Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mark IV
Production Information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product Line

Star Destroyers


Imperial Mark IV


Capital Ship

Technical Specifications

1,600 meters



Engine Units
  • 4 KDY Destroyer-III Ion Engines
  • 4 Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 Ion Engines
Hyperdrive Rating

Class .8

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Power Plant

SFS I-B3C Solar Ionization Reactor

  • 5,500 SBD
  • 2,750 SBD (Backup)

3,000 RU

Target Systems

LeGrange Mk-IIIb Targeting Computers

  • 40 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
  • 40 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 20 Heavy Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 20 Capital-Grade Missile Tubes
  • 8 Octuple Barbette Turbolasers
  • 4 Light Point Defence Turbolasers
  • 4 Quad Light Point Defense Turbolasers
  • 2 Triple Medium Point Defense Turbolasers
Docking Bays
  • Shuttle Bay
  • Fighter Bay
  • 13,276
    • 1,500 Officers
    • 1,500 Infantry
    • 10,000 Enlisted
    • 276 Weapon Operators
Minimum Crew




Cargo Capacity

10,000 Metric Tons


1 Year

Communications Systems
  • Holo Hyperspace transceiver
Other Systems
  • Tractor Beam Projectors
  • Next-Gen Gravity Well Generator
  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
Year Introduced

Late 18 ABY


Galactic Empire

Exodus Information

Red Dragon

An updated, next generation version of the Imperial line of Star Destroyers, the Mark IV Imperial-class Star Destroyer is a drastic change over previous models in that it is designed to be a dedicated destroyer/carrier hybrid by completely omitting ground assault forces.

The goal behind the Mark IV was to create a cost effective ship for the Galactic Empire by refitting an existing design and avoiding the tremendous research and development costs of designing a completely new design. The previous Star Destroyer models maintain a large ground force, one large enough that a single ship was capable of subjugating an entire planet. Due to current times, many thought this was a major resource drain, and as a result, the ground assault force was removed. The on board troop compliment is there to maintain security on the ship and repel hostile boarders. If needed these troops or stationed spec ops teams can still be deployed from the ship via shuttle craft.

With the removal of the troop barracks, vehicle bays, excessive cargo holds and prefab buildings, the fighter bay has been greatly expanded. The Mark IV hold more fighter craft then previous Imperial-Class designs and houses a huge number of strike fighters and even support ships, though it still pales when compared to the Venator-Class's compliment.

While the Mark IV costs about as much as the older Star Destroyer versions, the long term costs for maintaining the ship and its crew was significantly reduced with this change

As with the Mark II and III's, additional flaws within the Imperial design have been fixed or removed. The new systems and subsystems have been streamlined and made redundant by back-up systems, including a set of back-up shield systems.

The Mark IV is equipped with the latest in gravity well generators, which are smaller and powered by their own dedicated reactors. While the gravity well projector is not as strong as the ones mounted in the Interdictor-Class, they are more power efficient, deploy faster, and less maintenance intensive.

The Mark IV is not expected to replace previous Star Destroyer models, and there are already a number of complaints about the variant made by older Imperial ship captains. This is similar to the debut of the Mark III, but it is much too early to tell how well the ship will fair in the Imperial Navy.

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