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"If I can wield the Force, you could train me. I could stop being a slave...I could be free! We could go around the galaxy righting wrongs, just like you said the Jedi did before and still do now!"
— Isaac Bel’kaar, to Erik Muir, about being trained in the Jedi way



Isaac’s parents were both Arkanian Jedi and had been on the run for years. Formerly of the Jedi Order, they were being hunted by Zohmaj Hauc, an alien Inquisitor in the service of the Empire and more importantly, himself. Isaac was born on Arkania, in his parent’s home village. He lived a rather normal live, and his parents detected the sensitivity to the Force that resided inside of him. His father had begun to instruct Isaac in the ways of the Force until he was five, though they never told him much about why they had been on the run and had left the Jedi Order.

When he was five, Hauc finally caught up with his parents after years of tracking them down. Hauc had never expected them to return to Arkania, thinking that they would have tried to lie low on a planet in the Outer Rim or the Unknown Regions. Coming in the middle of the night, Hauc killed his mother and father while the boy watched, hidden under a bed. Hauc didn’t find Isaac that night, Bel'kaar unconsciously hiding himself through the Force. Hauc did however know that Isaac existed.

He decided to wait and let the boy come to him. He knew that the traumatic experience would either push Isaac to the Dark Side and he'd come to Hauc and be trained, or it would push him closer to the Light Side and Hauc would kill Isaac when he came to bring Hauc to justice. In the morning one of the villagers came, having seen everything that had happened during the night. However, he wasn't there with benign intentions one would have suspected. Reasoning that he could loot the house before the authorities or others came, he was shocked to find the five year old.

Profit stood before him, face still wet from crying. Moving quickly, he sold Isaac into slavery to a man named Ograd. Ograd owned a small fleet of merchant passenger liners and always needed more slaves to help him. When he saw Isaac at the off world slave market, Ograd had recognized the boy’s amazing talent with machines. Isaac could manipulate the programs and abilities of almost any machine he came upon. He had an innate sense of the past of the object and could tell just what had happened to it to cause it to work wrong. He could use this talent on other objects. No one had ever told him what this power was.

Many people were amazed by Ograd's new find. One person had said something about the Force. However, Isaac had unconsciously repressed memories as a built in survival technique to stop himself from fully opening himself to the Force and allowing Zohmaj Hauc to track him. The rsult was that Isaac couldn’t remember the Force really so he didn’t believe the person.


At the age of eleven, Isaac was “purchased” by Garulak from Ograd. Ograd had run into hard times and had needed money. Despite the fact that he knew how good Isaac was at being a mechanic, Ograd eventually had to let him go, although he charged a hefty fee for it. Garulak was the owner of a repair shop back on Arkania itself. Garulak had paid an arm and a leg for Isaac, but he had known it would be worth it. He had taken a few trips on Ograd's liners and had seen Isaac at work. He wasn't disappointed.

Issac helped the store immensely, allowing Garulak to overtake some of the other repair shops in the local area. Garulak was the first person besides Isaac's parents to show him some degree of kindness. He gave Isaac a form of wages, so that he could get what he wanted when he wanted it. His master also gave him extra time off, knowing that if Isaac was happy, then the store’s profits would stay where they were, if not increase. He wasn't a kind man, but he wasn't a harsh master like Ograd had been.

Isaac was content in a way. He was pretty much free to do whatever he wanted, and was being paid for it though he was still a slave even if his wages were much below what a normal mechanic would be able to make. Bel'kaar had few wants and even fewer needs. It did bother him a bit that he was still a slave. It wasn't as though if he wasn't a slave he was going to go somewhere. If Garulak freed him, he would still work for the man. He had nowhere else to go. But Garulak wanted some form of security, Isaac figured. They went through this fashion of life for a few years, and slowly Isaac built up Garulak’s trust and friendship, though the other man would never free him. Isaac never brought it up to him, though it bothered him more and more.

The older man came to think of himself as a father figure to Isaac. Despite the fact that he tried to believe that he was a father figure, in reality he was more of a level of control on Isaac's freedom. Isaac knew that the man still thought of himself as Isaac’s owner in addition to thinking that he was like a father to him. Isaac also knew that those two thoughts couldn’t logically inhabit the same mind. Either he was going to be kind and free Isaac, or he wasn’t. He couldn't give advice to Isaac and try to teach him how to live his life when his own actions contradicted some of his words. However, Isaac refused to bring this up to Garulak, partly out of fear that things would go bad and partly out of the feeling as though this was his lot in life and he had to get used to it.

