Hopolyte Soldier
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  • Hector Darroo

The Citadel


Citadel Prime

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Brotherhood of the Force

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  • Citadel Temple Guard
  • Drop Troopers
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  • Reconnaissance
  • Assault Units

Brotherhood of the Force

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Built to serve and protect the residence of The Citadel and relics of the ancient past found on the planet Citadel. They are skilled soldiers taken from all the Galaxies governments' and trained to become true warriors for war. They train hard and fight harder. Under the command of the Brotherhood they will pave the way for the Brotherhood of the Force to rid the Galaxy of all miss-users.


Hoplytes are non-Force sensitive warriors that are in the Brotherhood. They make up the bulk of the Brotherhood forces. Every citizen of Citadel are Hoplytes. They are skilled soldiers and are usually trained in the art of blaster weapons, vibro-tech, and hand-to-hand combat.

Temple GuardEdit

These Hoplytes are the most skilled out of the non-Force users. They are the guardsmen of Citadel Prime where the Brotherhood have their headquarters at. They are highly skilled with all forms of weaponry and marshal arts. Some have even been trained in the use of a lightsaber from their Force-user counterparts.

They are adorn with modified Acolyte battle armor. Their helm is one similar to roman centurion helmets with horse hair plumes adorn on the top of the helmet. Their standard weapons' are one four foot long vibro-katana, SSK-7 heavy blaster pistol, and a hidden vibro dagger.

Drop TroopersEdit

They are fast and mobile Hopolyte special forces. They are trained by Paladins for quick attacks and the latest in offensive tactics. Some of the drop troopers are actual Mandalorians recruited by the Brotherhood. There are only hundred trained droptroopers but with war declared with the Cult of Shadow maybe more will join the special forces unit. The special forces unit is the 1st Droptrooper Battalion stationed on the Vindication.

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