Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
KDY v-150 Planetary Ion Cannon
Manufacturer Marrak's Military Armaments
Model v-150
Class Surface-Space Ion Cannon
Crew 27
Height 30 meters
Diameter 30 meters
Max. Power Output 6,500 megawatts
Shields None
Hull 328 RU
Max. Depression 35 degrees
Range ~40,000 km
Firing Rate 1 volley per 6 seconds
Avg. Construction Time 3 weeks

Before the introduction of the v-150, anti-orbital ion cannons were considered to be an engineering impossibility. Nowadays, they are relatively commonplace. The v-150 consists of a spherical permacite shell thirty meters in diameter, and its power is supplied by a massive reactor that normally is buried nearly forty meters below ground level. When it is activated, the ion cannon swivles into position on its rotating base fairly quickly, while the blast shield retracts, exposing the cannon. A crew at twenty-seven soldiers is needed to operate the weapon and handle its targeting computers.

The weapon has no build-in shields, instead relying on existing planetary shields and its armored shell to defend itself from attack. It has a fast firing rate, shooting off a three-round volley every six seconds out to a range of approximately 40,000 km.