As the years continued to go by, Isaac matured and slowly grew up. He became well known in the city that they lived in as an honest and stand up person who wouldn't hesitate to help someone in need. Many of the people realized and understood his innate control over the Force. Only a few had the courage to bring up the injustice of his situation to Garulak. Isaac worked hard and his muscles, worked by continuous fixings of speeders and other vehicles, were strong and he could do nearly any task set before him. His mind, sharpened through his education that Garulak paid for, was applied well to anything he needed to do. But he felt something in the back of his mind that helped him.

Though he still didn't remember much about the Force and was unsure what it was, he tried to develop it as best he could. Unfortunately there was only so much that an untrained person would be able to do, and he was only able to raise his knowledge of his skills and training to the level of a Jedi padawan at age nine or ten.

Little did Isaac know, but that knowledge was about to be unlocked and expanded upon.

The Fuzzy Bothan who talked and looked weirdEdit

"I’m hungry, and your high civilized language got me all confused and dizzy."
— Isaac Bel’kaar, to Erik Muir, on Kamino
"You wouldn’t happen to have any cold weather clothing would you?"
"And you said being unfurred was good."
"You’re going to be a snowman by the time we reach wherever the frell we’re going to."
"You’ll be frozen and all my problems will be over."
"Nah, Master. You know I was put in the galaxy to terrorize you
— Isaac Bel’kaar and Erik Muir, on Alzoc III, about being furred, snow, and life in general.

People brought their broken or damaged equipment into the shop all the time. Some people needed Isaac to come to their home to conduct the repairs as they couldn't get the speeder or whatever was damaged to Garulak's store. Sometimes, though this was rare, Isaac had to take one of Garulak's speeders and head out far outside of the city limits to work on something for a client. He would often take the droid that he had found, repaired and upgraded, T.38, along with him for company.

In one of those cases, Isaac was sent to help out a mine owner whose speeder trucks had recently broken down. He left and did the work that was required for him. A lot of time had been taken up in the repair of the trucks and he was heading back to the city as night fell on Arkania. He came across a Bothan male who was clearly a Jedi. His name was Erik Muir. Erik had recently come to Arkania after he felt a ripple in the Force. While the Bothan was going to investigate this disturbance, he was a Muir.

He served two organizations and had felt as though Arkania was a good place for a branch of Muir Robotics. He’d bought some land out in the middle of the planet and had started to build a compound there. Erik was also going to start construction on a small Jedi Academy for a few students and teachers as a satellite location for any main Temple that the new and reorganized Order decided to set up. Arkania was a great location for lightsaber crystals due to the diamonds that were trapped in the planet's insides. Erik had felt that it was necessary at the time, and gave him something to do while the Force guided him to the disturbance.

The Force guided the disturbance to him in the end. Isaac was intrigued by someone who would not only pick Arkania to come to buy land on, but would also be building something on the land. To him, Arkania was a backwater place, and there was nothing on the planet that should have been of interest to anyone. The lightsaber at Erik's waist denoted that the Bothan was a Jedi, and he spoke with a practiced ease that showed he had culture and class.

It was then that Isaac’s mind, which had for so long searched for a way out of slavery began to “remember” what his father had taught him. Though he left quickly that day in order to avoid getting a scolding from Garulak, Isaac would come to Erik whenever he had free time, and the two became fast friends. It was a meeting of two people that was very reminiscent of how Erik had met his daughter, Cassie Muir.

Erik told Isaac stories of his past, leaving out personal information like the existence of his human adopted daughter, as well as stories of the Jedi of old and now. Erik also began to instruct him in the ways of the Force slowly, unsure if it was the right move. He was approached by Isaac who asked Erik to formally train him in the Jedi Way.

Erik decided that perhaps it was the right decision. He still wasn't sure what the disturbance was that the Force had sent him to uncover and deal with. He journeyed to the city and came to Garulak. The two talked about Isaac being freed. Garulak didn’t particularly like that idea, knowing that he would lose one of his largest sources of revenue for his business. What the three of them did not know was that someone else had felt the ripple in the Force that had brought Erik to Arkania, and his name was Vlan Korensan, a Dark Jedi.

He sent two of his assassins to deal with Erik and capture Isaac. He did not however, consider Erik’s skill with the lightsaber or what would happen when Isaac found Derek Muir's old lightsaber, overestimating his disciples' skills. The two of them dealt with the assassins, though Garulak was killed in the process. Isaac was now free and Erik agreed to take Isaac as his padawan, realizing that Isaac had indeed been the disturbance in the Force.

Isaac took and used Derek’s lightsaber until he would build his own.


The first planet they went to during Isaac’s training was Geonosis. Since after the Clone Wars, Geonosis had faded from the public spotlight and knowledge. However, non-Geonosians had taken up residence on the planet and had scratched out an existence doing whatever they could. It was these people that the Force had called the two Jedi to come and help. When they reached the system, they were able to reach out and address the problems that were plaguing the people.

