Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
'Barrakut' Combat Arms Suit
Production Information



K4 CAS (Models A, C, Q, V)


Powered Armor

Technical Specifications
Kinetic Protection


Energy Protection


  • Various
  • Servomotors
  • IR Sensors
  • Macrobinocular/Sysops HUD
  • Optional Hoverpack and Backup Parachute
  • Internal Sensors
  • ComTac Interface
  • Slice Protection
  • EMP Shielding
  • Magnetic and Pseudoglue Footgrips
  • Boarding
  • Orbital Insertion
  • Assault
  • Special Ops
Year Introduced

16 ABY

Exodus Information


The K4 Barrakut (ba-RA-cut) is the JEAF's main mechanical 'soldier augmentation' suit. It allows JEAF operatives to run faster, jump higher, and take multiple direct hits before being compromised.

Using the K4 is as much art as science, and training takes months. When complete, however, it makes the user an approximate combat match for any powered-armour trooper in the galaxy.

Physical Capability Enhancement[]

As far as powered armour goes, the K4 confers only a modest boost to strength; however, a trooper in a K4 is still fantastically strong.

Armament and Defenses[]

Weapons payload is mission-specific. Options include:

All suits are outfitted with a blaster in each forearm. The gauntlets are dextrous enough to handle a lightsabre accurately, even - as Fadin Kurn proved many times during the Xen'Chi War - a Makashi lightsabre.

Most variants rely on a direct neural link to the Command Tactical Implant of the wearer. This allows for zero physical conductivity. The suit's outermost layers of armour are designed to function as a Faraday cage, grounding it against electromagnetic pulse or electric charge, such as that thrown by an ion blaster or grenade. A starfighter-scale ion cannon is required to disable a K4 suit.


Aboard Redletter boarding craft, boarding troops in K4 suits function as support for Crates. Though their superior mobility is constrained in most shipboard locations, it does allow for tactical flexibility in some situations. Also, redundant vacuum-seals and footgrips allow K4 troopers to range across the exterior of the ship's hull, targeting weak points, weapons emplacements or the bridge itself as required.

Orbital Drops[]

One favorite use of the K4 is in orbital commando insertion. The soldier rides out the majority of the drop in an ablative pod. After the pod blows apart in midair, the suit's variable-feed repulsor drop pack engages, allowing for a safe landing. A backup parachute assembly is also available in such missions.

Several variants of K4.



The standard model, pictured above.


A K4-A heavy assault suit.

The heavy assault variant carries a much heavier payload, and is outfitted with double the armour plating of other K4 variants.

LtCmdr Ashin Varanin models the K4-C.


The command variant boasts vastly improved communications systems, tactical programming, better encryption and motor upgrades.


The K4-Q is a stealth-oriented model, with a much lower sensor profile. It utilizes similar stealth coating to the type used on the Whirlwind-class Assault Courier.

The K4-Q stealth suit, with custom paint job.

Lieutenant Keito Nakayama, Medical Corps, in the K4-V.


The K4-V is specifically designed for easy modification. It can be outfitted with anything from slicing gear to medical equipment. It is popular with law enforcement.

Behind the Scenes[]

The K4 Barrakut was inspired by Robert A. Heinlein's classic novel 'Starship Troopers.'