Joran Thorn
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26 BBY

Date of Death

17 ABY

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194 cm

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Force Sensitive


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Blaster pistol

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Former Affiliation

Confederate Navy

Current Affiliation

Confederate Senate

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Joran Thorn was leader of the Black Star Confederacy from 13 ABY to 17 ABY. A former admiral-turned-politician, Thorn devoted - and eventually gave - his life to the Confederacy.

Biography Edit

Joran Thorn was born on Killian in 26 BBY, the son of two Navy Officers. He joined the Black Star Military Academy at the age of 18, and graduated two years later, getting his first command as XO onboard the Freedom-class Scout Corvette Astrea.

He quickly advanced through the ranks, becoming XO aboard the Delphinus-class Frigate Malignant at the age of 20, getting command of the Malignant at 21 and finally garnering a command aboard the Skaadi-class Cruiser Soulblade. He served as captain onboard the Soulblade for two years, before finally receiving command of the Dread-class Battle Ship Avenger with the rank of Rear Admiral at the age of 27. It was while commanding the Avenger, that he met Daira Tel'Anh and Alia DeRoon, both newly graduated officers from the Academy. They served under him for a year, before Alia transferred to the Presidential Guard and Daira received her first command.

He was promoted to First Admiral at the age of 29, and given command of the First Expeditionary Fleet, with the new Dread-class Battle Ship Enforcer as his flagship. He was instrumental in the overthrow of the Pirate King of Drillaria and the colonization of Garagos.

After the assassination of President Millard, Thorn was given temporary control of the Confederacy as President. After the assassins had been captured, he won the elections and started his first official term as President of the Confederacy.

Halfway through his first term, the Senate and the people chose to make him Emperor for life. He reluctantly accepted.

After running the Confederacy autocratically for over a year, Thorn finally realized that the responsibility was wearing him down. He ceded control to the Confederate Senate, content in the knowledge that he could veto any wrong decision they might make.

The move freed up much time, allowing him to reopen his relationship with Alia DeRoon.

The relationship with Alia DeRoon resulted in the birth of a son, Elwen, followed quickly by marriage, thus making Alia Empress and Elwen Crown Prince Designate. Shortly after, Joran made her Regional Governor over the Heartlands Province under the auspices of Imperial Decree No.117.

He was killed by assassins in 17 ABY, sparking the Confederate Civil War, but his legacy persisted far into the future.

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