It turned out that the people and the system in generally were constantly being harassed by pirates and needed help in dealing with them. Other colonies like this one were going through similar problems, though this one was the most productive and thus the biggest target from the pirates, taking the brunt of the pirates' attacks. They were in dire need of help. Erik volunteered his and his padawan’s services. Isaac had rarely been off of Arkania and so this was a definite change for him.

The temperature and climate was different, so was the sandy environment. He’d never seen Geonosians before and was amazed at their sonic weapons. But the biggest change came when he met Rayna Midun, a fighter pilot in the colony’s meager defense corps. For the first time in his life, Isaac felt love. He’d really forgotten what it felt like, after losing his parents at the age of five, and Rayna was a shining light in his life. He was introduced to the rest of the fighter corps and was given one of their Eta-2s to use.

Onboard the Shan’tani, Erik had stored a large amount of current Muir Corporation technology. Isaac put this to use, modifying the fighter and making it much more powerful than it had been before. He and Rayne would work on the fighter together and get closer over the time that passed.

The two became inseparable and she helped him understand more and more about the galaxy around him. Knowing that he’d never been on a dustball of a planet like Geonosis, and knowing that one should see the sights of a planet when one visited, Rayna decided to take him on a tour of the planet. She took him everywhere and they talked often. Slowly he understood and acknowledged what he felt for her and felt as thought he needed to tell her. He professed his love for her on top of a mountain after they’d climbed it, and she too gave him her love, a love which they consummated on that mountain.

While they were there on the mountain, Isaac was tempted by Vlan Korensan a Dark Jedi, who came to him through the Force and tried to convince him to learn of the Dark Side. Isaac refused to listen to him, though it was one of his first brushes with the Dark Side. Erik’s teachings had already begun to solidify inside of him and send him on the path of becoming a great Jedi.

The pirates struck according to a schedule that they had worked out and they never failed to meet a strike date. Utilizing his ability to sense the past of machines and mechanical beings, he saw a strategy that people in the Clone Wars had used to fight off incoming attackers. He presented this knowledge to Erik and the commander of the colony’s defenses. They devised a strategy to beat the pirates. Their plan was put into motion and resulted in devastating losses to the pirates. The losses didn’t equal the playing field, but it made victory a greater possibility.

They did achieve victory eventually, but they lost a good number of people in the process. Rayna was killed in the fight, and Isaac used the Dark Side for the first time, crushing the fighter that killed her. He compacted the whole ship into the size of a marble. It was then that Vlan Korensan came back to him, and Isaac gave his words much more consideration than he had before. He had, after all, been unable to protect the woman he claimed to love.

The fighter that he’d piloted in the battle was given to him as thanks for his work. He renamed it the Arkon, after the ARKanian dragON from his homeworld. During a rememberance dinner, he told Erik about the person who was trying to get him to join the Dark Side. Erik helped the Arkanian overcome his fears, and putting his trust in the Bothan once more. At that point, Erik felt that the Force was calling them elsewhere, so they left.

Alzoc IIIEdit

The two of them journeyed to Corellia but soon headed to Tattooine. They had no reason to go to Tattooine, but they found themselves there. In a cantina in Mos Eisley, they had a run in with an agent of Mistress Vale. After a brief fight, the two of them defeated the agent. Vale’s real name was Shrin’cro Drass, a Twi’lek Jedi who’d fallen to the Dark Side some time ago. She and her padawan, Azira, had gone to the Dark Side and had left the Jedi Order. Because she'd left with information that the Order needed, a master and his padawan were sent to bring the two of them back, either with the Light Side or in custody.

The padawan of the master who had been sent to retrieve Drass and her padawan was Erik Muir. He and Drass' padawan had known each other from before back at the Temple. Drass' padawan was also a Bothan and Erik was in love with her, though she wasn't with him. Vale’s Dark side teachings corrupted the padawan and Erik never forgave Vale for what he’d been forced to do that day. In the ensuing battle between the two groups, Erik had killed Drass' padawan, the woman he loved.

Mistress Vale was part of a loose collective of dark siders. Due to her past experiences with and connection to Erik, she had been contacted by Vlan Korensan in order to help him get Isaac away from Erik. After the two of them defeated her agent on Tattooine, they found out that she was on Alzoc III, waiting for them. Erik sensed that it was a trap, but knew that he had to finally bring Vale to justice, something that he’d wanted to do for years. He knew that he would be tempted by the Dark Side, but also knew that it was something that had to be done. So the two of them headed to Alzoc III, even though Erik had misgivings.

