Galactic Basic Standard (or Galactic Basic or Galactic Standard) is the most prevalent and most used language in the Galaxy. Based off of a mix of early human languages, Durese, and Bothese, Basic started as a slang or jargon of traders, and spacers. Because of its popularity with members of those professions its popularity and acceptance spread. Most sentient species that made galactic contact could and did speak Basic in addition to whatever native or regional language they might have used on a daily basis. Some beings does not possess the organs necessary to speak Basic, including Polis Massans, Ssi-Ruuk, P'w'ecks, Wookiees, and a number of insectoid races. Most Gamorreans can not speak Basic, though there are exceptions (such as Governor Kugg.) Whether or not a being can speak Basic, it is usually in their best interest to comprehend it, and most do.

Basic uses the Aurebesh script.

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