Imperial Army Commando Armor
Imperial Commando
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Historical Information
Formed From

Clone Commandos

Founding Date

19 BBY



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Military Branch

Imperial Army


Special Forces


Galactic Empire

Imperial Commandos are a select group of soldiers chosen from the Imperial Officer Corps. Only the most dedicated, skilled, and cunning officers are drafted from the Corps, which is a prestigious group in itself. Unlike other officers, the Imperial commandos have a special knack for combat which, combined with their high status, makes them the ultra-elite of the Galactic Empire's ground troops. They are considered a special forces unit whose mission usually involves infiltration and sabotage of enemy positions. As such, they are well known for bringing unrest to an enemy system or for suppressing rebellious actions on Imperial-controlled worlds.

Most Imperial commandos harbor a strong dislike of melee weapons, believing them to be the arms of their "lessers." Instead, they carry longer-range blaster rifles, from the standard E-11 Blaster Rifle to the more refined sonic blaster and Imperial repeating rifle. Standard armament also includes emergency flares, ammo, concussion grenades, blank coded thermal detonators, and a comlink. They are known to make use of Proton rifles as part of their armaments. Rigorous physical training gives them the ability to move quickly over long distances, deal more damage with their weapons, and pilot various vehicles.

Imperial Commandos are easily identified by their distinctive Mark IV Katarn-class Commando Armor, which gives them numerous advantages on the battlefield. For missions where the Katarn armor wouldn’t be feasible, Imperial Commandos have a light armor uniform that is similar in appearance to those worn by Imperial Army Troopers.


Imperial Army Commando

Imperial Commando in Light Armor

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