When they reached there, the two of them were assaulted by Vale’s fighter force. Erik could not sense Vale and while he used conventional means to find her, Isaac dealt with the fighters thrown against them. Isaac was able to put his pilot skills to the test against them, in the Arkon. After the scanners completed their scans, the two of them were able to locate Vale’s base and landed their two ships some distance away. However, Erik’s equipment was malfunctioning and they were unable to get the true bearing. Vale had decided to put them through a gamut of different enemies. Vale wanted them to come and sent some of her Dark Jedi after them, to test them, weaken them, and also guide them in the right direction.

The pair dealt with all of the warriors thrown at them, and found her base. They assaulted the base, but soon after were caught by one of Vale’s Dark Jedi and a large grouping on soldiers. Vale came to them and found a way to stop Erik from attacking her. Erik couldn't bring his lightsaber up, as he found out an astonishing fact. He’d not killed his love, Azira, that day. Vale had kept her alive and used her to gain the advantage over the Bothan Jedi. For some reason, Erik had kept the feelings of love in his heart and he couldn't harm Vale since Vale held Azira's life in her hands. He chose to subject himself to her and turn to the Dark Side in order to keep Azira alive.

Isaac was thrown into Vale’s prison and was inhibited in his Force use. Meanwhile, Vale called Korensan to tell him that she’d been successful in getting Isaac away from Erik. The Dark Jedi came to pick up Isaac, amazed that someone had managed to defeat Erik Muir and not just that, had been able to turn him to the Dark Side. However, he didn’t count on Erik realizing that Azira had been dead to him since his early years and that he had whatever he wanted now. His daughter was his life and Azira was only part of his memory.

Coming back to the light side, he fought off Korensan after Isaac broke past Vale’s chains and freed him. Isaac faced Vale one on one and defeated her, a Force user whose power and skill was much greater than his. It was an indication, especially to Erik that Isaac was one of the more powerful Force users inthe galaxy. He knew that he would have to work doubly hard in his padawan's training.

Bel’kaar wanted to leave quickly and hunt Korensan down, but his master advised against it, sensing that Korensan had a plan in place, and it didn’t bode well for them to walk into traps of the Dark Side. They had already walked into one when it came to Vale and he didn't want to head into another one. So as Isaac put it, they were headed to another random system. At this point, Isaac had both Derek Muir's old lightsaber and Mistress Vale's lightsaber. It was interesting to note that both lightsabers were red bladed.


It turned out that they did go to a random system, to Kamino. When they reached there, they were graciously welcomed by the Kaminoan government. The government had had dealings with the Muir before and intimately knew the benefit of having the Muir as friends. Erik was unsure why the Force had guided them here, but he knew better than to question its guiding hand. There was something here for him to find or uncover and he would do his best to get there.

He also had plans for Isaac’s training. Over time, Isaac had grown in age and maturity. He had a much better control over the Force, and Erik wanted to work on the Arkanian’s ability to wield a lightsaber. The Bothan had instructed him heavily in Soresu and Form V: Shien / Djem So. Isaac knew that he was nowhere near the level of mastery over Soresu that Erik had, but he had a feeling that Erik was preparing to teach him everything that he knew of Soresu.

The two of them had entered one of the cloning and centers and had decided to get a meal. They were in a cafeteria, when Erik got a weird feeling concerning a certain human. When he approached the human, he saw a chain and a pendant that seemed vaguely familiar. He knew that it should have resonated somewhere in his mind but it wasn’t. He decided to question the man about it and asked about the chain and pendant that the human wore. However, the human refused to answer him, telling him to leave him alone and mind his own business.

Erik apologized and returned to Isaac, finishing his meal. Whereas any other person might have persisted, Erik refused to do that. Though he was bothered by what he saw and felt some kind of connection, Erik didn't want to offend the man. Isaac watched in silence, unsure what his master’s interest in the pendant and chain was for.

After the meal, the two of them began to train. Erik decided that Isaac needed to appreciate the art form that was dual wielding lightsabers. He introduced Isaac to the concept of Jar’Kai. During his training so far, Erik had seen that Isaac could easily lose focus, unless he was in an environment where he needed to learn. His mind worker better when there was a direct link between what he was trying to learn and what he was trying to do. He needed Isaac to be already deep into Force usage before he thought about working with him on Jar’kai.

Thus, he devised a way that would test Isaac's abilities in the Force before the Jar'Kai training began. After a careful survey of maps of the area, Erik came up with a gauntlet that Isaac would have to run. At first, Isaac thought that it would be no problem. This was until Erik told him that he would have to run along the rooftops of the buildings. Kamino is a water world and was normally being harassed by damaging storms. One of those storms was raging outside. Erik knew that Isaac would need a large amount of concentration in order to stay balanced. Not only was the ground that Isaac running on wet and slippery, but he would be buffeted by high powered winds.

