Guardian Armor
Production Information

Trooper Type



Technical Specifications
Kinetic Protection

Layered metal/Ceramics/Plastics/Gels

Energy Protection

Personal Ray Shield Generator

  • Extra Ammo Slots (Lower Back/Belt)
  • Grenade Holsters (lower chest)
  • 2 Built in Sonic Blades (Both forearms)
  • 2 Magnetic Weapon Holsters (Back)
  • Onboard Datapad
  • Closed long-range Communication System
  • Navigation System
  • Medium Range Sensing Suite
  • Combat H.U.D
  • E.O.G

Front Line

Year Introduced

18 ABY

Exodus Information

Red Dragon

Guardian Trooper Armor is a highly defensible suit of personal equipment and the base line for all Guardian type armor. It is designed for maximum protection, while integrated powered servos gives the wearer faster speed, higher jumping and significant strength, allowing them to manage even the strongest or fastest of hostiles.

A integrated fusion battery in the armor is capable of operating it for weeks on end, depending on energy conservation and E.O.G equipment. The battery can easily be recharged by just about any power source.

Only the uniquely made armors, by masters, in the galaxy rival the quality and defensive capability of this armor. Making the fact that it is mass produced all that more incredible. As a product of Evolve and the Sovereign Forge the monetary costs of crafting the armor is nonexistent.


Body SuitEdit

The body suit of the armor is crafted from nano carbon tubes with padding, flexible and comfortable it provides excellent agility and freedom of movement while providing excellent protection, more so then other typical mass produced armor. The body suit is also sealed against gas, chemical, vacuum and some types of radiation. If that wasn't enough the nano carbon tubes are engineered to harden when a electrical current is applied, providing even greater protection, though this can hamper movement. In the end the Body suit its self is an armor all its own.

Armor PlatingEdit

The armor plates are a composite of dense metals, heat resistant ceramics and shock absorbing plastics/gels. The armor can sustain several direct hits before losing durability.

Ray ShieldsEdit

The Personal Ray Shields are programmed to only active when a incoming direct hit is detected. This save power on the fusion battery while also keep the the generator cool and keeps it from being damage through over use. The shield can be set to be on constantly but this drains the Fusion Battery faster and can wear down the generator. It can also be set to filter out more dangerous radiation or even extend further out from just the armor's body.

The Shields can only protect the used from energy/plasma based weapons. Slug or particle weapons may be slightly hampered but the effect is so minimal that its hardly worth mentioning.

E.O.G EquipmentEdit

The Trooper armor as the base armor is capable of using all of the E.O.G packs.