Jaren Gant
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

20 BBY

Physical Description





189 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Force Sensitive


Personal Information

AT-2 Blaster Pistol

Political Information
Position / Rank

Director General

Current Affiliation

Confederate Security

Exodus Information



Yes, limited

As the Director General of Confederate Security, Jaren Gant is a powerful man.


Jaren Gant has short, black hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a brown Intelligence uniform with the Director General insignia on the right chest. He usually carries an AT-2 Blaster Pistol on him at all times.


Jaren Gant was born on Decuu. His parents were human workers in the factories, and Jaren began working there when he turned 15 as well. He would likely have continued working there for the rest of his life, had there not been an accident short after his 17th birthday. A flare turned into a fire, which turned into an explosion. When Department A operatives arrived to solve what had happened, Gant assisted them. He impressed the Lieutenant in charge, and he sent Jaren to the Black Star Military Academy.

After graduating, Jaren Gant was inducted into Department A. He took part in several operations, before he was promoted to lead his own group. At age 23, he was transferred to Department C, where he was the liason for a squad of C.S.O. operatives. After spending a year with them, he was transferred to Department F, where he served as an intelligence officer for two years.

One day, a few months after his 27th birthday, he was transferred to Department X. He has never divulged his operations there, but the fact remains that at his 30th birthday, he was made head of Department X with the rank of colonel.

Gant's greatest task began right after the assassination of President Millard. The Director of Intelligence, Andrew Ko'Iron, failed to produce results, and the new president, Joran Thorn, ordered Gant to take over. Gant accomplished the task, capturing both the leader, Andrew Ko'Iron and his XO, Aleen Ulran. He also handled the subsequent execution of Lord Ko'Iron. In appreciation, Thorn appointed Gant to the position as Director of ConSec.

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