It would properly focus his padawan's mind, and make him conducive towards learning. Isaac came close to death, running along the rooftops of Kamino during the storm. At one point he lost his footing and slid into the frigid water. Due to the height of his fall, he became disoriented and was unsure which way was up and which was down. He began to go deeper and deeper, using the Force to keep himself going. After he was attacked by a few native creatures, he realized that he was going the wrong way.

As he headed back towards the surface, it took more and more concentration to keep himself going as his blood was incredibly deoxygenated. In the end, he nearly drowned. Coming up out of the water, he scrambled up onto the platform where Erik was. He attacked Erik using two lightsaber blades, Derek’s old blade and the one that he’d taken from Mistress Vale, using what Jar'Kai he already knew. The two went back and forth, Erik teaching Isaac through the fight.

Any other point in time, the training session would have been good, and Isaac would have learned well. However, Isaac's adrenaldine was pumping due to what had happened. He wasn’t thinking straight, his fight or flight reflex taking over. He actually began to attack Erik. The Jedi Master defended himself, and pushed Isaac over the edge, overloading his system, and forcing his body to shut down. In the end, because of the surrounding events, Isaac’s knowledge of Jar’Kai became incredible, because of how interconnected it was to his experiences.

While Isaac was recovering, Erik found the human with the pendant again. Realizing that he needed to know what was going on; he questioned the man again in more detail this time. This time, the man tried to attack him, until he realized that Erik was a Jedi and he shouldn’t withhold the information from him. Eventually Erik realized who the chain and the pendant belonged to. Derek. His brother was alive. Shortly after, he found a message from Tej Muir that he had previously overlooked. It was then that they headed for Misery. Isaac noted that it was the first system that they planned on going to.


At Misery, Isaac and Erik were informed that the Muir Armed Forces were experiencing interference and problems due to a space anomaly and that they were needed to help investigate, dubbed the Feraldra. Erik wasn’t sure what the problem could be and more importantly, what it was about the problem that required Jedi help, but he had a duty to help, particularly considering the people they were helping were his family. He and Isaac journeyed there as soon as they were able to. The trip was short, and when they reached there, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Upon reaching the system, they encountered the anomaly, a space cloud. The space cloud was interfering with the communications of the system and stopping them from speaking with anyone outside of the system in addition. Furthermore, it was creating complications with hyperspace travel. It hadn’t made the travel impossible, just harder to do, though there had been cases of someone shooting off on a vector completely different than what they had put into their navcomputer. Thus, the problem was a serious one, considering the importance of Misery.

With Misery being one of the largest ore deposits in the Muir Corporation’s holdings, Misery was very strategic. While, mining had been okayed on a small portion of the ore deposits to keep the rest in case something happened to other supplies, there was a large amount of freighter traffic coming in and out of the system. Also, the system was one of the largest staging grounds for the Muir Corporation Navy and so it was of vital importance to the Muir’s ability to defend their territories and to commence offensive operations.

Now, the reason why the Muir needed Jedi became clear. It was decided that Erik and Isaac would spearhead a small taskforce that would enter the space cloud, to determine what exactly the cloud was made of and what was inside, if anything. Once inside, they would, with the scientific equipment they were bringing with them, formulate a strategy to make the space phenomenon go away.

With this task put before them, Erik and Isaac assembled their team. They were given access to some of the most well trained soldiers in the galaxy, the Muir SpecOps. When they, along with the Muir SpecOps assigned to them, entered the space cloud, they discovered that it was more akin to a bubble. There was something inside of the bubble, something that they hadn’t expected to be there, at all. Inside the bubble was a ship that was near the size of an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer.

The ship captured them, the aliens on board turning out to be benign. They introduced themselves as Bahkran, a supremely advanced and powerful race of aliens. Their hyperdrive utilized a sophisticated set of technology, of the Bahkran’s own creation, and had broken down. The space cloud was actually a leak of the special chemical used in their hyperdrive, and when the chemical turned unstable, it was what caused the anomalies in communication equipment and the inability to properly utilize vessels’ hyperdrives. Even if the leak was patched up, the Bahkran wouldn’t be able to travel with the amount that they had. More needed to be synthesized before the Bahkran could leave.

It seemed as though all hope was lost. There was no way for the Muir to move the leaked chemicals or to nullify its effects. The Bahkran couldn’t do it themselves; otherwise they would have done it already. There seemed to be nothing that could be done, until the leader of the Bahkran mentioned the Eldar. As it turned out, the Eldar were a race that were known to the Bahkran, having served them as willing servants in the distant past. Their connection to the Force allowed them to manipulate the chemical and help clear it away so the anomaly wouldn't exist anymore.

