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Jade Empire
Political Information
Type of Government



Imperial Statement of Intent

Head of State

Empress Halla Kitani Kaijus-Terrablade

Head of Government

Empress Halla Kitani Kaijus-Terrablade

Executive Branch


Legislative Branch

Advisory Council

Societal Information

Shang Ra'la (diplomatic)
Joy (administrative)

Official Language



Katak (~1.36 credits)

State Religious Body

No State Religion

Historical Information
Formed From
Date of Establishment

16 ABY

Policy Information
Exodus Information

Although the Jade Worlds, a 4,000-year-old monarchy, grew in capacity and regional influence with its exposure to the outside galaxy in the modern era, the Jade Empire was not formally inculcated until 16 ABY, with the assimilation of several friendly or unstable Unknown Regions nations. Founding signatories included:

  • The Jade Worlds, comprising three major planets and dozens of colonies;
  • The Kingdom of Halcyon, a longtime protectorate of the Sandian Imperial League;
  • The conquered Bandit Kingdoms;
  • The ruins of the Isen Star Empire, an aggressively militaristic power ruled by Darksiders;
  • The Protectorate of Spyrta, another Sandian colony;
  • A frontier region jointly colonized by the Jade Worlds and Sandian Imperial League starting in 12 ABY;
  • The ruins of the Republic of United Systems, a democratic nation crushed by the Uul'ba-Rai Imperium;
  • The Rai Republic, including the massively overpopulated worlds of Trevel'ka, Trevin'hi and Ordain.

In 17 ABY, Kro Var, worlds along the Emerald Way, and several planets in the Warp, including Faran's Hold, became members of the Jade Empire.

In 18 ABY, the world of Celesta saw a coup, in which the bureaucracy took power from the bored and decadent noble class. Celesta subsequently joined the Jade Empire. As the temporal distortions in the Warp began to slow down, an ancient stargate linked Faran's Hold with Trevel'ka, allowing for mass colonization to a temporally accelerated region.

Significant Worlds[]

Prominent Species and Society[]

To one extent or another, the Isen Star Empire, Kingdom of Halcyon and Republic of United Systems contain the standard galactic milieu of species, many of which have diffused across the Jade Empire. Also, a few Kartanin and Decuri can be found, along with a few representatives of other races from the Kartanin Dominion and Black Star Confederacy.

Since the evacuation of Kelsal, millions of Trianii, Togorians and Cathar live in the Jade Empire.

Citizens of the Jade Empire are as diverse as the population of a much larger government. From straight-laced Jadeworlders to more promiscuous Isen humans, from Sandian-born royalists to RUS egalitarians, every spectrum of thought and belief exists in the Jade Empire. Some large population groups live in underground cities or massive orbital settlements.

Although oddly-accented Jadeworlder Basic is the state language, several Unknown Regions trade dialects have gained popularity, including Sy Bisti and Rammocate.

Worlds and Space Settlements[]

The Jade Empire is home to several trillion people, spread across over two hundred worlds. This is a partial list.

Jade Sector[]

Representative: Lord Shinobi Tugawa

Celestan Sector[]

Representative: Chancellor Ulris Kommh

Halcyon Sector[]

Representative: Lady Kadiss Ferrora

  • Halcyon
  • Turtzu
  • Xenonat
  • Thrace
  • Shi'Sho
  • Falamor
  • Sataxis

Colonies Sector[]

Representative: Lord Takashi Kumi

  • Shilao
  • Clea'San
  • Kunlan
  • Mirrio
  • Gate
  • Gehen

Spyrta Sector[]

Representative: Lord Beven Atruis

Rai Sector[]

Representative: Elector Ker'ten-Sud

Isen Sector[]

Representative: Earl Matthe'i Salphoris

Outreach Sector[]

Representative: Earl Elkal Musini

Sevrance Sector[]

Representative: Prime Minister Altair Forru


The government is personified in the Empress, Halla Terrablade, Shau’ghun of the Jade Worlds, Queen of Halcyon, Mistress of Sej and Be; and her husband Emperor Braily Terrablade, Prince of Sandia, Archon of the Templar Knights, King of Halcyon, Clan Lord of Jaguar. Their advisors are selected or elected by individual territories' own established traditions and systems: some of the advisory body are lords, some congressbeings, and so forth.

The Emperor and Empress rule as co-regents until such time as their son, Prince Lei Kaijus-Terrablade, will take the throne. They have three other young children: Princess Diao, Prince Sun and Prince Tzu.

Armed Forces[]

Main article: Jade Empire Armed Forces

A mix of species, technologies and paradigms from many worlds, the JEAF may be the least predictable state military in the galaxy. The JEAF is more than capable of defending the worlds of the Jade Empire, but has trouble patrolling the massive space within their borders. Pirates have been an ongoing difficulty for almost a decade.

The Patriots[]

Main article: Patriots

The Patriots are the Jade Empire's Force-users, a mixture of Jadeworlders, several Jedi-trained specialists, Tyia practitioners from Celesta, elementalists and martial artists from Kro Var, and redeemed Dark Side rulers from Isen space. They serve as frontier sheriffs across a significant portion of the Unknown Regions and the Warp. Their main recruiting base is in the slums of Trevel'ka, and their main training facilities are located on the Shang Ra'la, Loki Station and Faran's Hold. Although the three most powerful Patriots - the Jedi-trained Kalo-Kaa, the old Inquisitor student Matthe'i Salphoris, and the master Sai'mrai Keito Nakayama - can hold their own against all Knights and some Masters, the vast majority of the hundreds of Patriots are equivalent to a moderately competent Jedi Padawan.