Imp Mission
Imperial Mission
General Information

Grand Admiral Thrawn


Dalen Meek



Historical Information
Founding Date

17 ABY

Other Information

Galactic Empire

Exodus Information

CoronHorn (based on canon)

"Victory Without War."
— Imperial Mission Motto

The Imperial Mission is an unprecedented program for the Galactic Empire in many ways. Not only does it spread the word of the Empire through non-violent means, but it also uses former Jedi to do it. These particular Jedi were captured on Coruscant when it was taken from the New Republic by the forces of Emperor Damascus. When Grand Admiral Thrawn took over as regent of the Empire, he released the Jedi that Damascus had imprisoned and offered them a chance to take part in a program to help the Empire rebuild worlds shattered by the Xen’Chi War.

Most rejected the offer and left, however a few took Thrawn up on the idea, seeing it as a way to mend past differences. Dalen Meek, a former member of the Jedi Order and Devon Vos’s Praxeum, was eventually appointed the leader of the new initiative. Soon the Imperial Mission grew beyond the core membership of former Jedi to include many beings of different races – most of whom had no Force-sensitivity at all. The group’s objective also grew beyond helping those affected by the war and began a general mission statement of helping the less-fortunate.

The program remains highly controversial within the Empire. Many military leaders and Moffs actively dislike the organization for its use of former Jedi and non-militaristic attitude. However, it is tolerated because it is sponsored by Thrawn, who points to a noted rise in recruitment numbers for the Imperial Military since the start of the program.

Regardless the Imperial Mission is closely watched by Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau for any signs of trouble.