As soon as the leaders of the Eldar were told of what was happening, they mobilized at an incredible speed, since they knew of the Bahkran and when the Bahkran had been their masters, they had been incredibly kind and generous to the Eldar. They came and began the process of moving and destroying the leaked chemicals. Unfortunately, the Bahkran themselves had splintered into different groups. A contingent of Bahkran arrived, who where renegades from the rest of the Bahkran. This ship that was in Misery was a representative of that Bahkran government. The renegades had been searching for the ship and now they attacked.

Isaac and Erik joined the battle alongside the Bahkran and the Muir, taking down countless enemy fighters and eventually taking control of an enemy battlecruiser. The battle was incredibly high pitched and fast paced. After the battle, the Bahkran were cleared to leave and did. Isaac and Erik's journey continued onwards to another random system, with the Bahkran promising to render aid to the Muir whenever they needed it, particularly to Isaac or Erik.


The two came to the planet Theracraya and were amazed by what they saw. Wreckage from different ships and a space station hung in orbit of the planet. Soon after reaching the planet, they were challenged by the local defense corps and passed inspection. Both of the Jedi were incredibly curious about what had happened to cause such destruction, and furthermore why nothing had been done about the wreckage. Erik decided to inquire and asked the commander of the patrol fighters that had scanned them. When Erik asked the man what had happened, the commander refused to tell them and brushed them off.

It was clear, though, that what had happened had taken place recently and had been pretty disastrous to the lives of the people of Theracraya. The wounds that it had caused were still fresh in their minds and Erik knew that he and Isaac needed to do something to ease the suffering of the people on the planet below. Isaac could feel the pain and sorrow of many of the people through the Force. The two of them touched down in the provided docking bay and were greeted by members of the planet's ruling body and the leader of that ruling body. Erik and Isaac had identified themselves as Jedi and this had warranted some kind of fuss. Apparently, their status as Jedi was that of high importance, especially when they could bring aid to the people of the planet.

While Erik had been unable to get the story of what had happened from the commander, he was able to get it out of the leader of the council, especially since he was a Jedi who could lend help. Over a meal, the leader of the council explained to the two Jedi what had transpired on Theracraya that would cause the system to look the way it did. Theracraya was a small out of the way planet that had long been overlooked by most of the outside galaxy. The people there were content to live their lives and make what they could out of what they had available to them. They traded, but not in a major way because they weren't really attached to any of the major trading lanes that the galaxy had. Despite this, or maybe because of it, the first calamity took place.

First, pirates had attacked the system. However, they did not harm the people, so much as create a situation where both could coexist. Long ago, a pirate group had taken control of the system, in the sense that the people provided for the group and the group protected the people and used the system as a staging area for missions. A rival pirate group,the Aeris Pirates decided that they were going to attack the system and eliminate the pirates there, and in the process raid the planet. With this plan in place, the Aeris Pirates struck with all of their force and there was a large space battle in orbit of the planet, at least large in the eyes of the people who lived on the ground below.

Their attack was successful, and they destroyed the pirate vessels, capturing one of them. The Aeris Pirates came down to the planet and took what they wanted from the people, who were pretty much defenseless. Once they had taken everything that they wanted or could really steal, they left. This was the first tragedy that struck the people and unfortunately, it set them up for what happened next.

The second was when the Xen'Chi struck. After the pirates who had been protecting them had been defeated, there was nothing to protect the system from any attack whatsoever. In order to protect the system, the council introduced a draft and other measures to give them some kind of fighting force. What little exports they had, they drastically cut in price, so that they could sell more. In the end, they were able to make enough money for a few capital ship vessels.

The people of the system had gotten their hands on a small navy, two frigates, and a Class 1000. While the fleet would be able to protect the people against small threats, it wouldn't be able to stop a dedicated force, let alone the Xen'chi. Two Vis'kral-class Frigates arrived suddenly in system and attacked. There was no explanation why this attack happened. The system and the planet were out of the way of the Xen'chi's path of invasion and it had little value as an industrial world or as a military staging area either.

Regardless of the reason, the Theracrayan forces in the system were slaughtered. The Empress-class Space Station in orbit, the one that the Aeris Pirates had not destroyed, was obliterated, and the two frigates began to systematically bombard the planet. However, before they could get to the portions of the planet where there were people, the ships were recalled by the higher ups in the Xen'Chi military and left the system. The people relaxed for only a little while, immediately beginning the rebuilding process.

Families had lost loved ones and the system was defenseless.

Shortly after Erik and Isaac arrived and learned of these happenings, two ships arrived in system, each bearing a Force user. The two of them had no idea who they were and what was happening, but one was chasing the other and was attacking the other. The attacking ship scored critical hits on the first and forced it down towards the planet. Master and apprentice went forward to figure out what was going on and see just what had come to Theracraya now.

