The improvement drive is a collaboration to improve existing articles to make them more visually-appealing and help improve the quality of this Wikia.

Nomination and votingEdit

Articles to be improved can be nominated by registered users in the "nominations" section below, with an explanation of what work is needed.

When you vote, please add your vote to the vote total at the Current Ranking section, and make the necessary changes.

The first article with five support votes is chosen. There is no time limit to this. Opposing votes are not counted. You can vote for as many articles as you like. When an Improvement Drive is decided upon, all votes thereafter are erased and the process starts over.

Note: It is considered somewhat rude not to help improving articles you've voted for.


Here are some best practices to use while working on an article selected for the improvement drive:

1. Plan your contribution. After an article has been chosen, it is a good idea to post your ideas for additions, changes and corrections for the topic on the article's talk page. You can then choose some of the listed contributions to avoid overlapping work.
2. Be quick. Once you have planned your work, make your edits quickly, but carefully. Articles chosen for the drive are the likely subjects of many rapid edits. By entering and exiting EDIT mode quickly, you can avoid another user saving a new edit before you have completed your work. If your edit will be more lengthy, place the {{inuse}} tag at the top of the page, save the edit to make the tag appear, and then begin your work.


Please add new nominations at the bottom of the page.

Current RankingsEdit