Harte Secur Faction
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Ernst Marco Downfell


Harte Secur



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Imperial Loyalists

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Kingdom of Naboo

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Maul Junior


During the Naboo Civil War, the Harte Secur Faction gained a leading edge over all of the other factions on the planet except for the Naboo Loyalist faction, as the government of Naboo was called by the other factions during the war. While not directly backed by Imperial troops, the Harte Secur faction wanted the Empire to return to Naboo, and had managed to find a cache of old Imperial stormtrooper armor and weapons. They were excellently equipped, had training mainly from the old Imperial garrison, and had a very defensible location.

Uniting with LoyalistsEdit

The Harte Secur Faction pledged support to the Loyalist Faction since many of its high ranking members along Ernst Marco Downfell who became the Leader of the Loyalist Faction chose to pledge their support and with the aceptance of the leadership from that pointed they had the most prominent role on influecing the beliefs and moves of the Faction.