user, require varying degrees of concentration and/or training to perform.

  • Control: Powers that require Control of the Force modify the user's physical state as the user dictates. Most Control powers are defensive, but not all.
  • Sense: Powers that involve Sense of the Force require deeper feeling and understanding of the Force to acquire information about the world around the Force-user. The information can be physical, emotional, Force-like, or other.
  • Alter: Powers that require a user to Alter the Force grants a limited influence to the universe to make changes in it. A Force-sensitive can modify their surroundings or themselves in a most spectacular way, seemingly by will.