Production Information

Testria Shipyards

Product Line

Star Destroyer




Supercapital Ship

Technical Specifications

5.59 kilometers



Hyperdrive Rating

Class 2

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 10


46,000 SBD


41,712 RU

  • 240 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 120 Medium Dual Turbolaser Cannons
  • 4 Omega Arrays
  • 80 Ion Cannons
  • 26 Tractor Beam Projectors
  • 144 TIE-series Fighters
  • Various Support Craft
Docking Bays




  • 23,850 Troops
  • 250 Pilots
Cargo Capacity

143,000 Metric Tons


Command Vessel

Year Commissioned

14 ABY

Earliest Sighting


Latest Sighting


Present for Battles/Events

Battle of Cylon


1st Defense Fleet

Known Commanders

Keldon Tyfus

Exodus Information


The Inclement was the flagship of the Shadow Imperium, later the Crimson Empire, and Supreme Commander Keldon Tyfus's personal command ship.

A ship of its own class, the Inclement introduced a new generation of heavy warships that made the link between normal and super-heavy battleships. Almost six kilometers in length, the Inclement was superior to any common destroyers and cruisers, while state-of-the-art propulsion systems enabled it to easy outmaneuver super-class ships.

The Inclement had its origins in a massive project underwent over the span of six years by Testria Shipyards. Designed to be both a command ship and a warship, this class could be found both behind the Crimson Empire's borders and at the enemy lines, though the latter was often be considered a rarity.


The Inclement was built in a timespan of three years, with the research and development process extending as far back as 8 ABY. Spearheaded personally by Tyfus, the Inclement project was to be deemed as the single most important ship in Imperium history, as it was the only one within the Imperium fleet capable of squaring off against Super-class Star Destroyers.

While it would prove to see little action over the next two years, the investment into the Inclement kept Imperium personnel and civilians sound about Tyfus's protection over them from outside threats. However, no one could begin to fathom the mistake that would be made in entrusting the borders of the Imperium to simple fleet power.

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Invisus had heavy plans on reshaping the Shadow Imperium to meet his needs, and the Dark Lord's successor, Darth Trayus, saw those plans through. Both took advantage of the inheret weakness of the Imperium's defenses, including the Inclement herself, and usurped their power from within.

Upon the end of the Sith Revolution, Tyfus retained his position as Supreme Commander and was given direct command over the Inclement, a rather surprising move from Darth Trayus. Later, the Inclement would be instrumental in securing victory at the Battle of Cylon during the Sith-Cylon War.

Omega ArrayEdit

The one thing about the Inclement that separated it from any other Star Destroyer is the unique technology incorporated into the new Omega Array. A rare weapon, and currently exclusive to the Inclement, the Omega Array could transmit a focused EMP wave in the direction of its target. The wave was powerful enough to disable most ships in only a couple of shots. However, it took time to recharge, and thus was used more as a strategic weapon than a tactical one. It was for this very reason that the Inclement was the sole ship which used this weapon, and the Imperium had no plans on implementing it on other ships in the future.

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