Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Kratyn vuv Enerkerraz
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

24 BBY

Date of Death

18 ABY

Physical Description





1.1m (all fours), 2m (upright)

Hair Color

Brown fur

Personal Information


Darksider Information



Jedi Shadow

Current Masters

Unknown liege

Former Masters

Djinn Altis

Former Students
Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Types

Single blade

Lightsaber Colors


Proficient Lightsaber Styles
Limited Lightsaber Styles
Political Information
Current Affiliation

Scautus Order

Exodus Information




Kratyn vuv Enerkerraz was a Covallon Jedi Shadow trained by Djinn Altis following Order 66 and the collapse of the old Jedi Order under the Galactic Empire. At that time, he was a companion of the Rodian Jedi Kiuwo, although Kiuwo later did not remember Kratyn.

At some point after leaving the Altisian Jedi, Kratyn became the pupil of an unknown liege lord, presumably a Sith. This Sith opposed a group called the Varanian Brethren, though little is known about either of them. As the student, Kratyn became crucial to the liege lord's plans to stop the Varanian Brethren.

As part of these plans, Kratyn formed the Scautus Order, using the Gank General Enscu as a puppet ruler. He personally trained the Ranth Rakka. Between Enscu and Rakka, Kratyn acquired an army of Gank and Ranth soldiers, which he used to crew a Victory-class Star Destroyer Mark II, the Nomad, and an Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, the Pilgrim. Eventually, he added to the membership of his Order the Zexx Dark Jedi Scur and the Verpine Dark Jedi Volu Crix'ls.

The Scautus Order, under Kratyn's leadership, seized and oppressed the Kuras Tetrarchy on the planet Kuras IV. Kratyn believed that the Tetrarchy would not pose a threat as long as its citizens were in danger, so he imposed strict rules and harsh punishments. During this time, he began his search for the Kurasian superweapon, a tool that he and his master wished to use against the Varanian Brethren.

Meanwhile, in search of more funds to support his endeavors, Kratyn sent Scur and Rakka to the planet Baehorde, where he hoped they would acquire the long-lost treasures of the pirate Whit Solomon. Instead, the pirate acquired a clone body and escaped with most of his treasure intact.

Unfortunately for Kratyn, the Kuras Tetrarchy formed a resistance, especially with the help of Kiuwo, now a Jedi Knight, Jedi student Gideon Corey, Shistavanen hunter Carveik, and Ryn spy Freyel. Over time, this resistance was able to mount a counter-offensive and defeat the Scautus Order in the Third Battle of Kuras IV. Kiuwo himself killed General Enscu and, after a fierce battle, defeated Kratyn. Kratyn, not wishing to be captured, impaled himself on Kiuwo's lightsaber.

In his last moments, Kratyn implied the presence of his master and warned Kiuwo that he would be contacted by the liege lord someday.