The Death of a JediEdit

The two Force users landed on the planet and quickly brought their feuding from space onto the ground. Isaac and Erik arrived shortly afterwards with a large number of Theracrayan people. Isaac wanted to get involved, and help the lightsider, but Erik stopped him, telling him that they were only going to watch for now. Despite the fact that the Lightsider bore the most physical injuries, it was the Darksider who appeared to be losing the battle. The fight only lasted for a short while after that. The lightsider cut off the darksider's arm and forced him to his knees. However, the lightsider got cocky and too confident, allowing the darksider to get in a killing blow. Isaac watched as both perished. But the lightsider did not die immediately and they were able to speak with him before he succumbed to his wounds.

He told them that the Darksider had been trying to take something from him. He also revealed that he knew or at least had met, Derek. The Darksider was after information leading towards an organization, but the lightsider was only able to reveal part of the name, which was Hellfyre. Before he could complete the word, he had died.

Shortly after the Lightsider died, Isaac sensed Vlan Korensan's presence. Isaac wanted to go up into space and fight the Dark Jedi, but Erik cautioned him against this plan. They had only the Shan'teni, while Vlan had his Marauder-class Corvette. Furthermore, it was obvious that Vlan was there because of what had just happened, and Erik wanted to know exactly what was going on. So they waited for Korensan to come down to the planet. When he did, he came with a force of three darksiders. He briefly spoke with Isaac and Erik and revealed that he had come for the information that the Lightsider possessed. Isaac and Erik engaged the three darksiders while Vlan went to find the information that was onboard the lightsider's ship.

Isaac himself opted to deal with two of the darksiders that Vlan had. he knew that in order to win the fight against Vlan, they would need Erik at his full potential and he knew that he couldn't afford to let his master get any level of fatigue into his system. He quickly dispatched his two, but not as fast as Erik dealt with his one, so he was a few steps behind Erik when they confronted Vlan. Korensan had gotten the information that he needed and when confronted by the two of them, he reached out to his Marauder-class Corvette, forcing it to open fire with its turbolasers through the Force. The resulting blasts injured the two Jedi, but they had seen it coming and were able to move out of the path and escape most of the damage.

Isaac had a concussion but he and Erik were between Vlan and his shuttle, effectively blocking him from leaving the planet with the information that he had sought. The two of them began to fight Vlan.

The fight began to tire both sides, and Vlan knew that he needed to escape. He threw three small grenades a diversion and made it to his shuttle, but not before Erik could throw a tracking device on the hull. Isaac mentioned that they were definitely going to chase him this time, something that Erik agreed with. They were forced to track Korensan, jumping to where he was and ambushing him for a short period of time before he made another hyperspace jump and escaped them.

The Final FightEdit

They made a routine out of it, one that went over a week and a half in length. After this point in time, they reached a system, where instead of preparing to fight Erik and Isaac in the Shan'teni, Vlan went down to the planet. The two Jedi chased him down there and engaged him. Isaac was separated from the fight and for a period of time it was just his master versus Vlan. The red skinned alien wore down Erik's defenses over time, showing Erik that he had learned much since the Bothan had been his master and that Zohmaj Hauc had instructed him greatly.

Erik knew that he would be able to hold no matter what Vlan did. Isaac was able to find them then, and rejoined the fight. Over time, Isaac and Erik's styles had reached a point where they worked in perfect harmony together and they were able to fight Korensan on a level that he couldn't believe. He and Erik had never had the connection that Erik and Isaac had. The fight continued and in the process, Mistress Vale's lightsaber was destroyed, something that didn't upset Isaac that much. He was concentrated on the fight and only on the fight.

The planet that they were on had some indigenous population and the three combatants had worked their way over so that they were close to some of the people. The people came out to see what was going on and began to watch the fight in awe and amazement. Isaac was a bit away and was moving swiftly towards where Vlan and Erik were when Erik was finally overpowered and made a small mistake. Vlan was able to capitalize on this mistake, stabbing Erik and killing him.

Isaac was blinded by rage. Erik was the closest thing that he had ever had to a father. They had been together for so long that Erik was his father. He had just watched his father be killed and he knew that he had to do something about it. He moved in to attack Vlan, but was hit by Force Lightning, pushed backwards and was knocked unconscious.

To add insult to injury, Korensan spoke to the villagers and told them to get in touch with the Muir and tell them that Isaac Bel'kaar had killed Erik Muir. The villagers did not know who Isaac Bel'kaar was and guessed that Vlan was really Isaac and was boasting of his victory, so they did as he asked, as Vlan left. At first, when Vlan left, he thought that his forces had destroyed the Shan'teni, but he would soon find out that they had merely damaged it extensively, so that if Isaac survived he would not be able to leave for a good period of time.

