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Roman Kato

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Mon Calamari


Throughout the Galaxy

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10 ABY

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New Republic

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The Foundation is a political party within the New Republic and is by far the most powerful political party in the New Republic. It's members span throughout the systems under the protective wing of the NR and the party's presence is felt throughout. The Minister of State, Roman Kato is a Foundation member, and the leader of the political party. One needs only look at the New Republic Advisory Council to see that out of eight seats, six are held by members of the Foundation party.

The Foundation's message is very simple, like all of the various political parties that make up the New Republic. Peace and Prosperity. But just as it is the same as all the political parties, there are glaring differences, mainly on how to achieve that peace and prosperity. The Foundation advocates a strong economy backed by an equally strong military. Peace and prosperity through strength is the calling of the Foundation.

It was a message that, when the party was founded in 10 ABY, seemed like something that would be hard to get behind. The New Republic was embroiled in a war with the Galactic Empire and both sides were looking for peace in order to lick their wounds. It was a message that slowly found purchase, particularly after the devastating Battle of Corellia. With the onset of the Xen'Chi War, the Foundation started to ride a wave of popularity that culminated in Roman Kato, leader of the political party becoming the Minister of State of the New Republic in 16 ABY.

The Foundation has made it it's goal to rebuild the losses suffered by the Xen'Chi War and to strengthen the CDF-NR in order to thwart any more war. Deterrence through military power. The Foundation is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues.



Roman Kato
Nuro Pakrie
Alyesa Praxon
Mordriun Zak
Jarus Farlander
Cay Farlander
Dorski Terv
Corius Sha'rn-Muir
Griza Remeners
Bors Gridier


Penelope Haredez
Aes Loromin