Erik's DaughterEdit

"Why'd you kill him?"
"I didn't kill anyone."
"Liar! Tell me why."
"I swear, I didn't kill him."
"And I don't believe you. You want to talk now, or do you want me to hit you a few more times? Whichever works for you, really."
"I didn't kill Erik. Why would I kill my master?"
"That's what I’m going to find out."
"Look, seriously."
"Seriously. Your blood will go down there. I like to keep these things nice and neat, you know."
"Please. For the love of…"
"I was told that you and Erik were having an argument and you killed him over it. Don't try to bring Vlan Korensan into this."How are you feeling, Isaac?"
"Awww, that’s too bad. I've got something to make you feel better. Oops, did I get the wrong syringe. Oh, I'm sorry, I got the saline solution. My mistake. I’m going to give you a little while to think things over and decide if you're going to talk or not. It'll be easier if you do. I'll make your passing a lot nicer and quicker than it's going to be otherwise."
"Can I ask you one question?"
"You've already asked me one. I'll give you one more."
"What was my master to you? This is too much for a distant member of a family that adopted you."
"You're right. Erik Muir was much, much, more than a distant family member. He was my father.
Cassandra Muir and Isaac Bel'kaar

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Joining the VangiurEdit

"Cassie, you're putting yourself at risk of me kicking you."
"You kick me, and Force powers or no, you're going to be in a world of pain. Go ahead, sweetheart. Be all manly. I'll watch and say 'ooh' and 'aaah' as you flex your biceps.
— Isaac Bel'kaar and Cassie Muir

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The ForceEdit

Force PowersEdit

Isaac Bel’kaar is a being of considerable Force power and Force potential. Since the onset of his training, he has only tapped into part of what he has. Feared by people as powerful as Zohmaj Hauc, Isaac’s training was overseen by Erik Muir for the majority of his life so far. Erik instructed him in the ways of the Force and he taught Isaac greatly. Isaac has show considerable promise in the ability to increase his physical exertion through the Force, though his powers of telepathy are not that high, due to the fact that they have not been developed as much. Most of the encounters he has witnessed had to do with him fighting and so he has developed accordingly.

One of Isaac’s foremost powers is Psychometry. Simply by touching an object, generally a mechanical object, he has shown the ability to revisit the past of an object.

While none of his powers fall under any discernible individual skill, he has proved himself to be a type of Jack of all trades user of the Force. He has the ability to do a variety of things, he just hasn’t worked himself to a high level in any of them, outside of boosting his physical output.

When fully trained, Isaac will be a force to be reckoned with, but that day is a long one in coming.

Lightsaber FormsEdit

First and foremost, Isaac is a user of Soresu. His master, Erik Muir was considered to be one of the foremost experts in Soresu, rivaling even Obi-Wan Kenobi. Erik studied everything that he could on Soresu and dedicated his life to mastering not just the fighting style but the philosophy that was behind it as well. As such, Isaac’s strength lies in Soresu and he is his master’s heir to the title of one of the foremost experts. While not near the level of control that Erik had over the fighting style, Isaac has shown considerable promise in the fighting style.

Unfortunately, Erik was killed before he was able to impart everything that he knew about Soresu to Isaac. However, Erik did leave behind all of his notes on the subject which fills a considerable number of datacards. Isaac has taken to studying these datacards, in the hope of completely mastering the skill just as well as his master knew it, if not better.

Besides Soresu, Isaac has studied Makashi, Djem So, Jar’Kai, and Juyo. His skill in Makashi is not the greatest. He favors Djem So more, because he’s able to utilize the heavy strikes with his Soresu. He only started to learn Jar’Kai after obtaining a second lightsaber and his prowess in the skill is good, but not that far. He has only started to learn Juyo and is putting considerable effort into learning the style. It is his goal to blend elements of Juyo and Soresu together.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Ever since he was little, Isaac has shown an exceptional affinity for mechanical things. Because of his connection with the Force, he has become an excellent mechanic, able to diagnose and fix almost any problem that he comes across. It was one of the primary reasons why he became so valuable to Garulak and was a slave for so long, because his skills were just incredible. He has fixed a wide variety of things. The largest that he has ever gone has been a small freighter, the smallest being a pit droid.

As a side effect of his inherent skill and intellect with mechanical things and the Force, he has a weird type of psychometry. He has the ability to sense the past of an object by touching it. Also, because of his connection to the Force, he can recall key events in that object's history, and watch them as an outsider looking in. He has used this many times to see what exactly caused the machine to break down so that he better knows how to fix it. The most important time he has ever used this was on Geonosis with the Arkon.


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Lightsaber WeaponryEdit

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Other WeaponryEdit

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